Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jared Cunningham PT2

Jared Cunningham is back on TheSportsBoys... Now that the Pac-10 has changed around Jared Cunningham has a big chance at becoming an NCAA star, every year I go through my favorite team schedules and pick a few games I cannot miss and 11/29/11 is one of them, a chance to see Tony Wroten Jr (another TheSportsBoys favorite) and Jared Cunningham go at each other for 40 minutes. With a package that resembles Jason Richardson's;dunking, Derrick Rose' ballhandling, Rajon Rondo's defense, and Jason Richardson 's shooting stroke you can't dislike him, Bring his sheer talent into the league and you'll have an encyclopedia of different moves and a sensational amount of broken ankles. Jared has been helping OSU become relevant ever since his first day here, when I asked him about it today he had this to say:

"I just want to thank everyone for the support and I'm glad to be a beaver at OSU. This year will be exciting, So we want everyone to represent beaver nation world wide"

Perhaps one of the best descriptions of Jared is a comment by an anonymous reader on Jared Cunningham's first article here: Jared's strength is his athleticism which makes him scary in the passing lanes and open court. He definitely needs to improve on his fundamentals such as ball handling and his passing. But how many NBA players that are being drafted posses these skills already? A very small percentage. Jared is athletic as Westbrook but not as good off the dribble BUT HIS POTENTIAL IS THROUGH THE ROOF AS A RUSSELL WESTBROOK"

Jared has enough speed to be a top notch point guard, and melt opponents off the dribble, if you see him... they just turn soft like melted butter, then they worry about getting crossed the rest off the game and he scores on them like nothing. He attacks the rim like no point since Kevin Johnson and matches the top SG's like T-Mac and Vince in their prime, and again like Jason Richardson has a nice scoring touch, when Jared steps on the court you know he's gonna give his all. He's a pest when you try to play him because he does anything and everything you hate but people seem to sleep on him, when someone has a package that consists of Rajon Rondo,  Derrick Rose, and Jason Richardson people will like him, the question is when will they notice he is a monster... My guess is this is the year Jared Cunningham and the Oregon State Beavers become a force in college hoops, and you know his draft stock becomes at least lottery.
Jared Cunningham you and the Beavers always have TheSportsBoys support.

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he will be lottery but iono bout osu becoming a force