Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brandon Roy's Retirement

Why? TheSportsBoys were hoping this would be Roy's year to come back, but instead... Brandon Roy retired, He was fun to watch, before his knees he could do everything good and a few things great (crossover, finger-roll, cram it down with surprising strength, etc) but when his knees struck he lost some of his speed and quickness which made him so special, and his vertical was cut drastically taking away his throwdown ability, I will miss Brandon Roy, and he will forever go down as one of TheSportsBoys Favorites!

We have provided you with plenty of Brandon Roy heroics below! (Including his 52 point performance and what should be an ESPM Classic, his historic comeback in game four of the first round last year against the Mavericks)


Anonymous said...

The bottom is definitely the best mix, the only thing worse could be Kobe retiring

TheGlove_20 said...

Yeah that song always reminds me of BRoy and yeah other than Reggie Miller, it's the weirdest feeling i've had since GP retired