Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10: Crossovers of All Time

Let's get this straight, it's a list of the top ten player's crossovers ever not just crossovers, and it's complete with help from @DrHoopenstein and @DKyle24 so follow them and let's go.

Stevie Franchise had a great crossover that I see as on par with White Chocolate, Skip To My Lou and Starbury but since there were limited spots on the list he falls in at the 11 not to shabby Franchise.

White chocolate had a dirty crossover, and showed it on the best defender of all-time, he also crossed many, leaving a trail of broken ankles behind.

Skip To My Lou was an And-1 superstar for a reason, his ballhandling was possibly the best in the league (in a wow look what he can do way).

Starbury crossed people over every time he came down the court and it always seemed to work, plus after he crossed you then hit you with his hopstep you were finished and left gasping for air.

CP3 has a great crossover that has broken many defenders, and as there may be more clips of CP3 and newer guards there are better crossovers.

CP3 has a great crossover and many think it is better than Deron Williams but D-Will brings it every time and it is never stopped while CP3 has a great crossover and it may be on the level of D-Will's Deron brings him and it never gets stopped, especially when he is in his zone.

KJ was a point guard that demanded attention, his crossover commanded point guards to stand around 4 feet away so there ankles were protected.

4. Isiah Thomas
Zeke may have been the quickest baller ever, and his crossover showed, is there anything more to say?

3. Nate Archibald
Tiny, The Answer and Mr.Crossover were all on the same level when it comes to crossovers each one narrowly edging each other, Tiny's crossover hurt the ankles of teams everywhere.

What can I say about The Answer, Antonio Daniels, 'nuff said...

1. Tim Hardaway
Mr.Crossover, his name had crossover in it, what else is there to say, Tim Hardaway had a quickness in his first step that out him a bit before The Answer and Tiny, plus his crossover would still be legal nowadays while The Answers would not.

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