Saturday, August 13, 2011

49: Reggie Miller

Reggie "Superstar" Miller, "Here comes Reggie", "Don't let Reggie", "Another three by REEEEEGGGIIEEEE MMMILLLLLEEEERRRRRRRRR", all quotes i have gotten to know and love. The "Superstar" was to clutch to be any lower, but was beat by the Knicks too many times to be higher, Reggie was a "Superstar" and deserved to be, He wanted the ball in "Winning Time", was the best player on one of the top teams in the league. Bill Simmons brought up the Knicks, his all-star and all-NBA appearances, and him being a superstar for whom we tend to forget the bad and remember the good which burned me up and furthered my need to create my own list, Reggie was blocked by Michael Jordan for most of his career, then Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson. Reggie Miller was full of swagger, his swagger seemed to grow during crunch time, He had ways to get to people that were untouched by anyone other than Gary Payton, He was also one of the most clutch players ever, one of the best free throw shooters and also in my opinion the greatest three point shooter ever, Isn't that a feat? Reggie made teammates better and it can be proven by looking at the careers of Jalen Rose, Dale Davis or even Best! Reggie was one of the greats, he played good defense, average rebounding excellent scoring, and clutch that was not matched by anyone not named Michael Jordan, Reggie should not have been disrespected by being described with "someone who scared opponents when it mattered, but didn't do much else". Reggie Miller a shooting guard I would want in my starting five, and only two beat him, Micahel Jordan and maybe Jerry Stackhouse before his multiple knee injuries (Stackhouse' knee injuries single handedly kept him off this list, and instead landing him a spot on our up and coming comet's page, and being underrated his whole career didn't help much either). "Scaring opponents when it matters" is something every team needs and should be taken very highly into every lists making of! Not doing much else is a sad way to comprehend Reggie's game, he added steals, took other stars off their games and again had UNBELIEVABLE CLUTCH! Reggie was way to good to be number sixty two and i'm happy to right that wrong, we owe that much to him... Not to mention what I owe him, he did after all teach me not to be afraid of the dark (That's for another day though). Reggie Miller was a "Superstar" and always will be!

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Anonymous said...

Reggie Miller was amazing, If anyone had to beat mmy knicks I'm glad it's him!