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IndoCanadian's Getting It Done On Youtube!

What more is there to say other than Indo-Canadian teens have been introducing teens and people of all cultures and races about our culture, here are two of my favorites:

Harjit is more in your face, sometimes a complete jerk and at others so nice, but it provides for great videos! Help him gain subscribers and followers!

He is just a goofy guy and it also provides for great videos, telling stories and all sorts of other things about typical brown kids. Help him gain sub's and followers!

In My Opinion: Best Point Guards Today

Best Defensive Point Guards

10. Mike Conley
Conley is a hard nosed defender, very pesky, and also very gritty, there's not much to say about Conley's D other than it's good, he plays defense traditionally, but its better than most of the league.

9. Chauncey Billups
Chauncey uses his size to keep opposing PG's out of the paint while still reacting quickly to affect all the shots he can.

8. Jason Kidd
J-Kidd is a great defender in all aspects, he can defend jumpers, lay-ups, drives (except he is getting slower and abused by some quicker guards) and hustles a lot.

7. Deron Williams
A traditional defender who does it very well, especially using his strength to keep opposing guards wherever he wants them.

6. Chris Paul
The master thief is also a very pesky defender, though he is not the best defending the J he can keep people to the outside pretty easily.

5. John Wall
Possibly the best blocking point-man in the league, has great speed and a great wingspan to help him defend, If his team was better at defending he could most likely be top three on the defensive end.

4. Derrick Rose
Not the best when it comes to stealing the ball but Rose is the product of a great defensive scheme, his scheme shows his great man to man defense while helping him in case he gets burned.

3. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook is a better man to man defender than almost every point in the league who can defend all shots, drives, catch up to someone if he gets burned while using strength and everything he has got to improve his d.

2. Jrue Holiday
A relentless man to man defender who always leaves everything he has on the floor when defending the opposing player. Jrue has blistering speed and quickness when it come to his reflexes and reactions, he also has great length, good weight and many ways to stop you. The one reason he isn't topping this list is his his team defense is not as good as the number one selection.

1. Rajon Rondo
Rondo has been a good defender since his less than stellar debut in the L. His man to man d has become the best of any PG, his reactions and anticipation are top notch and he has speed and quickness not possessed by number two Jrue Holiday. He has length that is unmatched, and good size overall, He tops Baby Glove by having the best team defense other than Derrick Rose.

Best Offensive Point Guards

10. Chauncey Billups
A traditional PG who is money on open shots or the loosely contested three ball, had an effective post game, great step-back J and adequate handles.

9. Stephen Curry
A deep threat with a solid crossover and good all-around offensive game, can lay it in over most, can shoot and  pass in a crowd, basically a more effective Chauncey Billups minus the post game.

8. John Wall
Court vision that would be getting him 9-11 assists per game this year if his team could throw shots in the ocean. Solid post game, great crossover, what can he add other than proving his J.

7. Tony Parker
The perfect slash and kick point guard, quicker than almost every guard in the league, not the best shooter but very efficient, knows his strengths and weaknesses and playing to them.

6. Steve Nash
Steve is like Mark Jackson statistically and the fact that either one can get to the rim on command, they are also two of the top 10 passers ever! Nash can also shoot from anywhere helping open up his game.

5. Rajon Rondo
Rondos quickness and lay-up prowess help him to explode for points when he feels like it, his great crossover and all around handling prove to be enough to hurt other teams defensive schemes and his passing is what makes him this high on the list, he is the only thing keeping the big 3 all stars and it shows.

4. Russell Westbrook
Possibly the most athletic point-guard in the game, one of the fastest who can make three's, lay it up and fill the basket from anywhere inbetween,

3. Deron Williams
Possibly the best shooter out of all the PG's, also up there for passing, the strongest, and best post game, that's a lot of bests!

2. Chris Paul
Same as D-Will except a best pure scorer except not as strong and doesn't have a post game.

1. Derrick Rose
Nothing less than the best finisher in the league, a solid shooter, the fastest crossover and spin move (edges John Wall slightly), The best post game outta all the PG's in the league and can pass very well too.

Best Potential for Point Guards

10. Kyle Lowry

9. Aaron Brooks

8. Mike Conley

7. Stephen Curry

6. Brandon Jennings

5. Rajon Rondo

4. Russell Westbrook

3. Derrick Rose

2. Jrue Holiday

1. John Wall

Best All Around Point Guards

10. Kyle Lowry

9. Tony Parker

8. Jrue Holiday

7. John Wall

6. Steve Nash

5. Russell Westbrook

4. Rajon Rondo

3. Deron Williams

2. Derrick Rose

1. Chris Paul

Best Future NBA Point Guards

5. Kendall Marshall

4. Brandon Knight

3. Myck Kabongo

2. Kyrie Irving

1. Tony Wroten Jr

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The Next Big Thing: Nail Yakupov

      Nail Yakupov is the favorite for first overall pick in thee 2012 NHL draft, and with a package that seems like it's a mutation of Pavel Bure (or Alexander Mogilny, can't really decide which yet) and Peter Bondra why wouldn't he be? Yakupov has talent (but until their NHL sophomore year I don't have a solid idea of what type of a player an NHL newcomer will become). Nail Yakupov, the 5'11'' 181lbs, left handed, right winger has that once in a generation talent (That somehow this generation managed to snag more than a couple of: Tyler Seguin, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, possibly Taylor Hall, Kyle Turris if he gets his act together and a couple others). Yakupov has absolutely blistering speed, scorching slap and wrist shots, and last but not least perfect skating!
     Nail has captures the heart of every hockey fan who has seen the future legend hit the ice! Nail get's the comparison to Alexander Ovechkin a lot and in some ways that's true but Yakupov has better vision than Ovechkin (or Kovalchuk or Hall for that matter), is still able to score from anywhere with his lethal shots and wicked one-timer (not expected for his size) and for you people who think the Russians are always coasting (I do too when it comes to hockey most of the time) Yakupov has an amazing work ethic and leaves everything on the ice! Yakupov has the play-making smarts that Peter Bondra lacked, grit that Alexander Mogilny lacked and the defense that Pavel Bure lacked, while still maintaining their speed (They were in a class of speedsters that only Maxim Afinogenov, Teemu Selanne and Sergei Fedorov matched), Nail Yakupov is such a talent he started Fail4Nail (Similar too Suck4Luck) so I guess a ton of teams are wanting his perfected stick-handling and great all around package. Yakupov also has another talent that draws a comparison to Pavel Bure with the fact that he can score goals and make electrifying plays with mediocre teammates. Whoever gets Nail Yakupov will get an immediate talent boost and put fans in the seats... Well the edge of there seats anyways!

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TheSportsBoys: 1 Year Anniversary!

TheSportsBoys have been around for a year now! Well at least TheGlove_20, and I look forward to seeing many more with you!

Over this year TheSportsBoys have revealed 74 of out Top 100 Ballers, done various specials, interviewed Gary Payton Jr (as well as others), brought in more than a few top tens and added to the staff, TheSportsBoys are hoping to be around for a long time and keep growing!)

Have a great year from TheSportsBoys!

(Be aware for the end of the list as well as a top 100 in a different sport and many top 10s)


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Top 10 Hitters of All-Time

Certain players perfected the technique, others created there own, and a few just fly at the guy but these are our top ten NHL hitters of all-time (well 11 like always we add our TheSportsBoys honorable mention as an extra number).

11. Bryan Marchment:
One of the dirtiest players in the NHL was also one of the best clean hitters, had he devoted his career to hitting people cleanly he would still be remembered but as a huge devastating hitter instead of a dirty trickster, He was a great upright body hitter, as well as a master of the shoulder-check, hip-check, and knee on knee collision. Described by many as a danger on ice.

10. Adam Foote:
Adam Foote may not have the most bone-crunching hits on this list or the most flat-out collisions, but he did finish all his checks, hitting with huge velocities, knocking people onto benches, threw the glass and flat out down. Foote may be the toughest defender of his era, possibly the best shot blocker, but one thing's for sure, Adam Foote was an exceptional body checker, and he knocked possibly the most people over out of everyone on this list while managing to stay up during and after almost every hit (he perfected his body checking technique, no easy feat, believe me).

9. Chris Pronger:
Chris Pronger may be the biggest hitter of the past five years, he is a brutal hitter, Pronger was a great two way defender, great checker, and possibly the grittiest player of them all (IN my opinion it's between him and Foote).

8. Denis Potvin:
Considered by many the second best defender behind Bobby Orr, Potvin would loved to hit, didn't mind being hit, and is one of the greatest back-checkers ever (no one could gain as much speed back-checking someone).

7. Dion Phaneuf:
Dion is a great all-around hitter, but it most known for destroying opponents with his huge hits, one thing to think of when thinking of Dion Phaneuf is like the Dwight Howard of the NHL, a physical specimen who shuts down the path to the basket or in this case to the net, blocking shots like none other in the league nowadays or in this case knocking opponents senseless which seems to be a form discouraged and lost nowadays.

6. Vladimir Konstantinov:
Konstantinov was a cold blooded killer, He was a clean but deadly hitter who stuck the body on much of the league but was a dual threat as he had great puck control, good passing, and on top of that was being mentored by the excellent Viacheslav Fetisov who is the greatest Soviet defender and maybe the greatest Soviet player ever, what more could you want.

5. Cam Neely:
Cam Neely is possibly the greatest power forward ever, he designed a style that defined the careers of players like Eric Lindros, Jeremy Roenick, John LeClair and Rick Nash, He may have also won a Stanley Cup had it not been for a knee on knee collision between Neely and Ulf Samuelsson. He also stuck the body on opposing players whenever possible.

4. Wendel Clarke:
Wendel Clarke possessed one of the greatest wrist shots ever, (In fact top four ever according to out research and top 50 wrist shots ever) but he could also throw some of the hardest punches and dish out some of the most punishing hits we have seen, he learnt as a kid to hit key players as much as possible and learnt frustrating them with his play kept them off the score sheet easily.

3. Rob Blake:
Rob Blake is the second biggest hitting defense-men of his era (behind Scott Stevens) and the third best hitter of all-time according to The Sports Boys. His trademark was the back-check, he was an exceptional defense-men in every aspect of the game, but his back-checks (that could be mistaken for assault with a weapon) and face-up hits were excellent, and like Foote, he stays up after most hits (another technique perfecter).

2. Eric Lindros:
Eric Lindros, Ironic that the second best hitter had his career altered by a series of hits starting with a classic hit from none other than our top hitter Scott Stevens, but back to Lindros. Eric Lindros had great technique (not as great as Foote, Blake, or Stevens but still great) he generated power by exploding from a lowered stance while trying to gain a lower center of gravity, he turned the body check into physics, but the thing that made his hits so brutal was the fact that he was an magnificent skater in a six foot four inch two hundred thirty thirty pound monster. He was built like a tank, and was a man playing among boys (even in the NHL), nothing could stop him... Other than his seemingly glass skull and the fact he skated with his head down too often.

1. Scott Stevens:
When it comes to hitting Scott Stevens is the G.O.A.T. He DEVASTATED the NHL leaving a trail of winded, unconscious, amnesia affected, brain damaged NHL players as long as the eye could see. There is really nothing else to say about Stevens, like Joe Sakic owns the greatest wrist shot and it is universally known Stevens is the best body-checker no matter who you ask, so just watch the videos and enjoy.


If you have not had enough f the NHL brutality I thought I would add some variations of the top 10 Hits in NHL history!

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Top 50 All-Time Wrist Shots

Is there a better offensive weapon than a deadly wrist shot? When certain players use wrist shots the shot becomes a weapon of epic proportions. Wristers are very fundamental and here is out list of the top 50 greatest wrist shots ever.

51. Ryan Kesler:
Ryan Kesler has a deadly wrist shot which he can put in from the top of the circle as shown here.

50. Tyler Seguin:
Tyler Seguin is up there for best wrist shots in the NHL, it seems to be stronger and just as accurate as Alexander Semin's (The reigning NHL's best wrist shot) but needs to prove it more, It also helps that his slap shot has been clocked at 97.1 MPH.

49. Darryl Sittler:
Darryl Sittler scored ten points in one game, and with a wrist shot like his it's not as hard as it seems.

48. Mike Gartner:
Gartner had an exceptional career, and the 6th most goals in NHL history. Gartner could catch, set and shoot before a goalie knew what happened.

47. Lanny McDonald:
Lanny had a menacing shot, Why don't you ask the '89 Montreal Canadians!

46. Daniel Sedin:
Sedin has an accurate wrist shot, it may not have been as quick as others but he can put it almost anywhere he wants.

45. Dany Heatley:
Heatley can put the biscuit in the basket like not to many, every shot in his arsenal is strong but his wrister is quicker than any other shot and is his best move.

44. Martin Havlat:
Havlat has been moved around many times, but one thing that stayed constant in his ever changing career is Havlat's ability to tap the twine from anywhere in the offensive zone, with both power and accuracy he's become a coveted sniper.

43. Phil Kessel:
Kessel has one of the most powerful wristers in the league nowadays, his accuracy is great and his wrister is one of the reasons Brian Burke traded a treasure chest for him.

42. Stephane Richer:
Richer may not be the most known player on the 90's Devils, but he was a key component on a key team in it's decade, Richer had a wicked wrist shot that he used when it counted during the Eastern Conference Finals.

41. Jeremy Roenick:
Jeremy Roenick, there's not  much more to say other than the fact he is one of the most accurate shooters the league has ever seen.

40. Marian Gaborik:
Gaborik is a sniper who can fire with the best of them, he has scored five goals in one game and leads the Wild in goals, assists and points, with his knack to find the back of the net it's no surprise.

39. Ray Sheppard:
Sheppard can launch his rocket wrist shot off balance and on any angle, here's some proof.

38. Richard Martin:
I did not know much about Richard Martin before researching this list but after seeing game tape it's hard to deny his spot on the list.

37. Ray Bourque:
Ray Bourque, while known for his slap shot Bourque could get a blue line wrister past the goalie too.

36. Evgeni Malkin
Malkin and his exploding shot emerged almost as quickly as it takes for him to hit the netting.

35. Petr Nedved:
In a game full of fundamentals, fundamentalist snipers are excellent to have when the players are tired, just ask Petr Nedved.

34. Mike Fisher:
Mike Fisher's wrist shot is quicker than most, and may be one of the hardest in 'L' history.

33. Mats Sundin:
The greatest Maple Leaf ever also had one of the greatest wrist shots ever, he had a release smooth as butter and quicker than the energizer bunny.

32. Milan Hejduk:
Hejduk is an under-the-radar guy who can put his wrister in automatically and loves to use it after a sweet deke or on the breakaway.

31. Jeff Carter:
Jeff Carter is fragile and seems like he always will be, but still he is a forward who can snipe  with the best of them, but having a nasty wrist shot might help.

30. Peter Bondra:
One of the greatest snipers with a lethal wrist shot, Peter Bondra scored tons of goals including 5 in one game, his shot was so fluid and quick as lightning, when he had the puck I could not wait to see what was going to happen.

29. Joe Nieuwendyk:
Niewendyk's wrist shot heaved him into the Hockey Hall of Fame and nightmares of opposing goalies.

28. Jaromir Jagr:
Jaromir Jagr has possibly the best wrist shot in the game today (you know, if your not including the Washington Capitals)

27. Mike Modano:
Even when his speed and slap shot were eroding Mike Modan was a sniping threat due to his nasty wrist shot.

26. Maurice Richard:
Before the Gretzkys, Lemieuxs, Sakics and Yzermans there was Maurice "The Rocket" Richard! With the top offensive arsenal up until Wayne Gretzky Maurice knew how to score on any goalie in the league.

25. Marcel Dionne:
Not much video on Marcel Dionne but all accounts and tapes lead me to believe he was a Sakic before Sakic, a great all around player with the best wrister of his time!

24. Luc Robitaille:
Robitaille loved hockey and scored with his wrist shot many times, Luc also has the most points at his position.

23. Bobby Hull:
The "Golden Jet" scored 600+ goals in his career thanks to his devastating release on his thundering wrist shot.

22. Brett Hull:
Hull may not have been the most all around player, but his shooting was top notch and world class!

21. Peter Forsberg:
Peter Forsberg may not have been the highest scorer on his team but he had one of the best wristers I have ever seen, his wrister get's overlooked though when you take in account the moves he used to deke anyone and pass to anyone on the ice at any time.

20. Jarome Iginla:
His beastly shot is the reason he's a volume scorer and like many on this list his wrist shot is his best!

19. Teemu Selanne:
The "Finnish Flash" has a a blazing shot to come after that super speed and it's pinpoint accuracy doesn't hurt either.

18. Paul Kariya:
Paul Kariya's greatest asset was his quickness, but that quickness ran all through his body and through his stick.

17. Petr Sykora:
Sykora makes his living in the NHL as a sharpshooter, still doing so as an elder-statesman, whenever he can he buries a wrister.

16. Mike Bossy:
Mike Bossy scored with a wrist shot that is better than most of the league now with a 2x4 with a blade, Bossy is a killer and his wrist shot brought Stanley Cups to the Islanders on more than one occasion.

15. Ilya Kovalchuk:
Kovy can score off balance, from anywhere in the zone, with bad teammates and on the best goalies, Kovy collects himself and shoots faster than almost everyone in the league.

14. Alexander Mogilny:
Mogilny scored many of his goals quickly catching and firing laser wristers from anywhere and everywhere, with his devastating speed and amazing hands he could also get open for every shot possible.

13. Sergei Fedorov:
It's hard to imagine Fedorov ever had the 3rd best wrist shot on the team, it's lethal and it was the second best on Detroit too, only twelve players had better wrist shots then Fedorov, and he played with four of them.

12. Pavel Bure:
Pavel Bure had a quality that most others didn't every time he touched the puck you were on your feet, he could dangle with the best of them, his slap shot is with Al MacInnis and his wrist shot is as dangerous as they come.

11. Wayne Gretzky:
The "Great One" did not have the most traditionalo wrist shots in his arsenal but when he wanted to he could unleash his scorcher into the twine.

10. Mario Lemieux:
Basically the same thing as Gretzky you know, just taller and right handed.

9. Alexander Ovechkin:
Alexander Ovechkin has the third prrettiest wrist shot ever, and it helps that he puts it in from anywhere and eveerywhere.

8. Alexander Semin:
Alexander Semin top ten? you don't believe me? Well it's true, pretty, strong, quick, accurate, can shoot off balance, on his knees, Semin is a master of the wrist shot.

7. Guy Lafleur:
His shot was hard, and accurate, plus every time he came up the ice the puck seemed to be in the net!

6. Mark Messier:
Mark Messier knew when to score, and he did it with a top ten wrist shot of all time in his move-set.

5. Brendan Shanahan:
Shanny became a powerhouse in Detroit but while in St.Louis Shanny's wrist shot was king, with a release unlike almost every other player ever he scored many goals with great power and accuracy.

4. Wendel Clarke:
Wendel Clarke was one of the hardest hitters, punchers, and wristers, and rightfully so he was the Leafs enforcer as well as the focal point of their offense.

3. Alexei Kovalev:
Alexei Kovalev has possibly the second most accurate wrist shot ever, as well as top 5 in power, had he tried for his career he may have been over Naslund!

2. Markus Naslund:
Had Joe Sakic never existed Markus Naslund would have had the greatest wrist shot bar-none, and it's fitting due to the fact that it seemed like every one of his goals was a wrist shot! He was the Canucks offense and it was smart because his shot was diamond standard.

1. Joe Sakic:
The best wrist shot ever no matter who you compare. Stronger. Quicker. More Accurate. Everyone ever wanted this wrist shot. It should be universally known that "Super" Joe Sakic owns the greatest wrist shot ever!

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The Russian Five

During my lifetime only a few hockey units gelled almost perfectly (mid 90's Vancouver 1st line, early 00's Anaheim 1st line, Mid 90's to Mid 00's Colorado 2nd line, 00's Detroit 1st line and 90's Detroit 1st line) and only two units gelled perfectly, The 95-06 Colorado 1st unit, (the Tanguay-Sakic-Hedjuk line was perfection on ice, especially good with Adam Foote and Rob Blake backing, and subs of Liles, Ozolinsh and Bourque) and the Russian Five! The Russian Five had a forward line of Igor Larionov, Sergei Fedorov and Vyacheslav Kozlov and a defensive line of Viacheslav Fetisov and Vladimir Konstantinov, that's right Detroit boasted possibly the greatest power-play unit ever as it's second line and first power-play unit. Sergei Fedorov is possibly the greatest Russian hockey player ever (Definitely the most versatile and possibly most talented), same could be said about Fetisov, while Larionov was easily the smartest hockey player anyone had ever seen, seeing passing lanes before it started, Larionov played hockey like chess, ""if I do this the defender will do this which will bring this lane open which means i can make this pass to Sergei who can use his wrist shot to light the lamp!". Konstantinov could hit better than anyone in the league (with the exception of Scott Stevens) and was world class while stick checking everyone and blocking every shot that came within a 5 foot radius of the net, and to say the least about Kozlov is he could dangle every player on the ice, much like a less speedy and worse Sergei Fedorov and/or Pavel Datsyuk (Yes they are similar players, Fedorov could do any deke Datsyuk can while pulling it off at a higher speed, better goal scorer and could have picked his spot at center, winger or defense-men and been an all-star, so in my humble opinion... ok maybe not taht humble but still, Pavel Datsyuk is a poor man's Sergei Fedorov, Still great, but not as legendary). The Russian Five was born as a result of coach Scotty Bowman seeing the Russians routinely played in 5 man units decided to play them at once, and their success was almost guaranteed when you put together such a talented and cohesive group, and a group that had a huge part in breaking down the barrier between the U.S.S.R. and NHL. To this day one of the greatest things me and the rest of the hockey world has seen is the original Russian Five skate the ice and move in almost perfect fashion. The red and white moving together, when one moved the others reacted, that motion won periods, games, and Stanley Cups! The Russian Five, by true hockey fans you will never be forgotten...