Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fillin' It Up: NBA Scoring Leaders

10. Blake Griffin:
The Blake Show has become possibly the best power forward in the NBA (along with K-Love and LA), He may not have the most polished offensive game yet or the best defensive game but he still manages to fill the hoop up with 21.2 PPG on 53% from the field.

9. Derrick Rose:
D-Rose is showing up again this year while improving his post game, Derrick Rose can beat you every way possible and grabs the W's along the way. Possibly the fastest in the 'L, the most explosive PG and he can and does everything needed to win. 22 PPG 46% FG.

8. Monta Ellis:
Monta is always around the top of the scoring list but has upped his all around play this year. Many say it's just a case of a bad team so someone has to score thee points, but with his explosiveness and vendetta for the rim it has to be more than him just jacking up shots, plus he demands attention as soon as he gets the ball. 22.2 PPG 43% FG.

7. Carmelo Anthony:
The best pure scorer in the league, he may be having a down year but "The Bully" or Melo can put the biscuit in the basket anyway you can think of, turning into a somewhat modern day Bernard King, Melo may soon bring a ring to NY with his 22.3 PPG on his 40% FG.

6. Russell Westbrook:
Westbrook has a vendetta against the rim, i mean he absolutely HATES it! I mean, you tell me why else would he attack it so much? He blazes down the court and spins around his defender, rises to the rim and slams it down, and he completes that task all the time, its no wonder he's scoring 22.9 PPG on 46% FG.

5. LaMarcus Aldridge:
A breakout year for LA has provided Rip-City with a much needed consistent scorer (in the absence of Brandon Roy), LA has a polished offensive game and can take almost any defender in the league and drop 20 on them! 23.3 PPG 51% FG.

4. Kevin Love:
K-Love has improved his scoring average with the help of Ricky Rubio, He has a great game and can fill it up from inside to the three, what else is there to say about his 25.6 PPG and 45% FG, oh other than he is insanely strong on the block. 25.6 PPG 45% FG.

3. Kevin Durant:
It has to be KD, nailing threes, drilling fade or just plain cashing J's, Kevin Durant is a dominant scorer, and does it in the clutch, the way the Thunder have been playing looks as if they could come out on top of the west this year.

2. LeBron James:
LeBron "The King" James seems like he can come away with another MVP this year (if it doesn't go to Kobe). He has been scorching defenses with his speed and ability to fill it up, in fact he's been filling it up at 28.1 PPG and on 54% from the field, and if the Heat stay healthy it looks as if no one will be able to stop them in the post season.

1. Kobe Bryant:
"The Black Mamba" is at it again averaging a hair under 30 PPG at 29.4 PPG and 44% from the field. Kobe is outrunning age and doing everything he can to win, Kobe has been hurting people down low, from deep (although being shaky from there) and everywhere in between, his fadeaway is as deadly as ever and he can still get up to the rim, cramming it down in traffic, it seems as if Kobe has found the elixir of youth and may once again finish with the NBA scoring title.

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