Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fresh Jam: Flava In Ya Ear

Christmas deserves two fresh jams!
Happy Birthday Jesus! Keep it poppin' up there big homie!

Merry XMas!

Merry Christmas! 
Stay tuned as a new article on the best point guards will come out today!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Tyler Seguin

Undoubtedly, We witnessed a star in the making during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Possibly the best finisher and offensive player the bruins have, a good defensive player, a versatile player who can play the wing or center, and the best wrist shot in the NHL! You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Another one?
and possibly the best wrist shot since "Super" Joe Sakic retired!
Seguin unleashes rocket wristers all the time, his team shoots more and a higher percentage when he's on the ice. Seguin is blooming into one of the best players in the league, in fact he is already one of the best young player in the league. Seguin is on pace for 40 goals and 41 assists according to the adjusted stats at, and here at The Sports Boys we think Tyler Seguin can become a 40-50 goal scorer consistently putting up 30+ goal seasons. Seguin fits into a group of young stars dubbed as "The Next  Joe Sakic/Steve Yzerman" but in his case it may happen (being frustrated with Kyle Turris not living up to Sakic comparisons it brings me joy to see that Seguin may actually become the next Sakic). Tyler Seguin is great, and becoming the next NHL star at only 19 years of age! So watch out for Tyler Seguin to be an Art Ross, Hart, Pearson and Rocket Richard trophy candidate for the rest of his NHL prime! Seguin is a budding star and one of The Sports Boys favorites (You know other than Vinsanity_15 whos still mad Seguin and the Boston Bruins murdered the Vancouver Canucks)!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brandon Roy's Retirement

Why? TheSportsBoys were hoping this would be Roy's year to come back, but instead... Brandon Roy retired, He was fun to watch, before his knees he could do everything good and a few things great (crossover, finger-roll, cram it down with surprising strength, etc) but when his knees struck he lost some of his speed and quickness which made him so special, and his vertical was cut drastically taking away his throwdown ability, I will miss Brandon Roy, and he will forever go down as one of TheSportsBoys Favorites!

We have provided you with plenty of Brandon Roy heroics below! (Including his 52 point performance and what should be an ESPM Classic, his historic comeback in game four of the first round last year against the Mavericks)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


28: Rick Barry: One of the meanest and most unlikeable guys in the history of the game was also one of the greatest passing forwards ever (second best to be exact), a crafty defender, a granny shot free throw shooter, a world class shooter, an NBA HOFer, NBA Champion, who made everyone on his team better, able too score as well as anyone, before his time shooter, basically if he had been a good guy, we could have seen a top 20 player ever... atleast.

27: John Havlicek: Hondo was an excellent player,who could play three positions, guard almost anyone, he had speed and ran. No, he RAN! Hondo ran like Forrest Gump, no one could ever keep up, I'm too young to see Hondo play other than highlights but in the words of (yet again) Bill Simmons: "...He has the endurance of a Kenyan marothoner. Nobody can keep up. He runs and runs and runs." Hondo was never tired, he hustled to every loose ball, rebound and open shooter. That's the thing about Hondo he hustled, Hondo did everything possible, Hondo scored, was an NBA Finals MVP, passed, defended, rebounded, if there was anything Hondo didn't do let me know! Hondo was a great, and you cannot stress it enough.

30: Patrick Ewing

     Patrick Ewing was supposed to be much more than a player, Ewing was supposed to be an era! Many thought Ewing was set to become an evolutionary Russell (like David Robinson was poised to be), a center capable of wreaking havoc on the defensive end as well as the boards. It  never happened... Ewing was a defensive force in his day but nothing compared to Russell, Ewing had a good mid range J, great D, was great on the boards, but never the passer or competitor Russell was. When everyone realized that Ewing was never going to own the league those damn New Yorkers thought it was still going to happen!

     When Patrick Ewing perfected his game as a leader it was a little too late, his athleticism had eroded due to bad knees, but when Pat Riley came to town and turned the New York Knicks into the Boston Bruins of the NBA he almost salvaged Ewing's "Superstar" career. Ewing's limits were hidden by Pat Riley's excellent coaching, NY went to the finals behind Ewing's 22-20-7 and 5 blocks in game seven. Ewing was a powerhouse in many ways (defense, shooting, strength), but a wimpy shack in many others (boards, post game, passing). Ewing hasn't endured duo to a couple reasons, including the fact that he had almost zero charisma, had pitfalls (bad hands, could not pass out of doubles, not aware on the boards, couldn't make his teammates better, and especially his crunch time woes). The thing about Ewing is he reached the finals which was supposed to be his time to shine, but it didn't happen, Hakeem absolutely dismantled Ewing, he put him on a shelf!

On the other hand Ewing was a center you could definitely build a contender around (which NY was), and he would have won a ring if you gave him Reggie Miller for his career instead of John Starks (Maybe even Mitch Richmond!). in the words of the most relevant sportswriter of my lifetime (Bill Simmons) "We'll remember Ewing as a second banana masquerading as a first banana, even if Knicks fans never wanted to admit it at the time. Now they do."

29: Walt Frazier

Walt "Clyde" Frazier, one of the greatest point guards ever, one of  the most eccentric players ever and one of the coolest players to lace them up. Walt Frazier was a terrific all around player who seemed to get any shot he wanted, whether he backed his opponent wherever he wanted them, crossed them up or just straight blew past them. Walt had a post game that will go down in history, he repeatedly back and opponent from the free throw line to the free throw line, turned and hit the fade-away over them (his signature move that later became the signature move of another excelling defending, superb offensive player and fantastic rebounder... Gary Payton. Hmm...). Walt was one of the most clutch guards ever, one of the greatest defending guards ever (you'll see what number when we release our list). He could steal whenever he felt like it, board as well as any 1 ever and had a work ethic that was almost unmatched in his era. Clyde was in the words of Bill Simmons a "crowd killer", someone you could count on to shut the crowd up regularly. When Clyde played, you knew he had style, you knew how many points he scored (even if you didn't want to) because of the way he scored them. He lived, breathed and ate Manhattan, you could tell when he got out of his Rolls Royce wearing a mink coat that was bushier than his muttonchops. Clydee played in the perfect time for his style, he dropped buckets on unsusecting defenders and created one of the greatest ESPN Classics of all time (1970 NBA Finals, Game 7) and was a basketball ninja.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


32: David Robinson:
Possibly the smartest NBA player ever. Robinson had perfect physique, amazing defensive instincts, agility and quickness of a forward, the footwork of a Brazilian soccer player and the hand eye of a Russian hockey player. What more do you want? Robinson over thought things though, and he was too nice to develop the cutthroat attitude of many NBA greats. Robinson is an amazing second banana and can do almost anything you ask!

31: Dave Cowens:
Cowens played every game like it was his last, leaving everything on the floor. He dove for every loose ball, fighting, crashing the boards around three other guys, battling bigger centers and doing whatever it took to win. He was a clutch performer who cared a little more than everyone else and it helped him win an MVP and our 31st spot.

Monday, November 28, 2011

33: George Gervin

George “The Iceman“ Gervin, one of the greatest players ever and top five on our top ten perimeter scorers list gets his points quietly throughout the whole game, rarely having one of those "Oh no! He's catching fire!" moments. Gervin was a 6'8'' 180 pound swing-man. He had one of the most accurate bankers ever, the ability to beat anyone off the dribble and a finger roll that gives me chills when I see it. Gervin missed out when the broken bank Virginia Squires sold Julius Erving to the Nets, had George Gervin and Julius Erving played together the “Iceman“ would have won multiple rings, they would have been the coolest team ever... and no one would be able to match up with them. Gervin nicknamed the “Iceman“ is nothing less than my number two choice on the list of greatest perimeter scorers ever, he scored with remarkable efficiency and put up these astonishing numbers: 25.1 PPG on 54% FG and 84% FT over his career. While Gervin was a very uninspired defender he was good when he wanted to be, other knocks on him would be the fact he cared more about scoring titles and money than winning championships. “Iceman“ was not a great clutch player but he was a SCORING MACHINE!!! Gervin was absolutely magical to watch sinking his everlastingly beautiful finger roll from right under the hoop to around 18 feet. Gervin won three scoring titles in a row and four overall... If that is not the mark of a great scorer I do not know what is. Gervin has inspired many, most notably Gary Payton, and in the words of the “Glove“ himself “He was just so saucy!“

Fresh Jam: He Got Game


37: Bill Walton: Walton was a championship calibre center who could pass, rebound and block with the best of them. As many have said, the peak of Walton is worth a career of almost any other center

36: George Mikan: A monster in the fifties who could not be stopped my any of his peers, hard to find out where he'd be now because of the lack of a shot clock. George was the original great, a guy who could rebound, score and defend with ease even passed better than average.

35: Sam Jones: Sam is one of the greats, he could have been the number 1 guy on any team but stayed to win for his team, Sam was also one of the most clutch players ever, he could be in a down game and still bank the game winner.

34: Kevin Mchale: Kevin McHale had an arsenal of post moves, the best way to describe it is like Bill Simmons fast food allusion, in my opinion McHale was the KFC, great moves and a huge selection.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

38: Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Tyrone Wade was the fifth pick in the loaded 2003 NBA draft. Dwyane should have been selected lower than the likes of Darko Milicic. Wade is possibly the leagues best all around player and has been great since his rookie year. Dwyane lead the Heat to a 42-40 season and a playoff berth that was extended to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. In Wade's sophomore season (dubbed as the hardest by some) he improved from a 16-4-5 on 48% shooting to a 24-5-7 and even improving his field goal percentage by one and All-NBA and All Defensive second teams. In year two with the help of newly acquired Shaquillle O'Neal the heat improved by seventeen wins, and swept the New Jersey Nets and Washington Wizards before being defeated by the Detroit Pistons in seven games. Had Wade been healthy against Detroit that may have swung the results. By his third year Dwyane Wade had become one of the brightest burning stars in the NBA, He improved his numbers yet again throwing together a 27-6-7 on 50% shooting. He then became known as a great playoff powerhouse when he brushed off a severe knee bruise and a few other injuries to chew up and spit out the Chicago Bulls, after that he moved on to devour the same Detroit Pistons that bounced him from the playoffs the year before (even though they did not look the same). After that Wade, Shaq and co. went to the NBA Finals and thrashed Dallas, In games three, four and five Wade dropped 42, 36 and 43. In game six Dwyane Wade was the center of Dallas' defensive scheme which lead to Gary Payton hitting a clutch mid range jumper that won the game and a blocked alley oop by Wade to seal the Mavs fate. Wade became the fifth youngest player to ever win the Finals MVP, wrapped up the third highest Finals scoring average ever having 34.7 PPG.

     In 2007 "Flash" took a a beating every game, leading to NBA fans hoping it wouldn't be Penny Hardaway all over again. "Flash" missed a total of thirty one games but still capturing All-NBA and All-Star honors (The only other to complete this feat was "Pistol" Pete Maravich in 1977-78). Wade was sidelined with a major  shoulder injury, when asked whether he would undergo surgery or rehabilitate it, Wade chose to rehab. Wade had a stellar season putting together a 27-5-8 on 50% FG adding two steals in the process, Dwyane "Flash" Wade also lead the league in player efficiency rating. No easy feat! In the playoffs Wade averaged a 24-5-6 while being swept by the Chicago Bulls. In the off-season Wade went through surgery to repair his left shoulder and left knee in which he suffered "Jumper's Knee" forcing him to meet USA  Basketball's qualifying tournament that summer.

     After going through rehab Dwyane Wade returned more effective than ever before, He returned from the US Olympic team after leadding it in scoring. Early in the year Dwyane Wade became the second player in NBA history to puta 40 point, 10 assist and 5 block game in the books (The other was Alan Adams back in 1976-77). Wade set a record this season when he became the first player to ever record atleast two grand in the point department, five centuries in the assist box, a bill's worth of steals, and the same amount of steals, he also became the first player under 6'5'' to record 100 blocks in a season. Wade chewed up the Charlotte Bobcats to clinch a playoff spot for the Heat. "Flash" scored a career high 55 against the New York Knicks in a 122-105 W, He finished that season with a red hot 30.2 PPG, threw together a sick 7.5 AST, 5 REB, 2.2 STL, and 1.3 BLK. He finished atleast a point, assist, steal or rebound higher than either Kobe or LeBron but somehow both finished higher in the MVP race (he was fleeced!).

    During his 2010 campaign Wade scored his 10,000th point against the Chicago Bulls, Wade was also the All-Star MVP, and hit many clutch shots. Wade averaged a 27-5-7 on 48% shooting, He recorded a career high playoff score of 46 points, Despite averaging 33 PPG the Heat lost to the Celtics. On July 7 it was announced that Wade would come back, and bring LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The "Heatles" reached the NBA Finals... Only to have their fire stomped out by Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. 

So their you have Wade's career, but I couldn't show you the fact that Wade took  Iverson beatings and still played, he scored with defender draped all over him. He plays great defense with commitment to all aspects of the game and still managed to score 30 PPG (something T-Mac never accomplished) and did everything needed to be one of the greats! Wade has his ring and his skills, He's a top forty all time!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

In My Opinion: Best Point Guards Today (preview)

In light of the NBA lockout coming back I decided to hit you with a preview of something to come soon!

Best Defensive Point Guards

10. Mike Conley
Conley is a hard nosed defender, very pesky, and also very gritty, there's not much to say about Conley's D other than it's good, he plays defense traditionally, but its better than most of the league.

9. Chauncey Billups
Chauncey uses his size to keep opposing PG's out of the paint while still reacting quickly to affect all the shots he can.

8. Jason Kidd
J-Kidd is a great defender in all aspects, he can defend jumpers, lay-ups, drives (except he is getting slower and abused by some quicker guards) and hustles a lot.

7. Deron Williams
A traditional defender who does it very well, especially using his strength to keep opposing guards wherever he wants them.

6. Chris Paul
The master thief is also a very pesky defender, though he is not the best defending the J he can keep people to the outside pretty easily.

5. John Wall
Possibly the best blocking point-man in the league, has great speed and a great wingspan to help him defend, If his team was better at defending he could most likely be top three on the defensive end.

4. Derrick Rose
Not the best when it comes to stealing the ball but Rose is the product of a great defensive scheme, his scheme shows his great man to man defense while helping him in case he gets burned.

3. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook is a better man to man defender than almost every point in the league who can defend all shots, drives, catch up to someone if he gets burned while using strength and everything he has got to improve his d.

2. Jrue Holiday
A relentless man to man defender who always leaves everything he has on the floor when defending the opposing player. Jrue has blistering speed and quickness when it come to his reflexes and reactions, he also has great length, good weight and many ways to stop you. The one reason he isn't topping this list is his his team defense is not as good as the number one selection.

1. Rajon Rondo
Rondo has been a good defender since his less than stellar debut in the L. His man to man d has become the best of any PG, his reactions and anticipation are top notch and he has speed and quickness not possessed by number two Jrue Holiday. He has length that is unmatched, and good size overall, He tops Baby Glove by having the best team defense other than Derrick Rose.

Fresh Jam: Who Killed Hip-Hop?

Joe is on point and one of the greats!

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Fresh Jam: Pursuit Of Happiness

Kid Cudi is gonna be one of the greats, he has his ownh style... I still can't tell if he's singing or rapping!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fresh Jam: Walk With Me

Joe Budden is one of the greats and explains how the people on top feel in this track.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fresh Jam: It's My Turn

It's his turn, Dee-1 is a great rapper who is underrated, this song shows his skill and is one of my favorites!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fresh Jam: Livin' It Up ft. Case

I didn't really like Ja Rule as a kid but this track was then and always will be bananas!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fresh Jam: The City ft. Kendrick Lamar

Another new school banger, the beat is sick, Game goes hard, and Kendrick Lamar goes so berserk I couldn't even tell the beat stopped!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresh Jam: Last Hope

X is Back... Hopefully for real this time...

Fresh Jam: Ain't No Sunshine

DMX, one of the greatest. X is my favorite rapper and has been ever since I was a little kid, his old stuff reigns supreme over any rapper nowadays (other than Nas, I vote a tie between these two) and he needs to make a comeback. So let's hope he sees this and it sparks some nostalgia.

I put this at 11:11 for the hell of it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fresh Jam: Cole World

The first relatively new song on the site is sick, so all you new school haters (I like the older rap way mroe to but this song goes hard) J. Cole will be a great when all is said and done.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fresh Jam: Ride Wit Me

Reminds me of the old days chillin' with friends, great song that will be a hit forever!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fresh Jam: Slam

Slam is one of the greatest songs to ball to, it seemed to work with the site!

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Fresh Jam: Nas Is Like

That's right I brought out the last big gun I own with this one. Nas is like freedom or death, he's a rebel, His poetry is deep, he never fell, Nas is like half man half amazing, no doubt.
Nas is nothing less than top ten rappers all time material, Nas week is over and I'm going to miss it. If you didn't enjoy Nas week you either:
A) Don't like rap
B) You're Jay-Z
C) You don't know your rap or hip-hop
D) Your crazy

We're out like those stupid endings of the dime posts.
(Jokes I love those things)

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Fresh Jam: Ether

You knew it was comin' right? You knew it was gonna happen right? It was supposed to end the week right? Well truth is I have a different song in mind to end the week so we busted Ether out a little earlier than most people thought! Ether is probably the greatest diss track ever (depending on what you think of Real Motherf***ing G's) and even led to me and my friends saying he got ethered when someone gets cross or destroyed in a video game etc. Here it is, Ether

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Fresh Jam: Hate Me Now ft. Puff Daddy

Nas kills it, different style beat than everything so far but as they said "You can hate me now, but I won't stop now,"

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Fresh Jam: N.Y. State of Mind

Brilliant. raw, magnificent, street, all of these can be used to describe the great New York State of Mind. N.Y. State of Mind is what Empire State of Mind hopes it can be when it grows up (not to say I don't like ESOM).

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Fresh Jam: The Message

Nas is possibly the most versatile rapper ever, and by the time this week is over you'll know why! Even if Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five had the original in my humble opinion Nas had the greatest message...
Okay maybe it's not humble!

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Fresh Jam: Just A Moment ft. Quan

Well it's Nas week here on TheSportsBoys and for no real reason, it just seems that every year after halloween I listen to Nas for a week, it helps that he can't be stopped, so here is the lyrical miracle himself Nas!

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Fresh Jam: Throw Ya Gunz

Onyx... they had the freshest beats, and Sticky Fingaz was the reason I locked my doors at night.
Have a Happy Halloween from TheSportsBoys!

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Fresh Jam: Bucktown

Smif N Wessun hit you with a soft horn, hard snare and gritty vocals, a perfect combo

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Great Commercials

Just taking a trip!

Fresh Jam: Regulate

Regulate is a classic by the "King of Hooks" Nate Dogg and 213 legend Warren G.


You may have seen this on Dime or Slam but we just thought we'd recap for those of you that missed it!
or let's see some more!

Happy 16th Birthday:

Happy birthday Hasret from TheSportsBoys, have a good one bro and remember the gurdwara camp times?

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In My Opinion: Top 5 at Each Position


5. Evgeni Malkin:
   Evgeni Malkin's athletics and handling are eerily reminiscent to a young Alexei Kovalev while his scoring and play making seem to be better, Malkin can find the net when he wants to or find teammates whenever while still being a terror in passing lanes, Malkin has 423 points in 357 games when this post was written and if he stays healthy will remain among the NHL's elite.

4. Steven Stamkos:
   Stamkos is young and bursting with potential, however hes already one of the worlds best players. Stamkos' shooting and scoring are uncanny while still passing with great accuracy and playing great defense. Stamkos passion and physicality are with the best of them too, if it were not for a Stanley Cup win Stamkos might have even beat out Toews on our list. Hopefully Stamkos has a great career, the way it's going now he may even be up there with Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman one day, Here's to a bright future to one of the NHL's elite.

3. Jonathon Toews:
   When Toews first started I thought the number 19 would not be a smart choice for him, however he has proved me wrong over the past while. Toews does everything needed on the ice, make plays, score, and definitely win faceoffs but he also adds values with his great defensive play, His Stanley Cup, leadership and do-it-all-for-my-team skillset catapulted him over players who looked better on paper.

2. Pavel Datsyuk:
   Once again one of the top players in the NHL is Pavel Datsyuk.Datsyuk has amassed nine trophies over the years, four Lady Byngs, three Selkes and two Stanley Cups. Datsyuk is possibly the greatest puck-handler ever (along with Kovalev, Selanne, Sakic, Bure, Fedorov, Crosby, Bossy and Gretzky), to go along with the fact he may be one of the greatest defensive forwards and scorers. Datsyuk's 656 points in 669 games is great considering the fact he's 33 and shows no sign of slowing down.

1. Sidney Crosby:
   Sidney Crosby is one of the greatest players ever, but he's only 24. "Sid the Kid" has been hyped ever since he was a kid, but he has lived up to that hype and possibly overcame it. Crosby's vision and decision making skills are among greats like Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Peter Forsberg and Mario Lemieux, he is a once in a generation talent (somehow this generation got Ovechkin, Stamkos, Crosby and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins). Crosby's dropped 572 points in 412 games, along with being one of the top scorers in hockey history he's also up there in passing.

Left Wing

5. Milan Lucic:
   A bruising big man who can defend better than around 90% of forwards in the league, he snapped the nylon thirty times last season and seems like in a couple of year no one will be able to defend him. Lucic has great speed and amazing speed for his side and his physicality is a weapon that not many players can defend or match.

4. Patrick Marleau:
   Marleau is a great passer and a threat to score 30 goals any and every season, he might be the top reason the Sharks reached the WCF's twice, he had 73 points last year while helping to lead his team on and off the ice.

3. Daniel Sedin:
   Sedin is a marvelous passer and great goal scorer. Daniel's downfalls however may have caused his team the Stanley Cup last year, he is not physical at all, his defense is horrid and he lack of PK time are terrible. If Daniel can become more physical and defensive he could be top two in this category especially when his offense is good enough to place him at number three.

2. Henrik Zetterberg:
   Henrik is superb on both sides of the puck and seems like he may have one of the quickest releases in the game. Henrik could be "THE" guy almost anywhere other than Detroit but continues to take a backseat and help the Wings stay a contender. Henrik is a great role model and possibly one of the best leaders in hockey.

1. Alexander Ovechkin:
   Ovechkin embodies what the NHL should be, an all around beast that tries no matter how his team is playing. Ovie, the slick moved, physical specimen, and top all around player in the 'L', has amazing talent but somehow has not lead  his team to the Stanley Cup Finals, if however Ovie wins the cup by the time our Top 100 Hockey Players list comes out he may boost more than a couple of spots.

Right Wing

5. Phil Kessel:
   Kessel is possibly the best young sniping winger in the league (Stamkos is definitely the best young sniper), his defensive play is getting better every year and it seems like he can hit the 40 goal plateau that he is destined for, in fact he might reach 48 goals in my opinion.

4. Patrick Kane:
   Possibly the fastest skater in the league and also one of its premier goal scorer, he's an offensive threat and will only get better with all the talent surrounding him. His 311 points in 325 games is outstanding. 

3. Jarome Iginla:
   Iginla is one of the most consistent players in the league and doesn't seem to be slowing at age 34. He is possibly the best power forward in the NHL and is definitely one of the best forwards of the past decade. When Jarome Iginla is coming at you on the offensive end or defensive its like looking down the barrel of a nine millimeter, it sucks.

2. Martin St.Louis:
   St.Louis is one of the fastest skaters but his best trait is the fact that he leaves everything he has on the ice every time he leaves. MSL is a gifted scorer and terrific passer, but in someways he's a bizarro KG in the fact that you can't tell how great of a leader or player he would be if there was less talent around him.

1. Corey Perry:
   Although Corey Perry was not my pick for NHL MVP he is a 50 goal talent, great leader and pretty good defender, when Corey Perry is staring goalies down whether it be a breakaway, power play, even strength or shorthanded they're scared and you know it. With a package like that it's no wonder Corey Perry is the top right winger!


5. Drew Doughty:
   2011 may have been a down year but Doughty is already an amazing shutdown defender and big hitter, if I need a young defender to build my team around Drew Doughty would be one of, if not my top pick. Doughty also has better than average offensive abilities when on the ice.

4.  Duncan Keith:
   Duncan Keith is up there with Shea Weber as best man to man shut down defender in the 'L', He is a passionate leader that has not only won a Norris trophy but also a Stanley Cup in his short career. Keith is no slouch offensively either, his blue line shot is excellent and accurate too. Duncan Keith will stop you period.

3. Zdeno Chara:
   Chara has size, he knows how to use it... That's a nightmare for opposing offenses. Chara not only knows how to poke check, hit and intimidate his opponents, he also has the NHL's hardest slapshot. 

2. Nicklas Lidstrom:
   The 42 year old somehow finds a way to be a top D-man in the NHL every year. Lidstrom is second all time in Norris trophies won and has some of the best defensive hands ever. Lidstrom is no slouch when it comes to hitting, and his combo of vision, stick checking and skating make him go down as one of the greats.

1. Shea Weber:  
   The shutdown defense-men is the best all around D-man in the league, a captain and leader that embodies what his team stands for, and not to mention he should win more than a couple Norris trophies in his career. Shea Weber is also one of the most devastating hitters in the 'L'. Weber also owns the title as best man to man shutdown defender with Duncan Keith looming.


5. Ilya Bryzgalov
   Bryzgalov had a .921 save percentage last year and seems like he will improve that and all his other numbers with Philly this year, not to mention Bryzgalov can stone an player that comes at him.

4. Ryan Miller:
   Ryan is one of the best goaltenders and Americans in the NHL, he has been elite for a while and seems like he will bounce back this year, he can be a top guy no matter what his defense. 

3. Henrik Lundqvist:
   One of  the most consistent goalies ever, you always know what your going to get with Lundqvist, he is great all around and led the league in shutouts last year, he's still got some gas in the tank and will continue to be great in the crease.

2. Pekka Rinne:
   The quickest goalie and also one of the biggest, Rinne's glove comes second to none in the current NHL. His unorthodox style is reminiscent of a modern day Dominic Hasek (Obviously not as good though), he may one day be the NHL's best.

1. Tim Thomas:
   May not be the youngest goalie but moves very quickly when in need. The current Stanley Cup defender and one of the greatest goalies ever, not to mention underrated. He needs to be mentioned for having great moves in every aspect, but his biggest asset seems to be his legs, he block anything and almost everything with those babies.
Let us know what you think?