Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10: Crossovers in the L'

I ran through the top ten crossovers of all-time and I thought I'd let you know who has the best cross in the L'.

11. Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon has broken the ankles of more than a few, and as an undersized shooting guard it really helps.

10. Rajon Rondo
How do you think Razor carves defenses up to rack up the layups, dunks and passes, it all comes from his devastating cross, he almost completely changes directions leaving defenders dazed.

9. Kobe Bryant
Once upon a time Kobe's cross struck fear into the hearts of many, and it still does but not the same fear it once did. He still has his quick go to move he can hit you with though,

8. Brandon Jennings
Young Money can cross with the best of them, the only thing is he doesn't use it as much in the NBA as he could, but when he does bad things happen to the defense.

7. Jamal Crawford
JCrossover once had the best crossover in the L' and possibly still has the smoothest but he doesn't use it as much as he used to and when he does it doesn't seem to work as well anyways.

6. Tyreke Evans
Once again he has the best "look at what this guy can do handles" and has crossed people just as viciously as anyone else on this league.

5. Dwyane Wade
A devastating first step plus he can stop on a dime and he has sent a premier NBA defender sliding across the floor.

4. John Wall
The fastest player in the league has the quickest first step in the league, switching directions and getting up and down the court faster than anyone else, not to mention he completely changes directions, plus once he proves himself he may beat out CP3 and Rose for the number two spot.

3. Derrick Rose
The closest speed to John Wall plus the quickness that is around the same, Derrick Rose has proved his crossover in his short time in the L'

2. Chris Paul
Showed his dirty crossover in the playoffs making more than one person dance.

1. Deron Williams
The best crossover in the league and he brings it at you every time, plus no one ever stops it.

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