Monday, November 28, 2011


37: Bill Walton: Walton was a championship calibre center who could pass, rebound and block with the best of them. As many have said, the peak of Walton is worth a career of almost any other center

36: George Mikan: A monster in the fifties who could not be stopped my any of his peers, hard to find out where he'd be now because of the lack of a shot clock. George was the original great, a guy who could rebound, score and defend with ease even passed better than average.

35: Sam Jones: Sam is one of the greats, he could have been the number 1 guy on any team but stayed to win for his team, Sam was also one of the most clutch players ever, he could be in a down game and still bank the game winner.

34: Kevin Mchale: Kevin McHale had an arsenal of post moves, the best way to describe it is like Bill Simmons fast food allusion, in my opinion McHale was the KFC, great moves and a huge selection.

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