Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Gary Payton II

How have you and your family been?

We're good, everybody is fine. I'm just getting situated trying figure my college stuff out .

Can you tell us about your hometown and how it changed you as a player?

Seattle, Seattle, what can I say about Seattle.

How was growing up as the "Son of Glove"?

It was fun but yet challenging because I always knew I would have to live up to his name and reputation.

Did it ever get overwhelming and/or challenging?

 I wouldn't say overwhelming I would say it was more challenging than anything because people test how down to earth I am but my mother raised me to be humble and respectful and not to look down on people.

Where are you balling right now? And it's not known where you are going to play ball, care to share?

 I just got done with prep school at Westwind Prep in Phoenix, Arizona and now I'm looking at a lot of low and mid d1 schools just not for certain which one I will be attending for fall 2012.

When did you first have the ball in your hands?

Ever since I could remember I would say when I was like 2.

What brings you back to basketball each and every day?

Knowing that I have to take of my family, most important take care of my mother so I can give back to her for everything that she has given me over the years, she makes me strive to do better and be the best I can be.

Being from Seattle and the son of Gary Payton I'm almost 100% sure you're a Sonic fan, but care to share who your favorite players are and how they influenced you?

Yes til this day I'm still a sonics fan I wish they would of never relocated him, but one of my favorite players is Lebron James because of all his different abilities that his has from his strength his drive and love for the game he's an all around great player. My other favorite player is Carmelo Anthony because I like his game, how he can get his shot off any way he wants he's another all around great player but of course my favorite player is my dad because his defense is incredible he had the ability to lock people up and he had great vision.

Did they affect who you are today? Why or why not?

 Yes they did if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the basketball player I am today and my ability to play defense very well. 

What do you feel are your best talents and skills?

One of my best skills is defense because my arms are really long and I'm able to deflect a lot of passes. another one of my best skills is jumping, also able to hit a 15 ft jump shot.

How did those become part of your game?

They become part of my game because I count on my defense to get my offense rolling.

Scouting reports say you are mostly an athletic, defensive player, do you agree with those as your main skills and do you feel like they're missing out on something?

Yes I agree with them because I count on my defense to take my game to the next level.

Is there anything you hope to bring to the college basketball game?

I'm hoping to bring athleticism and great defense and a high IQ for the game

How quickly do you think you can adjust to the college game?

I think I can adjust to it pretty quick because I have a high IQ of the game so it shouldn't be that difficult to adjust.

Your half brother said that if he could be any athlete ever he would still be himself, do you feel the same way? If not who would you want to be?

Yes I feel the same way, I would like to build a name for myself and start my own legacy.

Is there anything you want to show people?

Yes I would like show people my game and how I play it but at the same time no because if they like the way I play then good but if they don't then they don't.

Basketball has personally taught me a lot, have you learnt from the game?

I've learned to work with others on and off the court and also learned how to give it your all and make a difference on the court.

Coming from an area like Seattle did you ever doubt yourself?

No, never a lot of people are from a not known place/area and I'm pretty sure that doesn't make them have doubt, it doesn't matter where you're from.

If there was only one player you could watch and learn from who would it be?

I would watch and learn from Kobe Bryant because how smart he his when it comes to the game of basketball.

I know Jr. wants to play college ball, and you too, are you guys wanting to go to the NBA?

Yes that's where I'm striving to get.

Is basketball a centerpiece in your family because of your dad, or do you think you guys would have done it
either way?

Yes it was a centerpiece because of him but we had a choice to play other sports if we wanted to but we chose to play basketball. 

Is there any type of play you love to run?

No I just like to get up and down the floor.

What part of basketball is your favorite if you can choose one?

My favorite part of the game is the atmosphere of it.

You are so athletic and use it with your above the rim moves, where'd it come from and how come you go above the rim unlike The Mitten (Gary Payton Jr) and The Glove (Gary Payton)?

Because I worked on my legs a lot and I'm very long so if I added the ability to jump high and get above the rim it would help my game.

Where did you learn to be such a good defender in the passing lanes, and rebounding?

Part of it is from my father and the other part is watching other guys in the league.

We've seen clips of you drive to the hoop, and even cram, posterize and assasinate people, where does that
come from?

It just comes from working on my legs and me wanting to put people on posters. 

Who is the best player in your family?

My dad just for the simple fact that he made it and all his hard work paid off .  

I'm guessing you get compared to your dad, if and when it happens how do you feel?

I don't really worry about it when I get compared to him because we're two different players.

and last but not least, here at TheSportsBoys we love that you took time out to talk to us thank you for doing the interview and good luck with your career!

Gary Payton II is a long, athletic, confident combo-guard ready to take you out the game by shutting you down or dunking on you. A great player and even better person ready to come at you for four quarters. Playing more like a John Wall type player than anyone in his family, and he's got that going for him. 

Gary Payton II Video

You know after seeing that GPII flew, crossed and hustled into your heart, and we wish him good luck in his basketball career.