Friday, February 24, 2012

In My Opinion: John Wall

Maybe we should change this series to "What does the future hold" as lately we have been talking about what is going to happen or what we would like to happen in the future. Well here it is.

John Wall, the most physically talented point guard I have seen in my life, the thing is, he's not just athletic, he has unbelievable vision. Wait... Did I just say most physically talented and on top of that unbelievable vision? Well for any of you who don't believe me it's true, watch this:

John Brenkus summed it up right there with "The court vision of Steve Nash and the dunking of Derrick Rose" plus not to mention he's faster than both, John Wall is too talented to fail, not to mention he is a solid leader (If he gets a good coach I guarantee he can be one of the best leader's) with a good head on his shoulder's. John Wall is an unbelievable athlete, with the best highlight reel I have ever seen, and the product of John Calipari's dribble-drive system may very well one day become one of the ten best point guards the NBA has ever seen.

In the Washington Wizards time of need they were blessed with the number 1 overall pick and they grabbed the physical specimen of a point guard John Wall, the thing is, though he is trying to turn the team around, but certain players aren't helping (Nick Young especially) You can call it growing pains or a sophomore slump the thing is the Wizards need to treat it right and let John Wall be John Wall so he doesn't go Stephon Marbury on us and only try to get his, and it's most likely to happen now then when The Wizards become a solid team (I know it seems ridiculous but it will happen, trust me).

John Wall, while possibly going through a sophomore slump has already improved his shot selection by cutting his jump shot attempts and going to the hoop instead (Which you could argue there is no better point guard in the league at), he is also shooting a higher percentage, rebounding better, blocking better, and playing faster. For some reason that's not turning into wins for the Wizards, it doesn't help that they have talented offensive players with mental problems; Nick Young is a gunner with no defense, Rashard Lewis is fading, Jan Vesely is not ready, Andray Blatche is a solid offensive player but he cannot spell defense, Jordan Crawford is a very talented scorer but his shot selection is very questionable, and JaVale McGee is talented and can be great, but he's totally out of it.

With a team like that almost any franchise star can be convinced chucking up shots is better than passing to a supporting cast that isn't going to get it unless they have a meeting sort this out and trade pieces (*cough* Nick Young & Andray Blatche exit left *cough*), because having a less than stellar... Okay, less than average supporting cast can breed selfishness and create a cancer that will set the team back more than a couple years. That's why it's a good thing Wizards fans have John Wall and not Stephon Marbury, John Wall is willing to work out the kinks and stay around (at least for now).

It's going to all be okay for John Wall though, he has playing time, the best speed I have ever seen in the NBA (maybe Allen Iverson was faster but from what I remember they seemed on par), makes great decisions while at that top speed (you may think he is out of control but if you watch you can see his great decision making), John Wall has an element to his game that almost no players have, he reacts and sees a play happen before it does (only Steve Nash, young TJ Ford, John Stockton and Isiah Thomas had it), that paired with his unbelievable athletisicm kill defenses, and will be able to work on his game and his chemistry with his teammates (while they learn how to play basketball). John Wall is already a more than solid playmaker (his vision like I've said before is amazing), a solid scorer, and an above average defender, and he's only going to get better. With his big wingspan and hands, not to mention his quickness, speed, athleticism and weight John Wall has the tools to become an absolutely amazing defender in the mold of a Gary Payton and at the very least a Mookie Blaylock, but it's okay that he is only 21 years old and growing. the Great Wall is young and a humble, good person with a good head on his shoulders, which it seemed Starbury, Stevie Franchise and a truckload of players who didn't fulfill there talent due to there mentalities didn't have. John Wall also seems to be a leader and has been that way since High School ball at least, with that and the substantial amount of talent John Wall possesses there is a great chance he will be a great player one day. As the great PG's in the league have gone through this stage of there career John Wall is doing so, and just like it showed us the difference between greats and goods (who actually wants to improve instead of who just stays away from rough spots in there games). Can... Wait WILL John Wall overcome his issues and become an NBA great or another super talented flash of brilliance that fades away.

(Here are some video's to show his greatness)

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