Friday, September 30, 2011

TheGlove_20's 16th Birthday!

TheGlove_10 is officially 16 and I must admit its pretty cool getting facebook messages and texts from people like Gary Payton Jr. Tyler Sandhu (whom I've known my whole life), and a bunch of friends. One step closer to being big time!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Tyler Sandhu

Tyler Sandhu, a monster with the puck who is just as good without it will fit anywhere needed next year... The Portland Winterhawks got a steal at the 42nd pick in the 2011 draft when they picked up the young but experienced leader, Sandhu was projected top three in the draft before sustaining an MCL injury in a playoff game. Sandhu has an amazing shot, finishes checks and has great vision on the ice, he doesn't get hit very much due to his Sergei Fedorov like skating. Sandhu's wrist shot is very good, and he has shown skills when having plays like this: Sandhu won the face off went around the center through the defenders and scored in less than 6 seconds, I was in the crowd he scored a hat trick on the first shift. Sandhu lost some explosiveness when his MCL was injured but he has fought back and should be showing that his top three draft projection should have been a reality. Tylers 5'11'' 148lbs frame may not be big but his play and talent are. Sandhu is like a Swiss Army Knife when playing and has worked very hard to get where he is, with great character and lots of it. Sandhu has shown leadership and the ability to step up to the plate when he led his team to the provincial playoffs and helped them win games all year before his MCL injury. Sandhus faceoff skills are excellent and his passes are lasers, it probably helps thta his shot can hit anywhere he wants it to from any angles. Tyler Sandhu is destined for greatness, and he deserves every bit of it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Evolution of PG's PT.2

    A you can probably tell I have a point guard obsession; facilitators, scorers, and especially defenders. A point guard can be used in any role, you can have your point guard score, rebound, defend and the biggest expectation of a point guard; make plays, when looking over those four subjects we rated all of our point guards for the list and for young point guards based on this list. Many PG's can score, some can defend well, a few can rebound and only a couple can truly make plays, In "The Evolution of PG's" we'll go over them.

Jrue Holiday:
Jrue Holiday is the perfect example of the old school NBA being brought into the future, Jrue is substance over style, he uses simple dribble moves to break down defenses, he wants to stop you, something PG's seem to stop doing now, Jrue stood up to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James scored some clutch threes and kept his cool in a somewhat lopsided series. Jrue has an excellent spin move, amazing length, his leadership seems to be there and endurance is unbelievable, Jrue brings some 90's into the decage of the 10's and let's see if he evolves into a Y2K PG.

Brandon Jennings:
Brandon Jennings is an almost perfect example of a post Y2K PG, Jennings is style over substance and takes it as far as you can, he uses complicated dribble moves that don't work half the time, play average defense at most and benefits from the rule changes excellently, and he hasn't even reached his peak. Brandon Jennings takes advantage of the rule changes fully, and he's still throwing up bricks and misses like he's Isiah Thomas for three. I love B-Jennings but the man needs substance!

John Wall:
Now John Wall is a nice hybrid, Wall gives it his all on D, takes over on O and rebounds with ease, He's what we need... John Wall is the next legend, one of few true franchise players, you can put him in any system and he will still find a way to contribute, He's got the attitude of a toned down GP, the speed, quickness and agility of an Allen Iverson or Kevin Johnson and the moves to do what he wants with you. John Wall is what a Y2K PG should be; a blast from the past with the nowadays style too, to be flashy doesn't mean you have to be inefficient but it also doesn't mean you can't use regular moves, John Wall needs a J and to cut his turnovers drastically but he like many other Y2K PG's is fun to watch, but unlike the others he doesn't sacrifice his efficiency.


42: Wes Unseld
Wes Unseld was a rookie who won the MVP when there were more than a couple players better than him. Wes was a beat on the boards, and finding passers with outlets from different angles all over the court, Wes rined his career by getting fat, and I mean fat.

41: Dirk Notwitzki
"Disco" Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest 7 foot shooter of All-Time. He has the second most unstoppable move ever behind Kareem's sky hook. Dirk won the NBA Championship as a star player over the team that said they would it all. The Miami Heat with the big two and a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalf consisting of Dwyane Wade and Lebron James and somebody else I can't remember... Dirk Nowitzki proved them wrong and beat them. Which cemented his spot in NBA history.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

39: Jason Kidd

Growing up with Gary Payton in Oakland its no surprise that he plays a lot like him. Playing on the courts of Oakland, California, where he was always playing against Payton who is 6 years older than him. Jason Kidd was a great Basketball player, like Payton he was a superb defender and a excellent passer. The only problem with his game is shooting percentage. Even though he wasn't able to shoot the ball very well he still was a amazing player. Which he Proved in his rookie year averaging 11.7 points, 5.4 rebounds, 7.7 assists, and also led the NBA with triple doubles as a member of the Dallas Mavericks. Kidd was apart of the "Three J's" with Jim Jackson and Jamal Mashburn which for some reason they got separated. In the 96-97 season Kidd was traded to the Suns where he made the All- Star team three times. After in 2001 Jason Kidd was traded to the New Jersey Nets. In his first season the Nets finished with 52-30 record, and one of his best seasons ever, which was so amazing that he finished second in MVP voting. The New Jersey Nets made the NBA finals in 01-02 season where they were swept by the Lakers. In 2005 -06 Air Canada had landed in New Jersey. Vince Carter unhappy with the teams results in Toronto he came to the Nets. Jason Kidd and Vince Carter became a dominant duo, and on April 7, 2007, the became the second teammates to record a triple double in the same game since Jordan and Pippen did it. Jason Kidd was amazing still getting triple doubles and still playing at a high level. Jason Kidd was traded back to where it all started in Dallas. The first two years back in Dallas the team was a contender and had all the pieces including Dirk Nowitzki. On November 12,2010 Jason Kidd through up an alley-oop dunk to Tyson Chandler which was his 11.000th assist. In the 2010-2011 Jason Kidd had accomplished what ever NBA player dreams of. He won the NBA Championship with the help of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry. J-Kidd and GP grew up together, played together, and learned together, and while it happened so did two new styles.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TheSportsBoys Training Program

Here at TheSportsBoys we have worked with a doctor and a couple other people to create a free way to get better at basketball, it may take time and effort but it will help in the long run.

Vertical Drills (2reps of 10 or 20)

• One leg jump and explode (left leg than right)
• Pyramid Squat Jumps
• Explosive leaps
• Jump Rope (it will build stamina, and leg strength)
• Wall sits

Ball Handling Drills (30secs to 1min) (push you self and pound the ball as hard as u can)

• Right hand half court dribble and back while head up (than do left hand)
• In and out cross over
• Between the legs in place
• Wall dribbling 1min left to right
• 2 balls pounding
• 2 balls one high one low
• 2 balls switching left to right
• 2 balls in and out
• 2 balls between the legs (if its hard do it slow until u get the rhythm )
• 1 ball forward and back (left to right)

Shooting Drills (after every drill, take 2 free throws)

• Warm up by form shooting (50 shots or more)
• Right and left elbows 20 shots, or make 20
• Choose 4 spots inside the 3 point line and shot 20 or make 20shots
• One dribble pull up 20 shots (left to right)
• Shot fake, than pull up 20 shots (left side than right)
• Get a chair and pretend it’s a screen, come off it and shot 20 shots (right to left)
• Top of the king jumper 20 shots
• Choose to sides and do step backs (choose places were you know you’ll shot in games)
• 4 spots outside the 3 point line shot 20 each
• End it with 10 free throws made ( After this drill you would of made a total of about 460 shots and you’ll shout about 500 shots or more )

To be an explosive jumper you need these, with all three you gain power, which is the fourth and final element of a high vertical, if you follow these exercises they should help and remember this will not work over night it will take time and effort.
These exercises work on all 3 of the first, you just need to apply them to get power.
Lunge Elbow Inside
 Knee Hug
Quad Walk
Fence Over Under

Foam Roller and Skipping Rope (Optional but helps)
With a foam roller stay on any points of pressure or pain for about 30 seconds, move to the next point then go back and roll slowly over the points, then do it once more (Foam roll the IT bands, the quads, and the calves)
Skip no more than 1500 skips a day but start at a minimum of 300
Work to stabilize the hips and knees which will help to strengthen your muscles, strengthen your core from shoulders to inner thighs.
Single leg circles (15 forward, 15 backwards, 15 back and forth, 15 left and right, and up and down)
Hip raises (Stand on a raised surface with one foot while raising and lowering your other foot)
Single leg squat (stand on a carpet or soft surface, balance on one leg and repeatedly squat 15 times, do another set but hold it for 25 seconds and add more every second day)
Biking Lie (lie on your back, tighten your abdomen and squeeze your back to the floor, then use your legs in a slow biking motion at a 90 degree angle, do as many as possible with the same amount each leg and add more every week)
The Hula (stands with a straight back and move your hips back and forth while squeezing your gluts 30 times)
Lying Hula (Lie down with knees bent and arms spread out while doing the same thing as last exercise)
Lying hamstring hula (same thing as before with legs moved further and heels dug into the ground)
Squats (No weight, squeeze gluts when you come back up, then do it with your hamstrings too, and then do another set getting on your tip toes when you reach the top, 25 each)
Lunges (Same thing)
Max Jumps (Stand in squat position swinging your hands up when you jump, make sure you jump as high as possible, landing softly and bending your knees back into squat position)
Lateral hop to max jump (same thing out of a lateral hop)
One leg catapult (Find a solid object like a stool, put one leg on jump over and land with your other leg on the other side of the object)

To improve quickness and agility, and your rebounding skills practice rim touches (jump and touch the rim with the ball, land as softly as possible then jump again)

? Vs ?: Rajon Rondo Vs Chris Paul

Career Average:

Rajon Rondo averages a career 11-4-8 while shooting 49% FG, 24% 3FG, and 62% FT he even adds two steals and only three turnovers, while Chris Paul averages a 19-10-5 while shooting 47% FG, 36% 3FG, 85% FT, grabs two steals and still only three turnovers, It's not hard to find out who has the better career average.

Career Average: Paul

Best Year:

Chris Paul has one of the greatest point guard seasons ever putting together a 23-6-11 50% FG 36% 3FG 87% FT 3 STL 3 TO, amazing... Rajon Rondo's best year, unlike Chris Paul's has just passed last year, his 11-4-11 pales in comparison to Paul's but when you add his 48% FG and 2 STL it's still a great all- star season, then you have to bring in his 23% 3FG, 57% FT and 3 turnovers and it's still all star quality and a good starting PG but not close to Paul's.

Best Year: Paul


Paul has the obvious upside in scoring with his higher efficiency and 8 point higher total, he can also score from inside and outside while Rondo's scoring is limited to layups, dunks and close range jumpers.

Scoring: Paul


Chris Paul has been an amazing passer since his intro to the league in 2005 while Rondo has blossomed into one of the leagues passers. Chris Paul carries his teams to win while turning overpaid under achievers into legitimate starters while Rajon Rondo has learned passing while passing to hall of famers, but now he's the one keeping them legitimate starters.

Passing: Tied


Chris Paul seems to be the better defensive player in stats, his steals are higher but Rajon Rondo is the best defensive point guard in the league with Jrue Holiday looming, he's a better defender on the jump shot, man to man and he doesn't back down to anyone, not to mention his defensive intensity and hustle, Chris Paul is good but Rondo is the best.

Defence: Rondo

Overall: Paul

Chris Paul won in a 3-1-1 fashion, taking the decision and star point guard role, he's also our pick for most pure point guard in the league.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Manroop Clair PT.1

Imagine taking 1000 shots... No making 1000 shots, well to Manroop Clair that's all in a day's work. Manroop makes shot's from all over the court, crazy angled three's, spin jumpers and windmill lay-ups. Before I rant on how good Manroop is check this out:

Well... What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, but finish reading the article first.

Manroop Clair is not only determined but talented, a good combo, he can hit the J from anywhere but also handle and penetrate. Manroop is a gifted scorer who showed it when averaging a cool 30 PPG in the AAU Vegas tourney this summer, he also is a better than average defender, I mean he's not Jared Cunningham or anything but he is capable of slowing down the other team's top scorer, which is good in a world where defenders just jump passing lanes. Manroop should be a threat no matter where in the world he plays, yet because he was a prospect of Canada he was somewhat unknown before his showing this summer... He's now located at La Jolla Prep in California which should help get his name out for college, that and the fact that he's going to be dripping all over the defence. Manroop is thinking ahead, and ready for the college game, he's ready to play any role and as long as he gets to play he'll be happy. Manroop is raw, his shooting and shooting arsenal are polished but his game is raw, that's why he is at La Jolla... By the time Manroop is on his way out he will be one of the best college prospects in Northern America. The biggest thing about Manroop right now is he is already a great player and his upside is huge! When you can beat people off the dribble, shoot from virtually anywhere and drop delicious dimes you won't have very much trouble on offence, and the "Roopster" definitely doesn't have offensive woes. Manroop is a better man to man defender than people credit him for, although stealing the ball isn't his speciality he can and as many know good defence doesn't make highlight reels, the thing Manroop needs to work on is rebounding, as a combo guard it's not the most important thing but it definitely comes in handy. If Manroop continues to ball and improve the way he has been we will see a great talent and an opportunity for Canadians and Indians all over the world.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jared Cunningham PT2

Jared Cunningham is back on TheSportsBoys... Now that the Pac-10 has changed around Jared Cunningham has a big chance at becoming an NCAA star, every year I go through my favorite team schedules and pick a few games I cannot miss and 11/29/11 is one of them, a chance to see Tony Wroten Jr (another TheSportsBoys favorite) and Jared Cunningham go at each other for 40 minutes. With a package that resembles Jason Richardson's;dunking, Derrick Rose' ballhandling, Rajon Rondo's defense, and Jason Richardson 's shooting stroke you can't dislike him, Bring his sheer talent into the league and you'll have an encyclopedia of different moves and a sensational amount of broken ankles. Jared has been helping OSU become relevant ever since his first day here, when I asked him about it today he had this to say:

"I just want to thank everyone for the support and I'm glad to be a beaver at OSU. This year will be exciting, So we want everyone to represent beaver nation world wide"

Perhaps one of the best descriptions of Jared is a comment by an anonymous reader on Jared Cunningham's first article here: Jared's strength is his athleticism which makes him scary in the passing lanes and open court. He definitely needs to improve on his fundamentals such as ball handling and his passing. But how many NBA players that are being drafted posses these skills already? A very small percentage. Jared is athletic as Westbrook but not as good off the dribble BUT HIS POTENTIAL IS THROUGH THE ROOF AS A RUSSELL WESTBROOK"

Jared has enough speed to be a top notch point guard, and melt opponents off the dribble, if you see him... they just turn soft like melted butter, then they worry about getting crossed the rest off the game and he scores on them like nothing. He attacks the rim like no point since Kevin Johnson and matches the top SG's like T-Mac and Vince in their prime, and again like Jason Richardson has a nice scoring touch, when Jared steps on the court you know he's gonna give his all. He's a pest when you try to play him because he does anything and everything you hate but people seem to sleep on him, when someone has a package that consists of Rajon Rondo,  Derrick Rose, and Jason Richardson people will like him, the question is when will they notice he is a monster... My guess is this is the year Jared Cunningham and the Oregon State Beavers become a force in college hoops, and you know his draft stock becomes at least lottery.
Jared Cunningham you and the Beavers always have TheSportsBoys support.

Follow Jared Cunningham on Twitter at @J1Flight
TheGlove_20 @TheGlove_20
Vinsanity_15 @TheSportsBoy15

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Madden 12 Custom Covers

Jacquizz was the last cover I finished before losing my programs so I will get on the others ASAP, but I can't find a workable picture of Tyrod Taylor, any comments will be made ASAP.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


47: Hal Greer: Is one of the first players to change the game. One of the fastest players to every step foot on the court. He intrigued opposing players with his scoring ability and defense.

46: Nate Thurmond: Nate "The Great" what else could be said he was the complete package.

45: Dave DeBusschere: Dave DeBusschere was the toughest of them all, a rugged center who would do whatever it took to win. His toughness and grit made him respected by his peers and it brought him to our number 45 spot!

44: Willis Reed: One of the All-Time greats who was a hard worker and a determined player with excellent shooting skills. It was unfortunate that his career was cut short due injury, otherwise who know what he could have done.

Tony Wroten Jr Mix 2

I've been working on mixes but my madden cover software isn't working so I can't do those, but the mixes are coming along and very soon we should have a Gary Payton one.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Team Photos



48: Paul Pierce

The Modern Celtic and "The Truth" Paul Pierce has been through alot and showed it throughout his career. He's one of the toughest to play the game and what every NBA player should hope to be, but there are two people that should write about Pierce, one is Bill Simmons and one is our own Vinsanity_15.
Take it away bro...

Paul Pierce is one of the all time greats, with his great scoring ability and excellent defense he has been able to perform in late game situations time after time, Paul Pierce is "The Truth", a nickname given too him by Shaquille O'Neal in 2001. Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics have made the finals twice in the last five years winning once in 2008 and losing to the Lakers in 2010, Pierce now in his later years still is an All-Star who is able to deliver clutch performances every time he's on the court.Pierce from the very beginning was a star, he was put into the Boston team team that was failing, and was able too bring the team back to a finals contender,with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett coming to the Celtics in the summer of 2007 the team had climbed back on top, they won the Championship in 2008 cementing there greatness. Pierce is still a major threat, but now with younger and faster stars like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and other teams like the Heat and Knicks making their own big three's. The Celtics look like they are slowly coming down, Paul Pierce at 48 is a great spot, it puts hims right with the very best which he deserves, Paul Pierce is a for sure going into the Hall of Fame and TheSportsBoys would bet money on it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Terrence Willams PT2

Terrence Williams, T-WiLL has officially shown us what he can do, his work ethic is unbelievable, his athleticism is off the charts, and his court vision and passing are what you see with great PG's. Now let's talk about why Terrence is ''The Next Big Thing''. Check out Terrence's dunking, his in air body control is Jordanesque, he can draw fouls and he'll also jump clear over you, but his passung is sick too. T-WiLL's vision is unbelievable Terrence Williams, T-WiLL has officially shown us what he can do, his work ethic is unbelievable, his athleticism is off the charts, and his court vision and passing are what you see with great PG's. Now let's talk about why Terrence is ''The Next Big Thing''. Check out Terrence's dunking, his in air body control is Jordanesque, he can draw fouls and he'll also jump clear over you, but his passung is sick too. T-WiLL's vision is unbelievable if he is utilized in a passing role we will see him blossom into his eff you mode self and drop triple doubles when he's bored! I also need to tell you about his work ethic, which this summer has had some light shed on it, he's a workaholic, T-WiLL is full of talent and intangibles, he is great, a little inconsistent but i haven't seen him play in while, his jumper has been gettinf he is utilized in a passing role we will see him blossom into his eff you mode self and drop triple doubles when he's bored! I also need to tell you about his work ethic, which this summer has had some light shed on it, he's a workaholic, T-WiLL is full of talent and intangibles, he is great, a little inconsistent but i haven't seen him play in while, his jumper has been getting better since his 1st day i the league he's been getting more and more consistent and he's never content (in a good way)! T-WiLL is a role model for youth nowadays, he's forgiving, skilled, talented, poor, hungry, and driven T-WiLL has a PHD in Hoops and he's continuing to grow, T-WiLL is like a rollercoaster he's had his ups and downs but at the end its all good!g better since his 1st day i the league he's been getting more and more consistent and he's never content (in a good way)! T-WiLL is a role model for youth nowadays, he's forgiving, skilled, talented, poor, hungry, and driven T-WiLL has a PHD in Hoops and he's continuing to grow, T-WiLL is like a rollercoaster he's had his ups and downs but at the end its all good!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Michael from the Footlocker in Planet Hollywood and Jordan P from the Nike at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North, two more cool guys that prove the stereotypes of america wrong, but they showed me some other stuff, like the Deion Sanders kicks with the white fire on the black shoe and the Griffey's, no one sells the black and turtquoise joint in a size 14 though. Well I watned to let Jordan and Michael know two things:\
Jordan P: I got the Black and Bronze Flightposite II's, and John Wall will be better than Derrick Rose.
Michael: Man you got some sweet taste for kicks and we need the black and turquoise Griffey's, badly!
By the way, Hit me up on twitter @TheGlove_20 kickin' it in my Payton, Miller and Wall jersey's in Las Vegas!