Monday, August 29, 2011

Las Vegas

What's up guys? I've been chillin in Las Vegas and I gotta tell you, there are really nice people, and some real funny characters. I saw some sick kicks you should check out, namely the Nike Air Flightposite II's, the Adidas Return of the Mac, and the Nike Butane Max, (KG's I had back in the day, The original T-Mac's I had back in the day and a Nike shoe based on the Nike Air Hawk Flight's that GP wore while d'ing up everyone in the league, i had these when I was a lil mitten too).

Now let's talk about what I watned to let you know, I met some cool guys named Thomas and Roman and two guy's who I didn't catch their names (guy from Finish Line in Bellis Fair and black guy with waves and lip piercing at Adidas in LV), If you ever visit Las Vegas and I hope you do, visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, stop at the Adidas and tell theese guys I said hi, they'll take good care of you. The last thing is I'm still trying to meet up with GP but you know he's gonna  be busy, so hopefully he can do it, I never heard the whole thing he said on Foxxhole mine cut out after "That's my dude, when you come to vegas tweet me" so i'm not sure if he was joking but whatever, if I do it's one of the greatest days of my life (up there with getting to play a full concert with a reggae band I didn't know called Deep Blue at a cruise champaigne party), if not I have a sick vacation.

To Thomas and Roman and everyone (and yes that means you black dude with the sick waves) follow me on twitter @TheGlove_20 mention me and i'll follow back and hit you up! (I follow back everyone). Oh and Thomas get back into ball man!

Aiight this is TheGlove_20 saying peace from Las Vegas!

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