Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rajan Singh Bansal
Spike Lee told my lil bro he was wearing a sick jersey, then gave me a funny look! (Shouldn't have worn my Reggie Miller jersey)
facebook what happens in vegas, stays on facebook!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Las Vegas

What's up guys? I've been chillin in Las Vegas and I gotta tell you, there are really nice people, and some real funny characters. I saw some sick kicks you should check out, namely the Nike Air Flightposite II's, the Adidas Return of the Mac, and the Nike Butane Max, (KG's I had back in the day, The original T-Mac's I had back in the day and a Nike shoe based on the Nike Air Hawk Flight's that GP wore while d'ing up everyone in the league, i had these when I was a lil mitten too).

Now let's talk about what I watned to let you know, I met some cool guys named Thomas and Roman and two guy's who I didn't catch their names (guy from Finish Line in Bellis Fair and black guy with waves and lip piercing at Adidas in LV), If you ever visit Las Vegas and I hope you do, visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, stop at the Adidas and tell theese guys I said hi, they'll take good care of you. The last thing is I'm still trying to meet up with GP but you know he's gonna  be busy, so hopefully he can do it, I never heard the whole thing he said on Foxxhole mine cut out after "That's my dude, when you come to vegas tweet me" so i'm not sure if he was joking but whatever, if I do it's one of the greatest days of my life (up there with getting to play a full concert with a reggae band I didn't know called Deep Blue at a cruise champaigne party), if not I have a sick vacation.

To Thomas and Roman and everyone (and yes that means you black dude with the sick waves) follow me on twitter @TheGlove_20 mention me and i'll follow back and hit you up! (I follow back everyone). Oh and Thomas get back into ball man!

Aiight this is TheGlove_20 saying peace from Las Vegas!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Reminisce about the Future!

Let's have some fun reminiscing about the 90's while thinking about the future, Hakeem Olajuwon has been mentoring Dwight Howard and TheSportsBoys have been thinking, if they say the 80's had the best basketball and the 90's had the best players, we need a mix. Players from the 90's would make excellent mentors and here we're gonna write ceilings for each player and who should help them with their games, to be sure this is not what players should try and copy its who should help them.

DeJuan Blair:
 Dejuan needs to learn post moves from TD, if it weren't for TD TP would not be close to what he is today, Blair  has showed great potential as a center even though he has no knees. With Tim Duncan getting older DeJuan Blair should be a good replacement.

Ceiling: DeJuan Blair can be an one of the best post players in the league and can be one the best centers. Blair can also take pressure off Corey Joseph if he becomes a great post player by Joseph having someone to pass to, if Blair reaches his full potential Cory Joseph has a better chance of reaching his full potential and those two reaching full potential together could help win championship.

Mentor: Tim Duncan

Comparison: Anthony Mason

Rudy Gay:
 Rudy Gay needs to learn how to drive to the basket like a young Jerry Stackhouse. Stack was a beast when driving to the hoop, Rudy is already a good streak shooter and if he can add the Stackhouse drive tomahawk to his game he will be truly terrific, If he can meet with Stack and see how Stack played offense in the late 90's to 2003 he will lead the Grizzlies to a conference championship, with OJ Mayo, Conley, Randolph and Gasol around a player similar to Stackhouse will become a champion and one of the greats.

Ceiling: Gay could be a 27-5-4 guy with 1.4 steals and 0.9 blocks, he could be the difference between a 2nd round outing and a conference championship.

Mentor: Jerry Stackhouse

Comparison: Grant Hill

Jrue Holiday:
Jrue Holiday needs to hone his defensive skills by fouling less and trying to steal a bit more. He doesn't have top speed so he should learn from GP and gain a post game, with his outside shot and post up game defenses will be forced to play him honestly which will open up for the passing game. If Jrue reaches the level of defense that his intangibles allow he will become the premier defender of his era, a glove with less swagger and less scoring.

Ceiling: Jrue's Ceiling is an excellent defender who could put together 23-6-9 with 6 steals on a good night, he could become a true shutdown defender and rebound as well as any PG before him. his averages cold reach 19-6-9 if he does what I think he can.

Mentor: Gary Payton

Comparison: Sam Cassell

Terrence Williams:
Terrence needs to be more consistent in his shooting and use his speed to get open jump shots instead of driving to the hoop, if he doesn't add another style to his game he'll end up another Omar Gooding, a player excellent at his specialty (hood teenager) instead of someone who can play multiple roles (Taj Mowry). If T-WiLL adds a J as Pippen or Iguodala has he will become a master of the SF-SG-PG hybrid. Pippen can also help him learn to master his athletic style of defending which could result in Terrence ending up one of the greatest defenders ever.

Ceiling: T-WiLL is an excellent defender, great rebounder and amazing playmaker, if he fulfills his potential he can be better than Iguodala and throw up 19-8-7 nightly and on a good night hit you with a 21-11-13 that's right, T-WiLL has the potential to do that! T-WiLL can become a good scorer, not an excellent one as he doesn't have the mentality but a good one nonetheless, he has amazing athleticism and easily gets to the line, and T-WiLL is a triple double waiting to happen.T-WiLL is an excellent defender, great rebounder and amazing playmaker, if he fulfills his potential he can be better than Iguodala and throw up 19-8-7 nightly and on a good night hit you with a 21-11-13 that's right, T-WiLL has the potential to do that! T-WiLL can become a good scorer, not an excellent one as he doesn't have the mentality but a good one nonetheless, he has amazing athleticism and easily gets to the line, and T-WiLL is a triple double waiting to happen.

Mentor: Scottie Pippen

Comparison: Andre Iguodala

Marcus Thornton:
 Movement without the ball, something much needed by the Sacramento Kings scorer's, if Thornton can learn that he'll become the highest scoring guy and a player that the Kings will give big minutes compared to the others on the Kings roster. His details are biggest if he hits his ceiling, otherwise he'll be just another 18 PPG guy who can explode once in a while, hopefully he keeps putting a body on defenders on his way to the rim.Movement without the ball, something much needed by the Sacramento Kings scorer's, if Thornton can learn that he'll become the highest scoring guy and a player that the Kings will give big minutes compared to the others on the Kings roster. His details are biggest if he hits his full potential. Jamal Mashburn was an excellent handler, and had even better movement, if he could walk Marcus through it Thornton could be legendary.

Ceiling: Marcus is a very sweet shooter who can be deadly from anywhere on the floor, I think in his prime if he learns to move without the ball he could become the number one option on a team full of scorers and if he keeps using his body while driving he could one day average a 24-4-5 and become an unstoppable player while driving.

Mentor: Jamal Mashburn

Comparison: Jason Terry

DeMar DeRozan:
DeMar needs an outside shot, he is an unbelievably fast SG, with athleticism that wows the world... but that three point jumper is garbage, he spent his second year gaining a more consistent jumper inside the line but now he needs one outside. DeMar gaining an outside jumper will force defenders to play him honestly ( like they do for Derrick Rose) that will also open up for his quickness (again like Rose), DeMar could be an All-Star on a non All-Star team which cold lead to him scoring excessive scoring, the only thing that is slowing him down right now is his J, and that's where Dominique an help him.

Ceiling: DeMar's ceiling is pretty high, his speed helps him evade defenders and if he gains superior handles and an outside shot we could be looking at a potential All-NBA player, Dominique's help mentoring the kid could bring him to 28-3-3 and 47% from the field, but it might leave a hole in his D, let's hope he learns from Dominique, gets the proper O but learns from his mistakes and plays D. If DeMar masters what the great 90's scorers didn't he'll be All-Time.

Mentor: Dominique Wilkins

Comparison: Clyde Drexler

DeMarcus Cousins:
DeMarcus is a HUGE prospect, as in huge talent and huge player, he needs to learn to use his weight like Shaq, which i'm sure Shaq could teach him in-between
 many jokes and establish himself in the paint more, he needs to be a brute force the way Dwight Howard, Shaq and Shawn Kemp were, he also needs to keep working on his mid range game and his presence on defense, if he does that nothing will stop him.

Ceiling: There is nothing to say about Cousins future other than he could average a 28-11-3 on 57% shooting if he lives up to the hype.

Mentor: Shaquille O'Neal

Comparison: Chris Webber

Evan Turner:
Brandon Roy PT 2, the good thing is his knees are already surviving, the bad thing is he has an inconsistent outside jumper, Evan shows promise and with the help of Stevie Franchise could become an excellent handler who would fit as Philly's number one guy, drop points and dirty handling on any defender and help lead Philly to it's first basketball importance since Allen Iverson was kicked out.

Ceiling: look at Roy's stats from 08-09 and you'll see little difference, 21-4-3 and a nice 35% from deep is what I feel Evan Turner can bring to the table!

Mentor: Steve Francis

Comparison: Brandon Roy

Stephen Curry:
Curry and Hardaway both have/had quick hands, quicker releases and even quicker crosses, if Curry takes a note and learns how to use his crosses and hands effectivily a la Tim Hardaway we're looking at Golden State relevance outside a dunk contest, that's right!

Ceiling: Stephen Curry's ceiling is Tim Hardaways 1996-96 season just wait, you'll see!

Mentor: Tim Hardaway

Comparison: Tim Hardaway

Klay Thompson:
Klay is too hard to tell before we see an NBA game but as we did with other rookies I just wanted to list our ceilings and info so far.

Ceiling: A poor man's Miller, with that being said Reggie's 90-91 season will be a fine career best for this young man.

Mentor: Reggie Miller

Comparison: Mitch Richmond

J.R. Smith:
A deadly shooter from wherever needs to buckle down and play D, Dumars can help and if JR does what Dumars says I think he'll end up a perennial All-Star.

Ceiling: Does a 26-4-4 sound good? how about on 47 from the field and 46 from 3? Ladies and gentlemen J.R. Smith!

Mentor: Joe Dumars

Comparison: Jason Richardson

Russell Westbrook:


Mentor: Gary Payton

Comparison: Kevin Johnson

Landry Fields:
A new age Starks with no anger problem should be an excellent 6th man and great starter, in a couple of year Landry will be at least that, shooting three's like Starks back in the day and proving he should've been picked higher he can hit consistently and just needs to learn to pass and defend like John, that's all there is to be said around the new John Starks

Ceiling: 19-4-3 that's something possible next year for him but a 20-4-4 is what I think he can give us in his prime!

Mentor: John Starks

Comparison: John Starks

Tristan Thompson:
Once again hasn't played

Ceiling: I'd say a 22-8-2 is in order for the lefty from Texas.

Mentor: Kevin Garnett

Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge

Derrick Rose:
Little can be done to stop the reincarnation of NBA Kevin Johnson, all he needs is a new Charles Barkley and we're set for Chicago championships, Derrick Rose needs a more consistent jump shot and do what KJ did in 89-90 I fear he can't but with KJ's help who knows?

Ceiling: Derrick hitting his ceiling would bring us an unstoppable scoring PG who could give your team a 25-3-9 on 46 percent shooting and 32% from downtown, not to mention a ring.

Mentor: Kevin Johnson

Comparison: Kevin Johnson

 JaJuan Johnson:
A good post defender with a good chance of becoming an all-star with the veterans and coaches he's surrounded by.

Ceiling: Who knows?

Mentor: Dikembe Mutombo

Comparison: DeJuan Blair

Brandon Jennings:
A scorer who need efficiency he can learn from Mark Jackson and if he can pass like Jax we're looking at Young Money becoming a top tier PG, instead of a ghetto pride baller. Jennings needs to be less flashy and learn to get to the rim like Mark Jackson, Mark was able to get there on command and with his help Jennings could shoot over 39%!

Ceiling: 23-8-3 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when Jennings ups his percentages to 47% FG and 43% 3FG, now that's good!

Mentor: Mark Jackson

Comparison: Allen Iverson

JaVale McGee:
If McGee learns from Sampson he won't be in foul trouble he'll be excellent on the break and better in both posts, the thing is McGee is one of the most unsure prospects in the league.

Ceiling: nothing is clear for the young man, but I think he can bring around 3.7 BPG to a defense.

Mentor: Ralph Sampson

Comparison: Marcus Camby

Nick Young:
Nick can become an unbelievable shooter who can come of the smallest of screens and score, if Houston teaches him his without ball movement Young can become a great 2nd best player and maybe make a couple all-star teams.

Ceiling: Allan Houston's 02-03 season seems to be in order.

Mentor: Allan Houston

Comparison: Hersey Hawkins

Blake Griffin:
Blake has nothing to learn other than to learn from Shawn's mistakes, he needs to learn not to be ungrateful and to learn to be patient. One of the NBA's true franchise players does not need to be corrupt by money.

Ceiling: 27-14-4 on 55% FG...

Mentor: Shawn Kemp

Comparison: Shawn Kemp

Jordan Crawford:
One of the best young hybrid's in the league has an unbelievable upside, his D could use work and his O needs consistency but Jordan filled in as a solid PG for Wall and an excellent SG for Young, if he hones his talent we're looking at a huge trade chip, excellent player and top scorer. Jordan need's to be tougher and work on his consistency and we will see 39 point nights come up much more.

Ceiling: 27 PPG with 5 assists and 4 rebounds, that's pretty good, especially on 47% FG and a cold blodded 42% 3FG! Cold as Ice!

Mentor: Latrell Sprewell

Comparison: Jamal Crawford

 Kyrie Irving:
A nasty cross that can become anything from a rich man's Chauncey Billups to a poor man's Isiah Thomas, let's see where this goes!

Ceiling: ???

Mentor: Isiah Thomas

Comparison: Nick Van Exel

John Wall:

The best PG prospect since Chris Paul can become *GULP* better than Gary Payton, Gary is my favorite player and no one will ever be a better defender, but John Wall has the length, talent and athleticism to be better, he has the same length with smaller hands, same amount of talent, but his athleticism is off the charts (for those of you that didn't know GP was very athletic but didn't use it to dunk on opponents) as he's already almost a 1993-93 Payton with more turnovers and assists. John Wall has the weight to be a better post player than Payton if he learns Payton's moves, he can be as good a defender based on size, length, athleticism and determination, overall John Wall has the tool's to be a better PG than almost anyone before him, he can block, handle, steal, pass, score, if he gains a good jump shot as Payton did he can become unstoppable and with a young talented Wizards team like the one he's on he can evolve into something we haven't seen before. If John Wall and Gary Payton work together we could see five straight years of 99-00 Gary Payton, John Wall could become the greatest point guard ever (He may one day, unlikely but with his overall package maybe, I don't think he will but he may). John Wall has the tools to become a top 10 player ever, it's just a matter of if he'll use it or not.

Ceiling: John Wall's ceiling is higher than one of those rich people houses you see on MTV Cribs, Wall is already a great defender, an amazing passer, another triple double waiting to happen and he has the speed to cut through any defense, John Wall's ceiling could be a 24-12-7 on 45% shooting and 33% three point shooting, but he could also give you 2.3 steals and 2.9 turnovers which is excellent and almost unbelievable, John Wall is like a mix of Gary Payton and Kevin Johnson, he'll leave you in the dust on O draw a double team and kick it to the open man, and then he'll strip you of the ball on D sprint to the basket and then hang on the rim to show you who's boss! John Wall is what I've been waiting for since 2003, a player with swagger who will trash talk and then back it up, I don't know what else you could want from a PG!

Mentor: Gary Payton

Comparison: Gary Payton

Top 10: Point Guards

The top ten point guards ever. with a short update from my phone im gonna hit you with a quick post from before my trip to vegas, on the way back I will throw you a list of the top ten PG's with detail's. Here's a preview of some names you may see. Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Mark Jackson, lemme know what you wanna see when i'm back.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mitten!

August 20th, 2011, the day one of the people most important to The Sports Boys success was born.
If you haven't quite clued in yet today is Gary Payton Jr's birthday.
So Gary, have the best birthday, go clubbing, have some fun and make sure you celebrate every birthday like it's your last.

From TheGlove_20 and the rest of the TheSportsBoys and SportsBoysSidekicks

"The Mitten" wanted for me to pass this on to you:

Thanks again everyone for the bday shoutouts and stayed tuned for my next move! P.S. you'll be one of the first to know my every move!"

Good Luck to Gary and us at The Sports Boys hope you b-day is a special as possible!

If you haven't read our article on GPJR aka "The Mitten" check it out!

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Race to the Title! (Rosters)

Now that the rosters have been finished they look like this:

TheGlove_20's Sonics:

PG - Russell Westbrook - Starter - 90 - 30 min
SG - Brandon Roy - Starter - 89 - 33
SF - LeBron James - Star - 96 - 41
PF - Amar'e Stoudemire - Starter - 91 - 33
C - Blake Griffin - Starter - 86 - 33
6 - John Wall - 6th Man - 85 - 20
7 - Josh Smith - Role Player - 86 - 17
8 - Jrue Holiday - Role Player - 85 - 10
9 - Eric Gordon - Role Player - 85 - 6
10 - Terrence Williams - Bench Warmer - 80 - 6
11 - Jordan Crawford - Bench Warmer - 77 - 6
12 - Greg Oden - Bench Warmer - 77 - 5
Reserve - Andrew Bogut - Bench Warmer - 84 - N/A
Reserve - Kevin Love - Bench Warmer - 82 - N/A

In this playoffs I tried to be all around but went for defense as my top priority, my team is excellent in the mid range game, we have excellent rebounders and ball movement should be hard to stop.

Russell Westbrook: Starting PG someone who can do all I need him to do, also able to keep up with Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo and CP3.

Brandon Roy: A proven scorer with an almost unstoppable mid range game, not the most consistent guy but able to D up PG's and SG's and even inbetween, plus his game is so all around it's scary.

LeBron James: Need I say more?

Amar'e Stoudemire: Excellent J up to 20ft, good post defense and will easily drop 25-30 on Dirk or CB.

Blake Griffin: Griffin was moved to center and still posed as an A(86) he will deny the basket to you while getting there himself over and over, but D-How may handle him.

John Wall: My Gary Payton PT.2 can keep up with and out run everyone else in the league while causing double teams which should result in easy baskets. Wall could also be a viable starter if needed, he can even rebound.

Josh Smith: My answer to Dwight Howard, an excellent shot block who can defend the perimiter as well as post.

Jrue Holiday: A good sized lengthy PG who will track down rebounds and loose balls, defend anyone on a hot streak and slow them down or stop them, and can provide threes and other offense off the bench.

Eric Gordon: A complete scorer who will provide excellent offense off the bench, can also squeeze in at the 3 or maybe even 1 if needed.

Terrence Williams: A great passer and defender can keep up with almost anyone, can be used to shut most down and will help amazingly in taking on the Kobe-Carmelo and Wade-Durant combos.

Jordan Crawford:  a versatile great acquisition that will put it minutes as PG and SG, a good passer, great scorer and capable of dropping 30+ if needed.

Greg Oden: Answer to D-How PT.2 with a 98 block and excellent rebounding he reminds us why he was the number one pick, and with injuries off he will finish opponents and stop drives with ease.

Andrew Bogut: Another Post defender and good rebounder.

Kevin Love: A rebounder to be brought in if needed, will drop points like whatever, if brought in should boost our rebounding game to the maximum allowed.

Vinsanity_15's Magic:

PG - Chris Paul - 96 - Star - 35
SG - Monta Ellis - 85 - Starter - 30
SF - Andre Iguodala - 87 - Starter - 30
PF - Dirk Nowitzki - 88 - Starter - 30
C - Dwight Howard - 94 - Star - 35
6 - Manu Ginobili - 88 - 6th Man - 20
7 - Tim Duncan - 85 - Role Player - 20
8 - Rudy Gay - 87 - Role Player - 15
9 - Vince Carter - 81 - Bench Warmer - 7
10 - Steve Nash - 85 - Bench Warmer - 6
11 - Zach Randolph - 81 - Bench Warmer - 6
12 - Jamal Crawford - 78 - Bench Warmer - 6

I wanted to make a team that was great on both offence and defense. I chose Chris Paul because is the best all around point guard. He can do everything from shooting the ball to making key defence stops. I wanted to build a team around him. Dwight Howard is a beast he can dominate basically anyone in the post on offence and defence. I picked him because I know that if anyone tries to drive in on him he will send it right back out. Dirk Nowitzki is a monster his fade away is unstoppable with him on the court Chris Paul will have crazy amount of assists.  Monta Ellis is an excellent scorer with his amazing driving skills and three point shooting I thought he would be a great fit. After TheGlove_20 picked Lebron I knew that I would need someone who could defend him. Andre Iguodala is a great defender I know that he won’t be able to shut down Lebron James, but who knows what if Lebron gets another eight point game. My sixth man of the year Manu Ginobili, he is an excellent scorer and I feel that Manu coming off the bench is much better than starting him.  The rest of my picks are players who I thought fit in with my game plan. Finally Vince Carter, He is my favourite player, I would start him but I want to win the title.

DrHoopenstein's Knicks:

PG - Derrick Rose - 91 - Starter - 30
SG - Kobe Bryant - 95 - Star -30
SF - Carmelo Anthony - 95 - Star - 30
PF - Chris Bosh - Starter - 83 - Starter - 30
C - Al Horford - 82 - Starter - 30
6 - Deron Williams - 93 - 6th man - 25
7 - Pau Gasol - 89 - Role Player - 22
8 - Joe Johnson - 85 - Role Player - 13
9 - Carlos Boozer - 85 - Bench Warmer - 10
10 - Andrew Bynum - 81 - Role Player - 10
11 - Danny Granger - 82 - Bench Warmer - 10
12 - DeMar DeRozan - 73 - Bench Warmer - 0

I chose Rose as the starting PG to push the tempo.  Kobe will do it on
both ends and will be the main option in the clutch.  Carmelo will take on
the role of scorer.  Horford/Bynum will protect the rim and rebound.  Bosh
will hit open shots. Williams will be the 6th man and provide instant
offense off the bench.  Pau Gasol is the other main option.  Joe
Johnson/Granger will make up the rest of the second team.   Boozer will
get mop up minutes at both the 4 and 5.

RayRay_34's Bucks:

PG - Rajon Rondo - 90 - Starter - 33
SG - Dwyane Wade - 96 - Star - 40
SF - Kevin Durant - 93 - Star - 37
PF - LaMarcus Aldridge - 85 - Starter - 30
C - Nene - 80 - Starter - 20
6 - Joakim Noah - 82 - 6th Man - 20
7 - Brandon Jennings - 83 - Role Player - 20
8 - Paul Pierce - 84 - Role Player - 10
9 - Ray Allen - 81 - Role Player - 10
10 - Kevin Garnett - 83 - Role Player - 10
11 - Stephen Curry - 82 - Bench Warmer - 6
12 - Brook Lopez - 78 - Bench Warmer - 1
Reserve - Jeff Green - 78 - Role Player - N/A
Reserve - James Harden - 75 - Bench Warmer - N/A
Reserve - Kendrick Perkins - 73 - Bench Warmer - N/A

I went for a defensive team that had some scorers, if we can put the ball in the net and then stop them they can't win, Durant will score at will, Aldridge will put in work on all ends and I have instant offence in the form of Jennings and Curry as well as the Celtics excellent offense.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy draft

1.       Lebron – Glove
2.       Wade – RayRay
3.       Anthony – DrHoopenstein
4.       CP3 – Vinsanity

5.       Howard – Vinsanity
6.       Kobe – DrHoopenstein
7.       Durant – RayRay
8.       Stoudemire – Glove

9.       Rose – DrHoopenstein
10.   Roy – Glove
11.   Monta – Vinsanity
12.   Rondo – RayRay

13.   Aldridge – RayRay
14.   Dirk – Vinsanity
15.   Bogut – Glove
16.   Horford – DrHoopenstein

17.   Westbrook – Glove
18.   Nene – RayRay
19.   Bosh – DrHoopenstein
20.   Gay - Vinsanity

21.   Ginobili – Vinsanity
22.   Deron Williams – DrHoopenstein
23. Garnett – RayRay
24. Griffin – Glove

25. P. Gasol – Dr
26. John Wall - Glove
27. Iguodala – Vinsanity
28. Jennings - RayRay

29. Paul Pierce – Ray Ray
30.Zack Randolph – Vinsanity
31. Greg Oden - Glove
32. Danny Granger - Dr

33. Eric Gordon - Glove
34.Ray Allen – RayRay
35.Joe Johnson - Dr
36.Steve Nash - Vinsanity

37.TDuncan – Vinsanity
38.A Bynum - Dr
39.Kendrick Perkins - RayRay
40. Terrence Williams - Glove

41.Boozer - DR
42.Jrue Holiday - Glove
43.Vince Carter – Vinsanity
44.Jeff Green  – RayRay

45.James Harden - RayRay
46.Jamal Crawford - Vinsanity
47.Kevin Love - Glove
48. DeMar DeRozan - DrHoopenstein
That conclude our draft, free agency, role picking and rotations are tomorrow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Race to the Title! (Simulation)

     Over the next couple of weeks me (TheGlove_20), DrHoopenstein (writer at, RayRay_34 and Vinsanity_15 are drafting teams and simulating a four team playoffs.

The draft process was decide through lottery and will go:
Round 1
1. TheGlove_20
2. RayRay_34
3. DrHoopenstein
4. Vinsanity_15
Round 2
1. Vinsanity_15
2. DrHoopenstein
3. RayRay_34
4. TheGlove_20
Round 3
1. DrHoopenstein
2. TheGlove_20
3. Vinsanity_15
4. RayRay_34
Round 4
1. RayRay_34
2. Vinsanity_15
3. TheGlove_20
4. DrHoopenstein

The order will repeat in that order through round 12.
After the draft we will do free agency where we will pick reserves and bid on them.
Once the 15 man roster is fully assembled we are able to trade and sign more players.
Then the playoffs officially start and we simulate the matches a series a day.

There will also be a played tournament featuring TheGlove_20, RayRay_34, Vinsanity_15, and TheAnswer_3

The draft process was decide through lottery and will go:
Round 1
1. TheAnswer_3
2. TheGlove_20
3. RayRay_34
4. Vinsanity_15
Round 2
1. Vinsanity_15
2. RayRay_34
3. TheGlove_20
4. TheAnswer_3
Round 3
1. RayRay_34
2. TheAnswer_3
3. Vinsanity_15
4. TheGlove_20
Round 4
1. TheGlove_20
2. Vinsanity_15
3. TheAnswer_3
4. RayRay_34

The order will repeat in that order through round 12.
After the draft we will do free agency where we will pick reserves and bid on them.
Once the 15 man roster is fully assembled we are able to trade and sign more players.
Then the playoffs officially start and we simulate the matches a series a day.
Once a series is finished we will post the box scores on the site.

Once a series is finished we will post the box scores on the site.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

49: Reggie Miller

Reggie "Superstar" Miller, "Here comes Reggie", "Don't let Reggie", "Another three by REEEEEGGGIIEEEE MMMILLLLLEEEERRRRRRRRR", all quotes i have gotten to know and love. The "Superstar" was to clutch to be any lower, but was beat by the Knicks too many times to be higher, Reggie was a "Superstar" and deserved to be, He wanted the ball in "Winning Time", was the best player on one of the top teams in the league. Bill Simmons brought up the Knicks, his all-star and all-NBA appearances, and him being a superstar for whom we tend to forget the bad and remember the good which burned me up and furthered my need to create my own list, Reggie was blocked by Michael Jordan for most of his career, then Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. Reggie Miller was full of swagger, his swagger seemed to grow during crunch time, He had ways to get to people that were untouched by anyone other than Gary Payton, He was also one of the most clutch players ever, one of the best free throw shooters and also in my opinion the greatest three point shooter ever, Isn't that a feat? Reggie made teammates better and it can be proven by looking at the careers of Jalen Rose, Dale Davis or even Best! Reggie was one of the greats, he played good defense, average rebounding excellent scoring, and clutch that was not matched by anyone not named Michael Jordan, Reggie should not have been disrespected by being described with "someone who scared opponents when it mattered, but didn't do much else". Reggie Miller a shooting guard I would want in my starting five, and only two beat him, Micahel Jordan and maybe Jerry Stackhouse before his multiple knee injuries (Stackhouse' knee injuries single handedly kept him off this list, and instead landing him a spot on our up and coming comet's page, and being underrated his whole career didn't help much either). "Scaring opponents when it matters" is something every team needs and should be taken very highly into every lists making of! Not doing much else is a sad way to comprehend Reggie's game, he added steals, took other stars off their games and again had UNBELIEVABLE CLUTCH! Reggie was way to good to be number sixty two and i'm happy to right that wrong, we owe that much to him... Not to mention what I owe him, he did after all teach me not to be afraid of the dark (That's for another day though). Reggie Miller was a "Superstar" and always will be!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Gary Payton Jr

Rarely do basketball players going into off seasons that can change their career take the time out to talk to 15 year old kids they don't know, and almost none take the time out to get to know that kid, and I bet out of those maybe one told the kid he'd do an interview for him and lived up to that promise, well meet Gary Payton Jr, a kid himself. Gary Payton Jr, has been through a lot this passing summer, where to go, what to do, and why? Well Gary has been dealing with the stress and more than that he's embraced it, Gary's living in the moment and doing it up like his dad "Livin' Legal and Large".

Payton Jr scored points with me when I asked him "Do you think you can have the fire and passion that your dad had playing the game?" He then answered "Yes I do think I can carry the same fire & passion and probably even more; because I'm dedicated to being the best I can be!" 

To have more passion than his dad is unbelievable this kid's the man!

Gary Jr plays like his dad, he's less of a scorer but more of a rebounder, he reminds me of the mature GP from around 03, he makes the simple passes, he can still make flashy plays but chooses the one that helps his team more, he can dunk but uses simple lay-ups GPJR is the perfect fundamentalist in a world where fundamentals are dying out, and he gets his teammates involved instead of scoring himself, he is the next carrier of "The Secret". GP tries as hard as he can and it shows. GP carries himself like a professional and is very kind, he has the swagger to become a fan-favorite and the skills too, so let's see what happened during the interview and then we'll rave about him some more! 

I'm good, feeling more focused than I've ever been. Thanks for asking.

2. How's Your Family?
My family is good were very close so I've just been enjoying the summer with them.

3. Would you mind telling us about your hometown?
Well Chicago is my hometown & where most of my family resides. I love it there, it's just an amazing place. I'm now living in California, it was a big change for me but worth it. Living here has given me better opportunities for myself & my family.

4. How was growing up as "Gary Payton's Son"?
Growing up as Gary Payton's son has it's challenges but the older I get the more I realize I have to be my own person and cast my own shadow. I feel as normal as other kids without famous dads feel. My mom and dad keep me grounded and humbled.

5. Was it ever overwhelming?
At times but I've learn to cope with it, gives me a tougher shell I guess.

6. No one knows what college you are going to, would you care sharing?
 Right now I'm at a JC. [Junior College]

7. Why did you pick Junior College?
One I wanted to raise my GPA and to build my work ethic.  Sometimes you are born with talent but you have to work at building a strong work ethic in order to succeed at a higher level.  And that's part of what the JC is helping me do.

8. When did your Basketball career start?
Wow I've been playing since birth I would say haha but probably around three-four years old I started picking up the ball.

9. What brought you to play Basketball?
Seeing my dad play ball made me want to play too. I've always wanted to be like my dad on the court. Also my mom encouraged me to do something I loved and I found that in basketball.

10. We Know you're a bulls fan, but who are your favorite players and biggest influences? 

Mannn, I have alot haha but off back Jordan and my father are my top two favorite players. I also like Earl Monroe and Oscar Robertson from way back. All of them have had big impact on me and are my biggest influences.

12. How did they affect your game and who you are today?
Seeing the hard work that all of them put into their craft made me want to work harder to  perfect my craft. They've all shaped me into a hard and dedicated worker but mostly my dad from seeing all that he went through and accomplished.

13. What do you feel your best skills are? I would say the best part of my game is my defense. I love defense, without it you wouldn't be able to win. I'm more of a mid-range shooter on offense but I am also deadly from outside. I am also a slasher, so I can get to the rim and create something.  I can honestly say that I'm well on my way to having a well-balanced game. I just have to keep putting in the work.

14. How did those become a part of your game?
Well I felt like the defense was always instilled in me so I just honed in on it. I've always been able to get to the rack being a smaller and quick guess. I've been working on my shooting and dribbling because that's what I need being a point/shooting guard.

15. What do you hope to bring to the college basketball scene?
I want to bring excitement, entertainment, & hard work to the college scene. I'm so fascinated with the older generations of ball players and I feel that's what they bought to the game so I want to revamp that.

16. Is/Are there any player(s) that you want to face or play with?
I want to get a chance to play with Dwayne Wade & Derrick Rose those are to of my favorites; but I would also love to play against them.

17. Do you think you will adjust to the college game quickly?
Yes I do! I feel that I have to because it's what I've been working hard to do!

18. If you could be one athlete who would it be, and why?
Well I wouldn't be any athlete but myself, I think God did a great job with me haha.

19. Is there anything that you want to show people?
No, it's things I want to show myself. I just really want to see what I'm made of.

20. Has basketball ever taught you anything?
I feel that basketball has taught me that I have to work hard and continue to do so if I want to be the best I can be.

21. Coming from a tough area did you ever doubt yourself?
Yes. When I was younger I doubted myself alot. I feel that my family has helped me to build my confidence up. Now nothing can stop me!

22. Growing up if you could only watch one player, who would it be and why?
Ummm probably Michael Jordan because thats who I've come so a costumed to watch being from Chicago.

23. Are any of your brother's playing ball, Julian or Gary II?
Yes we all are playing ball.

24. Are they going to play college ball, well Gary II I know Julian is younger?
Well as far as I know I'm pretty sure they want to play college ball.

25. Is basketball a huge centerpiece in your family?
I feel that it is seeing that my father played so it's only right that we follow it.

26. Do you ever play games with your dad?
Yes and it's very competitive haha.

27. Did Gary take it easy or carry on the Mr.Mean stuff and always play his hardest?
 Oh he always plays his hardest that's the way he is.

28. Is there any type of play you like to run allot?
I like the pick & roll, it works very well if you can read the defense.

29. what's your favorite part of basketball, If you can narrow it down!
My favorite part is defense by far! I love it!

30. How are you so athletic?
It's all God and I think it's in my genes haha.

31. When and where did you learn how to read passes that well? Your too good at this stuff!
Well it's comes with hard work and just being aware. Key people have helped me improve my game throughout the years.

32. you drive to the hoop like a crazed Manu Ginobili, where did that come from? (because many say driving cannot be taught).
 Well I've always been small so I had to learn to maneuver through the defense.

33. Who is the best in your family?
 My dad is still the top dog in the house haha hands down! I think once we can beat him then well see!

34. Do you ever get compared to your dad, and does it get annoying?
Yeaa I do! He's my twin haha but yeaa I do on and off the court! It doesn't annoy me tho!


Now that you know more about GPJR let's talk about his skills and moves again!

Jr is full of the intangibles, he has length, size, hustle, and passion, not to mention skill, he brings leadership to the table, can handle himself in front of the media and also attacks the rim like he was a bull and it was painted red! Him and his brother are similar styles but different variations, both play like GP but one is more simple 2000's GP and one is more early 90's GP,  If you want 00's GPJR is the way to go.

GP's signature move was the spin, hopefully JR can put it in his game and use it the same way GP did!

GPJR has the confidence of a star and showed it when he mentioned that the only athlete he wants to be is himself, something I find interesting when I thought that the player I wanted to be most was his dad!

 GPJR also mentioned that his favorite part of basketball is defense, do I sense a rival to Jrue Holiday's "Baby Glove" nickname? Or better we can call him "The Mitten"!

GPJR plays his hardest no matter who he's facing, is a tireless worker and made it impossible to tell you anything you don't know about him by reading the article, so let me just tell you he is a talented youngster, the type I would want on my team, he works at everything he does, he's no procrastinator and he can do anything you want him too.

Gary won points with me throughout the whole thing, and every answer brought more understanding of him, I like the way he thinks as it seems like he could be the rebirth of fundamentals and bring some old school ethics back into a material game. Gary Payton Jr made the interview enjoyable, he was right on point and he has skill and passion, to any aspiring athletes reading this, follow in his footsteps and know that you can do it, no matter what "IT" is!

Thanks to Gary Payton Jr for making this possible, and for playing basketball the way it should be played!