Sunday, September 18, 2011

TheSportsBoys Training Program

Here at TheSportsBoys we have worked with a doctor and a couple other people to create a free way to get better at basketball, it may take time and effort but it will help in the long run.

Vertical Drills (2reps of 10 or 20)

• One leg jump and explode (left leg than right)
• Pyramid Squat Jumps
• Explosive leaps
• Jump Rope (it will build stamina, and leg strength)
• Wall sits

Ball Handling Drills (30secs to 1min) (push you self and pound the ball as hard as u can)

• Right hand half court dribble and back while head up (than do left hand)
• In and out cross over
• Between the legs in place
• Wall dribbling 1min left to right
• 2 balls pounding
• 2 balls one high one low
• 2 balls switching left to right
• 2 balls in and out
• 2 balls between the legs (if its hard do it slow until u get the rhythm )
• 1 ball forward and back (left to right)

Shooting Drills (after every drill, take 2 free throws)

• Warm up by form shooting (50 shots or more)
• Right and left elbows 20 shots, or make 20
• Choose 4 spots inside the 3 point line and shot 20 or make 20shots
• One dribble pull up 20 shots (left to right)
• Shot fake, than pull up 20 shots (left side than right)
• Get a chair and pretend it’s a screen, come off it and shot 20 shots (right to left)
• Top of the king jumper 20 shots
• Choose to sides and do step backs (choose places were you know you’ll shot in games)
• 4 spots outside the 3 point line shot 20 each
• End it with 10 free throws made ( After this drill you would of made a total of about 460 shots and you’ll shout about 500 shots or more )

To be an explosive jumper you need these, with all three you gain power, which is the fourth and final element of a high vertical, if you follow these exercises they should help and remember this will not work over night it will take time and effort.
These exercises work on all 3 of the first, you just need to apply them to get power.
Lunge Elbow Inside
 Knee Hug
Quad Walk
Fence Over Under

Foam Roller and Skipping Rope (Optional but helps)
With a foam roller stay on any points of pressure or pain for about 30 seconds, move to the next point then go back and roll slowly over the points, then do it once more (Foam roll the IT bands, the quads, and the calves)
Skip no more than 1500 skips a day but start at a minimum of 300
Work to stabilize the hips and knees which will help to strengthen your muscles, strengthen your core from shoulders to inner thighs.
Single leg circles (15 forward, 15 backwards, 15 back and forth, 15 left and right, and up and down)
Hip raises (Stand on a raised surface with one foot while raising and lowering your other foot)
Single leg squat (stand on a carpet or soft surface, balance on one leg and repeatedly squat 15 times, do another set but hold it for 25 seconds and add more every second day)
Biking Lie (lie on your back, tighten your abdomen and squeeze your back to the floor, then use your legs in a slow biking motion at a 90 degree angle, do as many as possible with the same amount each leg and add more every week)
The Hula (stands with a straight back and move your hips back and forth while squeezing your gluts 30 times)
Lying Hula (Lie down with knees bent and arms spread out while doing the same thing as last exercise)
Lying hamstring hula (same thing as before with legs moved further and heels dug into the ground)
Squats (No weight, squeeze gluts when you come back up, then do it with your hamstrings too, and then do another set getting on your tip toes when you reach the top, 25 each)
Lunges (Same thing)
Max Jumps (Stand in squat position swinging your hands up when you jump, make sure you jump as high as possible, landing softly and bending your knees back into squat position)
Lateral hop to max jump (same thing out of a lateral hop)
One leg catapult (Find a solid object like a stool, put one leg on jump over and land with your other leg on the other side of the object)

To improve quickness and agility, and your rebounding skills practice rim touches (jump and touch the rim with the ball, land as softly as possible then jump again)

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