Saturday, November 26, 2011

In My Opinion: Best Point Guards Today (preview)

In light of the NBA lockout coming back I decided to hit you with a preview of something to come soon!

Best Defensive Point Guards

10. Mike Conley
Conley is a hard nosed defender, very pesky, and also very gritty, there's not much to say about Conley's D other than it's good, he plays defense traditionally, but its better than most of the league.

9. Chauncey Billups
Chauncey uses his size to keep opposing PG's out of the paint while still reacting quickly to affect all the shots he can.

8. Jason Kidd
J-Kidd is a great defender in all aspects, he can defend jumpers, lay-ups, drives (except he is getting slower and abused by some quicker guards) and hustles a lot.

7. Deron Williams
A traditional defender who does it very well, especially using his strength to keep opposing guards wherever he wants them.

6. Chris Paul
The master thief is also a very pesky defender, though he is not the best defending the J he can keep people to the outside pretty easily.

5. John Wall
Possibly the best blocking point-man in the league, has great speed and a great wingspan to help him defend, If his team was better at defending he could most likely be top three on the defensive end.

4. Derrick Rose
Not the best when it comes to stealing the ball but Rose is the product of a great defensive scheme, his scheme shows his great man to man defense while helping him in case he gets burned.

3. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook is a better man to man defender than almost every point in the league who can defend all shots, drives, catch up to someone if he gets burned while using strength and everything he has got to improve his d.

2. Jrue Holiday
A relentless man to man defender who always leaves everything he has on the floor when defending the opposing player. Jrue has blistering speed and quickness when it come to his reflexes and reactions, he also has great length, good weight and many ways to stop you. The one reason he isn't topping this list is his his team defense is not as good as the number one selection.

1. Rajon Rondo
Rondo has been a good defender since his less than stellar debut in the L. His man to man d has become the best of any PG, his reactions and anticipation are top notch and he has speed and quickness not possessed by number two Jrue Holiday. He has length that is unmatched, and good size overall, He tops Baby Glove by having the best team defense other than Derrick Rose.

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Anonymous said...

Good list. Wall should be higher, when hes hot he can stop anyone. but when hes cold hes still better than average and Andre Miller should replace Conley Jr.