Friday, March 30, 2012


A friend of mine and me got into a huge argument about Allen Iverson and Gary Payton, Who was better, but we have the answer here!
Gary Payton:
9 All-Stars, All-NBA 1st (98,00), All-NBA 2st (95,96,97,99,02) All-NBA 3rd (94,01), All-Defense 1st 9x, Defensive Player Of The Year (96, only point guard to win the award, and only guard other than MJ and Sid the Squid), Leader: Steals (1), Three's (1), Assists (1), Career assists 8th, steals 4th, turnovers 21st, points 31st, at time of retirement assists 6th, steals 3rd, points 21st.
Only player in NBA history to accumulate 20,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, 8,000 assists and 2,000 steals in a career Along with John Stockton and Jason Kidd, Payton is one of only three players to compile 8,000 assists and 2,000 steals in his career Between 1990–91 and 2005–06, Payton was first in the league in total minutes played, games played, and steals, was second in total assists (behind John Stockton), and was third in points (Karl Malone, Shaquille O'Neal). During this span, Payton also led all guards in offensive rebounds. In a 2006 poll of 86,000 readers who were asked to rank the ESPN top 10 on various aspects of the game, Payton was considered "best defender" by 48.1% of respondents. Walt "Clyde" Frazier was second, with 11.8% of the vote. Payton and Frazier are the only two point guards to be selected to more than 5 NBA All-Defensive First Teams (9 and 7, respectively), and two of only four players who were selected to 5 or more All-Defensive teams without ever being on an All-Defensive 2nd team (Michael Jordan and Dave DeBusschere are the others).
Allen Iverson: 11 All-Stars, All-NBA 1st (99,01,05), All-NBA 2nd (00,02,03), All-NBA 3rd (06), Rookie Of The Year, Leader: Scoring (4), Steals (3), Turnovers (2), MVP, Career: Assists 37th, Steals 13th, Turnovers 16th, Points 22nd.
In Paytons Starting career he won 745 games and 49.67 wins a year over 15 years In Iversons Starting career he won 567 game and 40.5 wins a year over 14 years

GP produced three sixty win seasons, two with Kemp and one withought, AI's 60 wins seasons 0 and Win Shares: GP 145.5 (ranked 25th all-time), AI 99.0 (77th all-time)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Top 20 : Sneakers of all - time

I saw TheGlove_20 post on his top 20 shoes and he had some nice shoes on there. He missed a few though. I always liked the shoes that had stood out and had a crazy design on them or had a new fresh design. "Ahhhh, here it goes!"

21. Adidas KB8 (Black and white)
These shoes to me are the best shoes Kobe ever had, his shoes now are so lame that don't even come close to this pair.

20. Air Jordan XVII (white, black and blue)
The fact that they came in a metal briefcase says it all.

19. Nike Air Flightposite II KG (Black and Red)
These shoes looked like they could be Iron man's.

18. Adidas T-Mac V (Black and Red)
As a kid I always wanted these shoes but could never find them, back when T-Mac used to throw it down as a Rocket.

17. Air Jordan 2 (White, Black, Red)
These are the best shoes I ever had, mine are all white but the still look fresh in any color, the design for these was that sick.

16. Air Jordan XIV (Black and Red)
The Ferrari design is amazing; also they are the lightest pair of J's ever made.

15. Reebok ATR Pump (White Red Blue)
These remind me of the old days playing NBA Street V3 on TheGlove_20's GameCube.

14. Air Jordan V (Black)
I liked how when a picture of the shoe was taken the tongue would turn silver.
Nike Air Jordan 5 Black Foto─čraflar─▒ ve Resimleri

13. Jordan Melo 1.5 (White Carolina Blue)
Back when Melo was rocking the Cornrows, these shoes had that same swag to them much made them such a desirable shoe.

12. Nike Huarache 2k5 (Kobe Colors)
This is the only pair of shoes that I truly like in Kobe’s colors.

11. Reebok the Question (White Red)
Iverson is “The Answer” his shoes are “The Question”.

10. Air Jordan 1 (White Red Black)
The shoes that got banned, but Jordan still rocked them.

9. Air Jordan 12 (White and Yellow)
Jordan wore this in the playoffs, but GP had the best color way.

8. Nike Air Foamposite (Red and Black)
One of the greatest shoes ever, Penny had some of the sickest shoes and these are by far his best.

7. Nike Huarache 2k4 (Black Orange blue)
Arguably the best shoes to play in, they were just that good, and this color way made them look even better.

6. Air Force Ones (White on White)
The Freshest pair of shoes ever made

5. Nike Shox VC2 (White Red)
The commercial says it all.

4. Nike Air Zoom Flight Club (Black Orange White)
Even though these are OSU colors the still are sick.

3. Air Jordan Spizike (Both Knicks)
If I had these shoes I would wear one orange and one blue.

2. Air Jordan 11 (Red white Black)
These have always been my favorite pair of Jordan’s, I wish they brought back this color way.

1. Nike Shox BB4 VC ( White Navy Silver)
These are my all time favorite, not just because VC wore but because it made people think that they could fly, I used to also think the same until I tried them on.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top 20: Sneakers of all-time

We here at TheSportsBoys have already ran through the top 100 shoes of all-time, so I thought I'd hit you with my top 20 favorites, I can already hear Vinsanity_15 in his computer room checking and having a Kenan and Kel moment shouting "Ahhhh, here it goes!"

21. Adidas T-Mac II (White - Royal Blue)
Everyone in the world had one of these and for good reason, they were fly (I remember calling things fly)

20. Air Jordan X (White - Black - Cool Grey)
A shoe that when you rock with jeans is absolute fire and a shoe that reminded me of a rocket for some reason, it may not have the most features but it certainly is a nice shoe.

19. Air Jordan XII (White - Black)
Nothin' but a G' Thang, these shoe's were what anyone who liked J's had, one of the many colorways,  Jordan wore these during one of his best years ever.

18. Jordan Melo 1.5 (White - Carolina Blue - Gold)
A shoe I needed right away as it was Melo in a shoe form, smooth and quiet, but loud enough to break a few necks.

17. Nike Air Flight Kidd 1995 (Black - White - Grey)
The best shoe J-Kidd wore as well as one of the most stylish shoe's I have ever seen. With a cool idea with the eyes looking all around like Jason Kidd these shoes saw everything.

16. Air Flight Hawk (White - Forest Green)
Sort of like a nicer looking Air Flight '95, not to mention GP wore it during '96 on the way to the NBA Finals where he held his own against Jordan, not to mention Jesus Shuttlesworth wore it in "He Got Game".

15. Nike Air Foamposite(Eggplants and Royals)
Penny has the third greatest shoe line ever and rocked these to the top, plus they are his most popular shoe too, not to mention they are deemed the greatest Penny and one of the greatest kicks ever.

14. Nike Air Flightposite II KG (Black - Bronze)
KG's hottest kicks, they somehow fit him exactly (maybe we thought he was a robot inside) plus the black on black and bronze on black colorways were amazing.

13. Reebok Kamikaze (Black - White - Forest Green)
Shawn Kemp goes down as one of the greatest dunkers ever throwing down over everyone and anyone, plus the GP to Kemp connection was amazing, especially since they had some oof the hottest kicks in the game on.

12. Air Jordan VI (Infrared)
Another one of my favorite Jordans, plus he won his first championship in them, not to mention they are so nice it doesn't even make sense. 

11. Reebok Zig Encore (Wizards Road and Grown Ass Man)
The first signature shoe for a soon to be legendary point guard. The Reebok Zig Encore's are light, have great traction, and can protect you ankle, everything needed by a PG like John Wall, not to mention they're stylish. Plus the Grown Ass Man edition are absolute fire and a great way to celebrate John Wall's 21st.

10. KB8/Crazy 8 (Kobe and OG)
Kobe's first signature shoe ever would not be topped, with the great colorways and pushing-the-boundaries design the KB8 became an icon in shoe history and has been rocked ever since.

9. Air Jordan XI (Concord and Cool Grey)
Most likely the most popular Jordan ever, brought patent leather in, the most popular design, amazing colorways, and Jordan wore them on his way to 72-10.

8. Air Jordan III (White Cement and True Blue)
The first shoe to ever feature a silhouette of the Player on it, that silhouette became the logo and the rest is quantum physics... or history.

7. Nike Air Penny II (White - Royal)
My personal favorite Penny but not his best according to the masses, It often gets pushed aside in sneaker-head circles but could be worn on the court and another kick you could rock with jeans and a tee and not  look crazy, oh and Chris Rock as little Penny made my day every time.

6. Air Jordan 1 (OG and Banned)
THE AIR JORDAN 1 IS NUMBER TWO?!?!?! Yes, Jordan's shoe was banned and became a legend and the greatest shoe from the greatest shoe line ever, it created a culture (the second basketball shoe culture ever) and is too good to be lower than two.

5. Nike Air Foamposite Pro (Pearl)
The original Foamposites are generally the favorite and a lot of you are going to hate these being higher on my list, BUT I always liked the Pro's more, since the day I saw them, cause I thought the originals needed the swoosh then BOOM! Plus Jesus Shuttlesworth rocked them making them even cooler than they already were.

4. Nike Air Zoom GP (Lockout)
The shoe fit like a glove, and The Glove rocked these to a great season while putting up many highlights, points, rebounds and assists, not to mention they are just amazing looking and at first they confused people but all of a sudden everyone wanted them, not to mention they had one of the greatest commercials ever featuring Evander Holyfield getting beaten by the Glove, his kicks, a basketball and his trusty spin move.

3. Nike Air Zoom Glove (Black - White - Orange)
Gary "The Glove" Payton's best shoe ever, his series rivaled Jordan's (In fact he was such a threat Jordan signed him to player exclusives in his later years). Gary Payton had the third greatest shoe line ever and he was the league's best point guard while his line was on top, not to mention it is in an infamous picture of "The Glove" talking trash and shutting "Starbury" down in the 98 Playoffs (one of Payton's greatest years ever). The Air Zoom is amazing yet simple.

2. Air Jordan VII (Olympics - Bin 23 - Hare Jordan)
These Jordans mark the peak of the greatest player ever, the dream team, and were my shoes of choice in grade 5. My favorite Jordan's and choice for nicest too. I love these shoes and need another pair, plus they have so many amazing colorways and as a die-hard Gary Payton fan it saddens me to have any shoe over the Glove's especially one worn by the guy that stopped the '96 Sonics, but they are way too nice to have any lower (in fact they almost took my top spot if it weren't for the fact that the number one shoe on my list is the number one shoe ever).

1. Air Force 1(White on White)
The greatest shoe ever is not just a shoe but a culture.