Wednesday, August 3, 2011

52: Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson... The greatest defensive guard not named Gary Payton is also the greatest Sonic guard ever not named Gary Payton.
DJ was left off NBA's 50 at 50, that's a crime, then he as left out of the HOF until after he died another crime! Dennis deserved to be in both and proved it by being one of the most versatile player ever, on D he could defend anyone 6'9'' and under, on offense started as a speedy shooting guard for the Sonics, became a scorer for the suns and became one of the greatest point guards ever when he became the facilitator of Boston's big three! Dennis Johnson in his peak was a beast and erased other teams, he was one of the only people I ever saw that slowed Magic, and was one of only defensive players who could implode other teams. DJ was the man, evreyone should remember his mimicking of Dennis Rodman and if not look it up on youtube, or his clutch, or his ESP play with Larry Bird. No one could describe Dennis Johnson like Bill Simmons, so we tried, it's hard but we tried. So let's right the wrong, we put him in the top 60, sure it;s been awhile but we did, and let's also remember the way he scared opponents in the clutch, how he passed like he was going for an assist record, and how his defense struck fear into opponents like that girl from Grown Ups playing the organ! DJ was great, and now you know how!

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