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? Vs ?: Kevin Martin Vs Brandon Roy

Kevin Martin is  arguably the best slasher in the NBA, one of the top scorers in the NBA who handles with the best of them, and in my opinion a pretty good mirror of Brandon Roy.

Brandon Roy is an amazing scorer and one of the purest shooters in the league, doubles as a franchise player who is good for some clutch plays (well until his injury this year), and has the speed of an elite PG, the mirror image of Kevin Martin.

But the burning question, Who is better? Well we intend to find out just that, again I intend to give you all the information needed to find out.

Career Average:

Brandon Roy has averaged a 19-4-5 on 46% shooting during the 36 minutes per game he's averaged over his five year career so far, but on the other hand Kevin Martin's averaged a 19-4-2 on 45% shooting in 31 minutes per game over his seven year career. In five less minutes K-Mart has scored the same amount of points and rebounds but collected three less assists and shot one less percentile, K-Mart and B-Roy are similar here but the edge is sharper for B-Roy

Winner round 1: Brandon Roy

Per 36 Career average:

To get a better look at what's happening if they play the same amount of minutes per game, the numbers are changed a little, so let's see what happens. Brandon Roy averages the exact same 19-4-5 except adds 0.2 points while Kevin Martin averages a 21-4-2. Let's determine who does better: K-mart wins the points by 2 while Roy's extra 3 assists amount to at least 6 points. K-Mart may score better in this format, but B-Roy adds more to the scoreboard, again the edge is B-Roy's, I'm starting to think that it's serrated or something.

Winner round 2: Brandon Roy

Best year:

Brandon Roy and Kevin Martin have almost identical minutes in their best years so we'll skip the per 36,
Brandon Roy's 08-09 season set him as an all-star and one of the best players in the league, he brought you a 23-5-5 on 48% shooting and only two turnovers a game while playing 37 minutes per game.
Kevin Martin's 08-09 season also became his best when he brought you a 25-4-3 on 42% shooting and three turnovers a game, K-Mart filled the hoop more, but at what cost...
 K-Mart played one more minute than Roy and added two more points but also grabbed one less board and two less assists, Brandon Roy also left K-Mart in the dust on an efficiency level, he shot 6% higher while also turning the ball over less per game. Brandon Roy proves efficiency matters in this battle.

Winner round 3 Brandon Roy

B-Roy and K-Mart have many similarities and both contribute greatly to their teams, but in the end Roy's efficiency and teamwork knocked out K-Mart's very hard working scoring and well, scoring.

Winner by KO: Brandon Roy

K-Mart held his own and came close to beating Roy in all matches, but Roy's efficiency proved to be to much as it swayed all round's his way, with either of these players on your roster, you are sure to see highlights every single night.

Check Brandon Roy and Kevin Martin out next year to see some wow plays.

This has been TheGlove_20 and i'm saying peace out!

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57: Tommy Heinsohn: Tommy H was a Celtic through and through, he was also a whisky drinkng, cigar smoking star and that's how we should remember him... Jokes the thing we should remember him for most is his heart, he was never giving up while you were playing!

56: Dolph Schayes: Could score, but not at a high percentage, he was his generations average percentage guy, but was way above average in the rebounding category!

55: Elvin Hayes: The original "Mail Fraud" what more can be said

54: Billy Cunninham: A 6-6 center who filled the sheet up in scoring and rebounding, seems like almost everyone else here so far!

53: Bill Sharman: Sharman was a mean shooter with a mean free throw, his set shot was not stoppable and he lived as a Celtic, Sharman was wrongly criticized when he became an LA Lakers executive which taints peoples perception of his loyalties sometime, let's fix that.

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Vinsanity_15 in his first video!

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Evolution of PG's: PT. 1

Many of you may get annoyed with this, as it compares newer point guards to legends, many of you will say that was then this is now and many will say, the newer ones are better than the old. I'm stuck in the 90's, the day when people played defense, when defense didn't mean jumping a passing lane, when you played man to man, when they didn't need others to help them and when PG-PF duo's ruled the earth! Let's take you back and bring the comparisons from now and then to the light:

Deron Williams and John Stockton:
Deron and Stockton both were PG's for the Jazz who got dimes like they were falling out of a pinata.

Chris Paul and Isiah Thomas: 
Chris Paul nicknamed "Evolutionary Isiah" has been showing this even more lately putting up points only when his team needed them and raising his game in key situations. Chris Paul's clutch stats are of the charts and he is possibly the best point guard in the league, 

Rajon Rondo and Jason Kidd:
Rondo has the J-Kidd impression down perfectly; the defense, the passing, the layups, the handles, and the great rebounding, even down to the bad jumper.

Derrick Rose and Kevin Johnson:
Rose and KJ have very similar skills from the fact that both penetrated like none before or after to the fact that both turned their respective teams around in two years.

Russell Westbrook and Gary Payton:
West and GP are very similar in ways and not so similar in others, both were athletic but West  is more, both play D but GP is better (it's not even close actually), and while GP's assist number raised his turnovers did not Westbrook's assists have raised and he still racks up turnover like he's trying to set some sort of record. Russell Westbrook is also very dumb compared to GP.

Jrue Holiday and Gary Payton:
"Baby Glove" is probably a better comparison to GP than Westbrook as he is smarter with the ball, WANTS to stop the opposing players and ball handler and overall was a great GP replica.

Stephen Curry and Tim Hardaway:
The killer crossover and three-point shot come to mind right when you  think of either Curry or Hardaway, the similarities between the two are endless with their quick hands, 

Brandon Jennings and Allen Iverson:
Jennings and Iverson are very similar in frame scoring and everything else, just that Iverson was an SG, we'll make an exception.

Michael Conley and Chauncey Billups:
Big shot's happen while either one is on the floor especially when the team needs a three, Conley has become the next Big Shot Superstar, Hopefully Conley wins the big one too!

Now that you know some of the evolved species let's find out how they evolved:
The PG is like science, they adapted through rule changes, genetics and defenses.

PG's have gained strength but not weight, as evident by Deron Williams and Chris Paul compared to John Stockton and Isiah Thomas, They're able to penetrate easier due to rule changes implicated in the 2000's as implicated by Kevin Johnson and Derrick Rose moves being more effective now.
Now that we've learned the basics let's let you digest that and we'll bring this back in part two, which will be up in about 2 to 3 days!

Let us know your favorite point guard or any we missed in the comments below!

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The Sports Boys: New Age

The Sports Boys have started a new theme to go with a new age; Youtube, The Sports Boys are now on YouTube, 

The Next Big Thing: Tony Wroten Jr.

The unbelievable no-look pass by Tony Wroten Jr. That's what we'll be hearing if Tony and Coach Romar get along. Tony Wroten Jr. a 6'4'' PG from Renton Garfield HS in Seattle, WA, is a future star, if he fills his potential that is. Wroten is full of different skills and could easily be a one-and-done NBA lottery pick but if he stays, in a couple years Wroten could be the number 1 overall pick!

Wroten has the most potential I've seen in a recruit in a while, with work he could end up being the best PG in his class. Wroten has great range and a good jumper, he just needs consistency, his passing belies his age and possibly the age of everyone but Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. Wroten's draft and recruiting grades are featured at the end of the video. Wroten can do anything he wants if he fulfills his potential and he will if him and his team get along. He completes passes that are unbelievable but needs to tighten his grip on the orange, with a better team Wroten should become better in scoring and even lessen his turnover. Check out the video and let us know what you think. He can waste people in the post, destroy off the dribble and defend like Jrue Holiday, his fire to learn and improve his game will lead him to places... That may be the Final Four or that may be a win less season but let me tell you, I'm thinking it'll be the final four!

Check out the video and tell us what you think? Is he the next Gary Payton, Nick Van Exel or the next Troy Bell. You be the judge, many will say only god can decide... but I have confidence that Tony Wroten Jr can force fate!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Rashad Colbert PT.1

Where to start? Well maybe with the fact that he is atleast a Malcolm Lee type and skill level player, but for now let's get to know him shall we?

Rashad Colbert, a 5'11 160 pound PG could end up being All-Conference or even a Top-10 PG, Rashad is a Celtics and Rajon Rondo fan, who works to get what he deserves, the thing is he hasn't gotten it yet. He was seemingly under recruited due to lack of playing time throughout high school, It hasn't put him down though, Rashad plays with a chip on his shoulder that only increases his intensity and potential!

Rashad can ball, he uses his passion for the game as a fuel... It energizes him, Rashad drives, pulls up, spot shoots, and stop and pops with immense accuracy, the thing is he's just getting started. Rashad can move with or without the ball, and according to coach Matt Williams Rashad A.K.A. "Showtime" is a "tireless worker" If Rashad joins a team like UCLA, UCA (Conway), Washington or even Oregon State (not for style but rather to learn from defensive mastermind Jared Cunningham). Rashad can play combo guard if you want him too, but probably works best as a scoring PG, Tim Hardaway like, he can dish but would be best used as a scorer and PG pressure point, He could also be used effectively for steal in low post double teams. Rashad has a work habit and ethics combo that rivals the best of them and will no doubt keep growing, he has shown that as coach Matt Williams has also been quoted saying "When I first met Rashad, he was a talented, but un-coachable athlete.  Over the years I have witnessed his maturation first-hand. Now, he is very respectful of authority and seeks coaching and advice. He loves the game of basketball and everything about it."  Tell me you don't want that kind of guy in your system, and if you do your crazy. Rashad will turn into a star or at the very least Jamal Crawford, so pick him up while you still can, plus the kid's talent and potential are unbelievable.

Rashad should be put in an uptempo style of play, like UCLA, Washington or a dribble drive like many other colleges, coach Romar would create an unstoppable monster out of Rashad, but we'll get into that in PT.2

Getting to know Rashad is probably a good thing, then maybe when your playing him, he won't break your ankles with a cross. Recruiting Rashad is a better idea, then you won't have to deal with him ripping your heart out with daggers, or give you shivers when icing close games!

BTW Div. I is gonna be cake for Rashad!

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58. Bernard King

"Bahnard" King was 2011 NBA Playoffs Carmelo Anthony, except all the time! Hell he was 2010 NBA Playoffs all the time! Bernard King could score from anywhere on the court, his arsenal was filled with quality and quantity, perhaps Bernard's biggest asset was his quickness. Bernard had a first step rivaled only by David Thompson's, and a turnaround that caused nightmares! Bernard King was a player teams prepared for, but was still unstoppable, his turnaround was shot with the same intensity and speed on both sides, his pull-ups and stop and pops (to those of you unsure they are not the same) were the greatest of his era, he gave the art of two handed dunks CPR, making simple dunks look amazing, and his transition game that alone would have rivaled LeBron James and Dwyane Wade today! Bernard's career was tainted when he was stuck on a crappy Knicks team! If the only thing we took was apex's the top scorer's ever would be Michael Jordan, George Gervin, Shaquille O'Neal, Bernard King, Elgin BaylorAllen Iverson and Kobe Bryant (not exactly in that order). '84 Bernard King was unstoppable he took a championship Celtics team to game 7 with one of the crappiest supporting classes I've seen, David Thompson and Bernard King suffered similar fates, had either one come along in the "Say NO!" era we would be looking at top 30 players ever, maybe even top twenty but that's up for debate!


Monday, July 11, 2011


61: Bob McAdoo
Bob McAdoo was on the NBA's greatest scoring forwards/centers. Bob McAdoo had an arsenal of post moves. Bob McAdoo was the 1975 NBA MVP as a member of the Buffalo Braves. When Bob McAdoo was a member the Lakers he became an unselfish player and started to work as a team player.

60: Robert Parish
Robert Parish was generally a quiet player on the court, But his talent was not. Being seven foot one and two hundred and forty four pounds he was right in the mix of the best big men to run the court. Robert Parish was apart of the big three in Boston which included Larry Bird and Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Being part of the big three made Robert Parrish one of the most unselfish and greatest big man ever.

59: Paul Arizin
"Pitchin Paul" Arizin had one the best shooting form of all time. Paul did not try out for his high school basketball team until his senior year and unfortunately he did not make the team. He went to Villanova University. After a lot of hard work he made the team as sophomore. He set a record scoring eighty five points in a game a year later. Paul Arizin played ten NBA seasons and every year he was named an all star.

Vinsanity_15 is Back

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62: Ray Allen

Resume: 15 years, 10 Star Quality, 4 Role Quality, 10 All-Stars...
Top 10 '05... Top 15 '01...
3 year peak: 22-5-4, 43% 3FG, 88% FT...
'01 Playoffs 25-6-4, 48% 3FG... '05 Playoffs 27-4-4... '08 Finals: 20-5-4,
Record: 22 threes, 8 threes one half... Career: 20-4-4 40% 3FG, 89% FT...
Career Leader: Threes...

"Ray Allen... Where do I start? I don't know where to start! Ray Allen, the greatest shooting form ever. In mu opinion Ray is the NBA three point king and one of the most underrated defenders of all time."

Ray Allen may be the active "Three Point King" but in mine and many other opinions he falls behind Reggie Miller and before anyone else, his D may have been underrated but now may be overrated, Ray is an average defender and an amazing scorer with  leading capabilities, Ray was moved around allot partly influenced by his underrated stats. He played historically in the '08 finals, is one of the greatest clutch shooters of        all-time, he has many skills but only a few elite. Ray should have never been a number 1 player on a team, like Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, and John Stockton/Karl Malone, Ray also was a pretty good actor in He Got Game. Ray Allen, nothing big, just one of the greatest players in NBA history, 62nd to be exact.


That was the original post I wrote but RayRay_34 created another.

"Ray is the greatest shooter, and a record breaker... his defense affected game even when he wasn't getting steals, and back in the day his behind the back to the stepback sequence was unstoppable... Ray Allen is CLUTCH! Yes he's the most clutch player in the game and one of the most clutch in history, and in my opinion is tied for most clutch three point shooter ever... Tied with Reggie Miller of course."

That was RayRay_34, he had a little trouble describing why he loves Ray so much, but we played a little NBA 2K11 and hundreds of memories popped into his head as he scored a Ray Allen three pointer sending us into overtime delaying an 18 point loss and 15-0 run with Gary Payton (at the hands of me, of course) and the 95-96 Sonics.

Let's get back to the point, letting you know why Ray Allen is the 62nd greatest basketball player in the history of  the sport. Ray never wavered in efficiency and still hits clutch shots when asked, his prime was amazing and had the most perfect jumper (not the one that would fit my style though) and did a lot with somewhere between nothing and the resemblance of a defensive hockey team with a +/- of -12. Ray was amazing in the ways he was a three point shooting machine, relentless scorer and he iced most of the games that featured him with the ball in his hands at the end of the game.


Saturday, July 9, 2011


66: Jerry Lucas: Lucas needed help to pad his rebounding stats, and he did it ripping down missed free throws and everything that he could, In my opinion Lucas should not have made the NBA's 50 at 50 especially over the likes of Gary Payton and Dennis Johnson!( Especially when he has a game that probably would have been role or sixth man potential, today I don't think he would even average an 18-8).

65: Adrian Dantley: Dantley is one of the players who will never been seen again (as in variations), Dantley was 6'3'' a herky jerky post player with more moves than Tim Duncan. There will never be another Adrian Dantley

64: Alex English: English was loved by everyone, was more predictable and even more consistent than #65, English was similar to Dantley but also was a team player. English was great.

63: Nate Archibald: Nate owned the original killer crossover and used it to his addvantage against a slower era of basketball, the thing is unlike Jerry Lucas his game and moves would have been just as effective in the new era if not more due to the rule changes, Nate was amazing, and if you can, look him up on YouTube.

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Sorry for my crappy acting/camera skills, I am just starting, have a cold and was half asleep during these. Anyways this was just a test, here are our first videos.

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