Monday, June 13, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, a 5'11'' 165lbs combo guard from Austin, Texas can ball, he fits in at the PG, SG and SF position and plays all well. He would fit in to a Princeton offence well, and be perfect as the point on a 1-3-1 defense. If you get Jordan the ball on a fast-break you'll have magic, he can do the least with the most and takes advantage of everything he see's. If you want a complete guard Jordan Smith is the way too go and if you want anything else you don't know what you're doing! The Princeton offense the beavers use around Jared Cunningham would probably fit Jordan best as it allows him to open his game, see his teammates, drive or pull-up, when Jordan play in this type of offense it adds a third dimention to his game, one which could be considered Derrick Rose/Stephon Marbury style. If you are someone like Oregon State, Oregon or Washington Jordan Smith would excel in your system. My best fit for Jordan Smith would be Oregon State and here are the reasons why; Jordan would wreak havoc as the point in a 1-3-1 and since Jared Cunningham is already there he could pressure the corners or help in the middle in case of a speedy point, on offense in the Princeton offense him and Cunningham could share reps scoring, spreading the ball and penetrating. The only thing that would worry me about these two is there is a chance of them butting heads as alpha dogs, but Jordan Smith will help if it means getting to the next level and both are great guys.

I don't know if you'll get the right meaning of this, but training wise and playbook wise Jordan Smith will do anything to get to the next level!

And video's are coming soon!


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