Friday, July 15, 2011

58. Bernard King

"Bahnard" King was 2011 NBA Playoffs Carmelo Anthony, except all the time! Hell he was 2010 NBA Playoffs all the time! Bernard King could score from anywhere on the court, his arsenal was filled with quality and quantity, perhaps Bernard's biggest asset was his quickness. Bernard had a first step rivaled only by David Thompson's, and a turnaround that caused nightmares! Bernard King was a player teams prepared for, but was still unstoppable, his turnaround was shot with the same intensity and speed on both sides, his pull-ups and stop and pops (to those of you unsure they are not the same) were the greatest of his era, he gave the art of two handed dunks CPR, making simple dunks look amazing, and his transition game that alone would have rivaled LeBron James and Dwyane Wade today! Bernard's career was tainted when he was stuck on a crappy Knicks team! If the only thing we took was apex's the top scorer's ever would be Michael Jordan, George Gervin, Shaquille O'Neal, Bernard King, Elgin BaylorAllen Iverson and Kobe Bryant (not exactly in that order). '84 Bernard King was unstoppable he took a championship Celtics team to game 7 with one of the crappiest supporting classes I've seen, David Thompson and Bernard King suffered similar fates, had either one come along in the "Say NO!" era we would be looking at top 30 players ever, maybe even top twenty but that's up for debate!


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