Monday, June 27, 2011

67: Earl Monroe

Earl "The Pearl" "Black Jesus" "Jesus" Malone was an amazing player with the most unorthodox set of crossovers, spins, and behind the backs ever... It was one of the smoothest too... Confusing. Pearl could not be stopped during his Bullets days but was slowed down by knees like mine and shackled by the New York Knicks had "Pearl" kept his knees intact he would probably have jumped into the top thirty of this list, instead he is number sixty seven. Pearl was an amazing talent that slipped through the Knicks when they decided to design plays for him instead of letting "Pearl" do what he did best... Improvise, I understand that New York wanted to assure him scoring points on there behalf but if they had to design plays for him why not just Iso, "Pearl" could have created many points and assists for them on just simple Iso's and I'm pretty sure that "Pearl" and the Iso could have survived and thrived in today's game of basketball. Earl Monroe and the Iso play would have been the equivalent of Derrick Rose' driving, It would have caused points, then forced double teams letting Earl hit the open man for an assist, In today's game Earl teamed with a three point shooter like Kyle Korver, J.J. Redick or Anthony Morrow would have worked magic and been flat out unstoppable. More than anything Earl's uncanny handling will live on, teamed with a 'fro and some muttonchops. Earl Monroe was good, very good indeed.

Earl Monroe will forever live on through this, Bill Simmons' book, and He Got Game.


Vinsanity_15 is still not back!

The Next Big Thing: The Sports Boys

The Sports Boys have started a new theme to go with a new age; Youtube, The Sports Boys are now on YouTube,
Check it out!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Madden 12 Custom Covers

I have begun making Madden 12 custom covers!
With my first attempt I decided to create a Jacquizz Rodgers OSU Custom and I'm open to requests.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NHL Mock Draft

Edmonton: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Edmonton doesn't need a center, but Ryan is too talented to give up, will complete Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle and means they can get rid of one of their many forward contracts. Plus we were friends as children, SO PICK HIM EDMONTON! One last thing about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the fact that he seems to never get hit, a quality that only others like Wayne Gretzky and few others possessed, he cannot be touched and when is hit it seems like the others only get a piece of him!

Colorado: Adam Larsson

I had a lot of trouble trying to decide this pick, because Jonathon Huberdeau is also an amazing player and would prosper well after being mentored by Joe Sakic but decided on Larsson after remembering that Adam Foote has retired and Erik Johnson and Adam Larsson will make a perfect defensive pairing.

Florida: Gabriel Landeskog

Landeskog will give florida a force they need and one which they have not had in a very long time. He will work with them well and that's all there is to it!

New Jersey: Jonathan Huberdeau

I sort of want Huberdeau for my own favorite team Colorado but he will also work perfectly in New Jersey setting up Ilya Kovalchuk and scoring for himself. Plus he has the second best moves in this draft only behind Ryan Nugent-Hopkins!

New York: Ryan Strome

Ottawa: Sean Couterier

Winnipeg: Dougie Hamilton

When Dougie gets his first legitimate star quality play I predict many singing "Teach Me How To Dougie"

Colombus: Ryan Murphy

Boston: Jonas Brodin

Minnesota: Sven Boethski

Colorado: Mika Zibanejad

Carolina: Nathan Beaulieau

Calgary: Zack Phillips

Dallas: Mark Shiefele

New York: Mark McNeil

Buffalo: Jamie Oleksiak

Montreal: Brandon Saad

Chicago: Oscar Klefbom

Edmonton: Joe Morrow

Phoenix: Matthew Pumpell

Ottawa: Ty Rattie

Anaheim: Joel Armia

Pittsburgh: Tyler Biggs

Detroit: Connor Murphy

Toronto: Rocco Grimaldi

Washington: Rickard Rakell

Tampa Bay: Duncan Siemens

San Jose: Micklas Jensen

Vancouver: David Musli

Toronto: Stuart Percy

Sorry for not including explanations on why each player belongs where, I am in the middle of provincials with no help for this so I have been behind.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In My Opinion: Quebec Nordiques

In my opinion, Quebec does not deserve another team. Quebec has a reputation of a team killer, they don't seem to be the kindest, seem over confident and cocky, and turn stars away. Eric Lindros turned Quebec down right after they picked him and I fear others will do the same if Quebec returns, plus they're in the middle of a nasty fight with the rest of Canada so lets just wait it out. The biggest reason Quebec should not return is they are a legendary team even though they were never a good team, with the exception of a couple years and players Quebec was downright horrible, they can stay and stay legendary or take the Coyotes and be a moderate/losing team for many years before another Clay Bennett type person buys the team promises to keep them and take them away. Quebec fans are not undeserving, but the government and reputation will not let it become a good team. Quebec needs help, but not in hockey form.

68: Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete, Petey Pete, my boy Pete!
Pete Maravich was amazing.
Pistol was a deadly shooter, the three point specialist before the three point line. Pete would have benefited from the three point line drastically, His scoring would most likely have boosted by atleast 5 PPG, in my opinion it would have hired by about 9 PPG instead. Pete Maravich had handling, ball security, scoring and and of course shooting. Pete was amazing but faces barriers in many circles because of his race, It seems that the thing that held many back in the old days holds Pistol back in many circles nowadays. Pistol should be remembered for other things, he should be remembered for the fact that he connected spiritually with every race, his uncanny crossover move that ranked in the top ten overall, and his outstanding play. Whenever I think of Pete Maravich I think of his handling and go speechless otherwise, I an't think of anything else to say so Pistol Pete Maravich is one of the greatest basketball players ever. One word describing Pete Maravich is AMAZING! and had the accuracy of a marksman shooting a Pistol.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

69: Dennis Rodman

Resume: 14 years, 10 unclear quality, 2 All-Stars... Top 15 '92, '95... Leader: Rebounds 7 Consecutives, FG% (1x)... All-Defense (8x).... DPOY ('90, '91)... 4 year peak 7-18-2... 2 year playoffs peak 8-14... Played for 5 Champs, started for 3... Career RPG 13.2...

 Dennis "The Worm" Rodman an accomplished wrestler and one of the greatest personalities in NBA history, well depending on your point of view, now let's get to the real Rodman... Dennis Rodman could rebound with the best of them, in fact he was the best of them, in his career "The Worm" has grabbed the highest percentage of his teams rebounds ever, he topped Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and even Kwame Brown.

Dennis Rodman was a defensive monstrosity who could defend any position on the floor, he covered Karl Malone, Shawn Kemp and many others with startling ease, if you needed a rebounder or defender or both, Dennis could do it all. Rodman would consistently save his teams on the boards and would inconsistently score points but became one of the greatest role-player and player overall doing so. If you could take any rebounder ever, who would you pick? Shaquille O'Neal? Shawn Kemp? Karl Malone? If all I needed was a rebounder or defensive specialist Dennis Rodman would be my pick!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, a 5'11'' 165lbs combo guard from Austin, Texas can ball, he fits in at the PG, SG and SF position and plays all well. He would fit in to a Princeton offence well, and be perfect as the point on a 1-3-1 defense. If you get Jordan the ball on a fast-break you'll have magic, he can do the least with the most and takes advantage of everything he see's. If you want a complete guard Jordan Smith is the way too go and if you want anything else you don't know what you're doing! The Princeton offense the beavers use around Jared Cunningham would probably fit Jordan best as it allows him to open his game, see his teammates, drive or pull-up, when Jordan play in this type of offense it adds a third dimention to his game, one which could be considered Derrick Rose/Stephon Marbury style. If you are someone like Oregon State, Oregon or Washington Jordan Smith would excel in your system. My best fit for Jordan Smith would be Oregon State and here are the reasons why; Jordan would wreak havoc as the point in a 1-3-1 and since Jared Cunningham is already there he could pressure the corners or help in the middle in case of a speedy point, on offense in the Princeton offense him and Cunningham could share reps scoring, spreading the ball and penetrating. The only thing that would worry me about these two is there is a chance of them butting heads as alpha dogs, but Jordan Smith will help if it means getting to the next level and both are great guys.

I don't know if you'll get the right meaning of this, but training wise and playbook wise Jordan Smith will do anything to get to the next level!

And video's are coming soon!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vancouver Canucks

W-W-L-W-L-W, that is the format I predict they win in. The Canucks in 6 is my prediction, Burrows will be our Bure and that's all I have to say!