Saturday, July 9, 2011


66: Jerry Lucas: Lucas needed help to pad his rebounding stats, and he did it ripping down missed free throws and everything that he could, In my opinion Lucas should not have made the NBA's 50 at 50 especially over the likes of Gary Payton and Dennis Johnson!( Especially when he has a game that probably would have been role or sixth man potential, today I don't think he would even average an 18-8).

65: Adrian Dantley: Dantley is one of the players who will never been seen again (as in variations), Dantley was 6'3'' a herky jerky post player with more moves than Tim Duncan. There will never be another Adrian Dantley

64: Alex English: English was loved by everyone, was more predictable and even more consistent than #65, English was similar to Dantley but also was a team player. English was great.

63: Nate Archibald: Nate owned the original killer crossover and used it to his addvantage against a slower era of basketball, the thing is unlike Jerry Lucas his game and moves would have been just as effective in the new era if not more due to the rule changes, Nate was amazing, and if you can, look him up on YouTube.

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