Friday, July 29, 2011


57: Tommy Heinsohn: Tommy H was a Celtic through and through, he was also a whisky drinkng, cigar smoking star and that's how we should remember him... Jokes the thing we should remember him for most is his heart, he was never giving up while you were playing!

56: Dolph Schayes: Could score, but not at a high percentage, he was his generations average percentage guy, but was way above average in the rebounding category!

55: Elvin Hayes: The original "Mail Fraud" what more can be said

54: Billy Cunninham: A 6-6 center who filled the sheet up in scoring and rebounding, seems like almost everyone else here so far!

53: Bill Sharman: Sharman was a mean shooter with a mean free throw, his set shot was not stoppable and he lived as a Celtic, Sharman was wrongly criticized when he became an LA Lakers executive which taints peoples perception of his loyalties sometime, let's fix that.

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