Monday, August 1, 2011

? Vs ?: Gary Payton Vs John Stockton

   John Stockton is arguably the best passer ever, a guy who could get away with whatever, he played with a mentality of the 90's street ballers except threw simpler passes always going head to head with Gary Payton.

Gary Payton is another hall of famer who cracks our top 100 players list and for good reason, Payton is arguably the greatest defender ever and no doubt the greatest defensive point guard ever. He was an authentic street baller gone pro, except had the mentality of a wily veteran. Payton went against John Stockton many times, and they were always great battles.

Gary Payton and John Stockton are an everlasting match-up and eternally linked, now let's see who was better (better, not greater, which is totally different, someone can be a better player but less great than another).

? Vs ? will be done differently for different positions and will og into more detail depending on match-ups.

Career Average:

John Stockton averaged a 13-3-11 on 52% shooting over his 32 minutes per game, but he also gave up three turnovers, while "The Glove" averaged a 16-4-7 on 47% shooting and only turning it over two times a game... but let's dig deeper, Stockton stole the ball two times a game during his NBA career, so did Payton, he also committed three fouls a game, 1 more than Payton. Payton vs Stockton career average is a tough one, but in my opinion it's tied.

Career Average: Tied

Best Year:

In Stockton's best year he gave you a 17-3-14 on 52% shooting while also putting three steals, four turnovers and three personal fouls on the table, a great line, but not as efficient as you think.
Payton's best year brought a 24-7-9 while shooting 45% over a long 42 minutes per game, but wait... there's more, he gave you two steals, three turnovers and two personal fouls, with less turnovers and less fouls, His efficiency wins. Payton's 99-00 season vs Stockton's 88-89 season go's to Payton, and now you know why.

Best Year: Payton

Stockton's best year of scoring brought you seventeen points, Payton's on the other hand brought you twenty-four, who wins? Jokes!

Scoring: Payton

Passing: Stockton hit you with an unbelievable 15 assists and Payton dropped nine dimes, Stockton has the upper hand.

Passing: Stockton

Defense: Payton was the greatest defending point guard ever and showed it when winning the DPOY over Jordan, Pippen, Olajuwon, Mutumbo, Mourning, Robinson, the list goes on, Payton wins undoubtedly. When Payton's steals lowered he still stuck to defenders like glue and the main reason his steals did go down was him attempting less.

Defense: Payton

Overall: Payton.

Payton went head to head with Stockton, he won that match-up, "The Glove" beat out Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, and John Stockton, his defense reigned supreme, as did his offense, he came through in the clutch and did the most with the least (other than Jason Kidd who was stuck with garbage in a weak Eastern Conference), and like Kidd won a championship in his waning years while hitting a few clutch shots here and there. Had Shawn Kemp stayed healthy Gary Payton would have won at least one ring in his prime, as many have said the Gary Payton/Shawn Kemp Sonics should have ruled the West like the 86 Rockets should have ruled the East!

Gary was the better player, but only the Top-100 list will tell who's legacy was greater!

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Anonymous said...

You guys have really outdone yourself with this one. Hopefully you guys aren't on the top pf your games yet but if you are keep it there!

TheGlove_20 said...

Thanks man, we're hopin to do this forever and we've got more to show!

Anonymous said...

So far as head to head matchups, Stockton had a near-useless right arm in the 1996 WCF. Karl Malone said that 90% of guys wouldn't have even played if they were as beat up as Stockton was in that series.