Monday, July 25, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Tony Wroten Jr.

The unbelievable no-look pass by Tony Wroten Jr. That's what we'll be hearing if Tony and Coach Romar get along. Tony Wroten Jr. a 6'4'' PG from Renton Garfield HS in Seattle, WA, is a future star, if he fills his potential that is. Wroten is full of different skills and could easily be a one-and-done NBA lottery pick but if he stays, in a couple years Wroten could be the number 1 overall pick!

Wroten has the most potential I've seen in a recruit in a while, with work he could end up being the best PG in his class. Wroten has great range and a good jumper, he just needs consistency, his passing belies his age and possibly the age of everyone but Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. Wroten's draft and recruiting grades are featured at the end of the video. Wroten can do anything he wants if he fulfills his potential and he will if him and his team get along. He completes passes that are unbelievable but needs to tighten his grip on the orange, with a better team Wroten should become better in scoring and even lessen his turnover. Check out the video and let us know what you think. He can waste people in the post, destroy off the dribble and defend like Jrue Holiday, his fire to learn and improve his game will lead him to places... That may be the Final Four or that may be a win less season but let me tell you, I'm thinking it'll be the final four!

Check out the video and tell us what you think? Is he the next Gary Payton, Nick Van Exel or the next Troy Bell. You be the judge, many will say only god can decide... but I have confidence that Tony Wroten Jr can force fate!

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