Sunday, September 18, 2011

? Vs ?: Rajon Rondo Vs Chris Paul

Career Average:

Rajon Rondo averages a career 11-4-8 while shooting 49% FG, 24% 3FG, and 62% FT he even adds two steals and only three turnovers, while Chris Paul averages a 19-10-5 while shooting 47% FG, 36% 3FG, 85% FT, grabs two steals and still only three turnovers, It's not hard to find out who has the better career average.

Career Average: Paul

Best Year:

Chris Paul has one of the greatest point guard seasons ever putting together a 23-6-11 50% FG 36% 3FG 87% FT 3 STL 3 TO, amazing... Rajon Rondo's best year, unlike Chris Paul's has just passed last year, his 11-4-11 pales in comparison to Paul's but when you add his 48% FG and 2 STL it's still a great all- star season, then you have to bring in his 23% 3FG, 57% FT and 3 turnovers and it's still all star quality and a good starting PG but not close to Paul's.

Best Year: Paul


Paul has the obvious upside in scoring with his higher efficiency and 8 point higher total, he can also score from inside and outside while Rondo's scoring is limited to layups, dunks and close range jumpers.

Scoring: Paul


Chris Paul has been an amazing passer since his intro to the league in 2005 while Rondo has blossomed into one of the leagues passers. Chris Paul carries his teams to win while turning overpaid under achievers into legitimate starters while Rajon Rondo has learned passing while passing to hall of famers, but now he's the one keeping them legitimate starters.

Passing: Tied


Chris Paul seems to be the better defensive player in stats, his steals are higher but Rajon Rondo is the best defensive point guard in the league with Jrue Holiday looming, he's a better defender on the jump shot, man to man and he doesn't back down to anyone, not to mention his defensive intensity and hustle, Chris Paul is good but Rondo is the best.

Defence: Rondo

Overall: Paul

Chris Paul won in a 3-1-1 fashion, taking the decision and star point guard role, he's also our pick for most pure point guard in the league.

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