Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In My Opinion: Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday, AKA "Baby Glove" is possibly the best perimeter defender in the game, grabbing 1.7 steals a game and bringing an intensity unmatched by most of the league, and his on ball defence is on par with the reigning top defensive point guard Rajon Rondo... Wait... On par with Rajon Rondo? Jrue Holiday hasn't even made an All-Defensive team and on par with Rajon Rondo? Well it's true and he should grab an All-Defensive team anyway.
Jrue Holiday has the lateral quickness to stay in front of anyone, can shoot all the way out to the 3 consistently, and can facilitate well too, he just doesn't get the chance much with Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, and Lou Williams taking time running the point too, but still Jrue manages to dish the ball 4.4 times a game (less than last years 6.5, but he didn't have Evan Turner's emergence to deal with last year), "Baby Glove" is one of the most fundamentally sound players in the league, who doesn't gain much attention with flash, perhaps that is why he is so underrated. 

Holiday has a tight & low dribble and cross that is reminiscent of 90's point guards Mark Jackson and the player Jrue is compared to most Gary Payton, It may not be the most popular cross in the league but it has had it's fair share of victims. Jrue is quiet on the floor but he is a leader in the locker room, and a defensive general which the league needs nowadays. Jrue has been getting better this year, and I think he will continue to improve until he is an elite point guard, and I believe he won't stop there. Jrue has been improving his game, throwing a little bit of his post game in with his great shooting, great dribbling and passing, he could be a 20 point scorer in the right system.

Point is, Jrue Holiday is a stud and a star in the making, with a great offensive game and an amazing defensive skillset, which is the formula for a star and maybe even a HOFer.

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