Thursday, August 4, 2011

50: James Worthy

Big Game James! He owes his spot on this list much to Showtime Lakers, and being picked by them too, The Showtime Lakers had a chance to take Dominique or Worthy. The Lakers picked Worthy because "Nique was one of the most selfish players there was, Worthy had athleticism like none other, except maybe 'Nique, great D and was a better all around player than anyone else in the draft. Worthy was not the best reounder, but grabbed 'em when needed, he seemed to do the same thing with everything else, he was like Scottie Pippen, a fill-in-the-blanks guy and nobody id it better (Well other than Pippen), the only thing that held Worthy down was his gross 3-point shooting, had he developed a 3-point J, he would have been unstoppable. Worthy took a jump because of Magic, he also did not last very long but whatever, this is good enough!

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