Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10: Spin Moves of All-Time

The spin move, an underrated move nowadays but one of the most effective, plus ballers who can use the spin move efficiently can leave defenders spinning like tops. Once again a list finished with help from @DrHoopenstein and @DKyle24, So let's check it out.

11. John Wall
We're starting off with the young guns, John Wall has the quickest spin in the L' and after he proves himself he will probably be around number four or five. Wall can finish, shoot or pass out of his spin, plus he doesn't actually know how he does it, he has been quoted saying it's just a "reaction", which makes it seem even cooler.

10. Mike Bibby
Bibby took the behind the back spin GP used as a third option and made it his bread and butter, he used this move around 22 times a game for the Sacramento Kings and it was only stopped by elite defensive guards, around 5 times a game.

9. Calvin Murphy
A small point guard who had a spin move that Gary Payton said he based his off of, it seemed to work for both of them, Cal used it to blow past defenders for 17.9 points per game over his career and 25.6 in 77-78, and not to mention 14 kids by 9 different women, as the best under six foot NBA scorer ever.

8. Nate Archibald
Tiny's spin move benefited more on people being scared of his crossover than his actual spin move, nonetheless he got into the paint with it almost every time.

7. Isiah Thomas
Zeke once again had a move that only had to rely on his quickness to make a top ten list.

6. Pete Maravich
Pistol Pete had a spin move that was great, in fact, see it for  yourself below.

5. Jerry West
Logo had a great spin move where he routinely leaned off balance and spun then finished with a crossover, it was so good it became the NBA logo.

4. Derrick Rose
D-Rose A.K.A the reigning MVP has the best spin move in the league and it seemed to get better over the off-season this year, but either way, having one of the quickest spins helps  it reach the number four spot.

3. Earvin Johnson
For some of you youngin's or even just people with bad memories that would be Magic Johnson, Magic used the spin move excellently, it may not have been his main move but he passed out of it perfectly, plus he left many spinning.

2. Earl Monroe
The Pearl created a spin that certain players revolutionized later, and it worked soon any defender back in the day, he made the spin a go-to move and slingshotted it into the spotlight.

1. Gary Payton
The Glove used his perfectly executed spin move out of the post, in the open court and in his signature move, off of his great crossover. Payton's spin is stuff of legends as he used it to get to the rim and finish, passed out of it, and just plain left defenders spinning...

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