Monday, February 14, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jared Cunningham

Ever seen Jared Cunningham fly? Probably not, but thats ok. Cunningham is 6'4'' 182 lbs but plays like he's 6'8'' and 225lbs, he's freakishly athletic and has amazing body control! In the air he controls his body like VC and MJ but with the explosiveness of Dominique Wilkins. Jared kisses the sky every time he goes up, he plays like GP. The similarities between Payton and Cunningham are eerie, both were born in Oakland, CA, both played amazing defense and could put the ball in the hoop, and obviously both went to Oregon State University. Cunningham is an amazing NBA prospect who I think will be amazing when he hits the NBA. He can win a dunk contest on his way to being a top player, quit the dunk contest get serious and win a ring. his handles are tight and precise, and his jump shot is beautiful. Don't believe me? watch these videos and see his sheer talent.
High School Skills
Kiss The Sky
Bay Area's Finest
Allumni Game

Now that you've seen his amazing skills, let's wait together for the day he gets drafted and hope he has the career length of Stockton not Penny. To the future of the NBA!


Vinsanity_15 said...

In my mind after looking at his highlights he seems more like Jason Richardson rather than anyone you mentioned.He can play defense I wouldn't say as well as Gary Payton but still good. And he got handles like derrick rose.

TheGlove_20 said...

I know but altogether his package and where he's from is more gp/westbrook than anyone else and I meant where he's from his whole package and all that.

Anonymous said...

Jared's strength is his athleticism which makes him scary in the passing lanes and open court. He definitely needs to improve on his fundamentals such as ball handling and his passing. But how many NBA players that are being drafted posses these skills already? A very small percentage. Jared is athletic as Westbrook but not as good off the dribble BUT HIS POTENTIAL IS THROUGH THE ROOF AS A RUSSELL WESTBROOK

TheGlove_20 said...

I like your knowledge on Cunningham, those are almost my exact thoughts.