Monday, July 25, 2011

Evolution of PG's: PT. 1

Many of you may get annoyed with this, as it compares newer point guards to legends, many of you will say that was then this is now and many will say, the newer ones are better than the old. I'm stuck in the 90's, the day when people played defense, when defense didn't mean jumping a passing lane, when you played man to man, when they didn't need others to help them and when PG-PF duo's ruled the earth! Let's take you back and bring the comparisons from now and then to the light:

Deron Williams and John Stockton:
Deron and Stockton both were PG's for the Jazz who got dimes like they were falling out of a pinata.

Chris Paul and Isiah Thomas: 
Chris Paul nicknamed "Evolutionary Isiah" has been showing this even more lately putting up points only when his team needed them and raising his game in key situations. Chris Paul's clutch stats are of the charts and he is possibly the best point guard in the league, 

Rajon Rondo and Jason Kidd:
Rondo has the J-Kidd impression down perfectly; the defense, the passing, the layups, the handles, and the great rebounding, even down to the bad jumper.

Derrick Rose and Kevin Johnson:
Rose and KJ have very similar skills from the fact that both penetrated like none before or after to the fact that both turned their respective teams around in two years.

Russell Westbrook and Gary Payton:
West and GP are very similar in ways and not so similar in others, both were athletic but West  is more, both play D but GP is better (it's not even close actually), and while GP's assist number raised his turnovers did not Westbrook's assists have raised and he still racks up turnover like he's trying to set some sort of record. Russell Westbrook is also very dumb compared to GP.

Jrue Holiday and Gary Payton:
"Baby Glove" is probably a better comparison to GP than Westbrook as he is smarter with the ball, WANTS to stop the opposing players and ball handler and overall was a great GP replica.

Stephen Curry and Tim Hardaway:
The killer crossover and three-point shot come to mind right when you  think of either Curry or Hardaway, the similarities between the two are endless with their quick hands, 

Brandon Jennings and Allen Iverson:
Jennings and Iverson are very similar in frame scoring and everything else, just that Iverson was an SG, we'll make an exception.

Michael Conley and Chauncey Billups:
Big shot's happen while either one is on the floor especially when the team needs a three, Conley has become the next Big Shot Superstar, Hopefully Conley wins the big one too!

Now that you know some of the evolved species let's find out how they evolved:
The PG is like science, they adapted through rule changes, genetics and defenses.

PG's have gained strength but not weight, as evident by Deron Williams and Chris Paul compared to John Stockton and Isiah Thomas, They're able to penetrate easier due to rule changes implicated in the 2000's as implicated by Kevin Johnson and Derrick Rose moves being more effective now.
Now that we've learned the basics let's let you digest that and we'll bring this back in part two, which will be up in about 2 to 3 days!

Let us know your favorite point guard or any we missed in the comments below!

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