Friday, July 29, 2011

? Vs ?: Kevin Martin Vs Brandon Roy

Kevin Martin is  arguably the best slasher in the NBA, one of the top scorers in the NBA who handles with the best of them, and in my opinion a pretty good mirror of Brandon Roy.

Brandon Roy is an amazing scorer and one of the purest shooters in the league, doubles as a franchise player who is good for some clutch plays (well until his injury this year), and has the speed of an elite PG, the mirror image of Kevin Martin.

But the burning question, Who is better? Well we intend to find out just that, again I intend to give you all the information needed to find out.

Career Average:

Brandon Roy has averaged a 19-4-5 on 46% shooting during the 36 minutes per game he's averaged over his five year career so far, but on the other hand Kevin Martin's averaged a 19-4-2 on 45% shooting in 31 minutes per game over his seven year career. In five less minutes K-Mart has scored the same amount of points and rebounds but collected three less assists and shot one less percentile, K-Mart and B-Roy are similar here but the edge is sharper for B-Roy

Winner round 1: Brandon Roy

Per 36 Career average:

To get a better look at what's happening if they play the same amount of minutes per game, the numbers are changed a little, so let's see what happens. Brandon Roy averages the exact same 19-4-5 except adds 0.2 points while Kevin Martin averages a 21-4-2. Let's determine who does better: K-mart wins the points by 2 while Roy's extra 3 assists amount to at least 6 points. K-Mart may score better in this format, but B-Roy adds more to the scoreboard, again the edge is B-Roy's, I'm starting to think that it's serrated or something.

Winner round 2: Brandon Roy

Best year:

Brandon Roy and Kevin Martin have almost identical minutes in their best years so we'll skip the per 36,
Brandon Roy's 08-09 season set him as an all-star and one of the best players in the league, he brought you a 23-5-5 on 48% shooting and only two turnovers a game while playing 37 minutes per game.
Kevin Martin's 08-09 season also became his best when he brought you a 25-4-3 on 42% shooting and three turnovers a game, K-Mart filled the hoop more, but at what cost...
 K-Mart played one more minute than Roy and added two more points but also grabbed one less board and two less assists, Brandon Roy also left K-Mart in the dust on an efficiency level, he shot 6% higher while also turning the ball over less per game. Brandon Roy proves efficiency matters in this battle.

Winner round 3 Brandon Roy

B-Roy and K-Mart have many similarities and both contribute greatly to their teams, but in the end Roy's efficiency and teamwork knocked out K-Mart's very hard working scoring and well, scoring.

Winner by KO: Brandon Roy

K-Mart held his own and came close to beating Roy in all matches, but Roy's efficiency proved to be to much as it swayed all round's his way, with either of these players on your roster, you are sure to see highlights every single night.

Check Brandon Roy and Kevin Martin out next year to see some wow plays.

This has been TheGlove_20 and i'm saying peace out!

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