Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Tyler Seguin

Undoubtedly, We witnessed a star in the making during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Possibly the best finisher and offensive player the bruins have, a good defensive player, a versatile player who can play the wing or center, and the best wrist shot in the NHL! You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Another one?
and possibly the best wrist shot since "Super" Joe Sakic retired!
Seguin unleashes rocket wristers all the time, his team shoots more and a higher percentage when he's on the ice. Seguin is blooming into one of the best players in the league, in fact he is already one of the best young player in the league. Seguin is on pace for 40 goals and 41 assists according to the adjusted stats at, and here at The Sports Boys we think Tyler Seguin can become a 40-50 goal scorer consistently putting up 30+ goal seasons. Seguin fits into a group of young stars dubbed as "The Next  Joe Sakic/Steve Yzerman" but in his case it may happen (being frustrated with Kyle Turris not living up to Sakic comparisons it brings me joy to see that Seguin may actually become the next Sakic). Tyler Seguin is great, and becoming the next NHL star at only 19 years of age! So watch out for Tyler Seguin to be an Art Ross, Hart, Pearson and Rocket Richard trophy candidate for the rest of his NHL prime! Seguin is a budding star and one of The Sports Boys favorites (You know other than Vinsanity_15 whos still mad Seguin and the Boston Bruins murdered the Vancouver Canucks)!


Anonymous said...

Wrist shot is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy Quick! he's nice can't wait to see gim grow

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Vinsanity_15, Canucks suck! The Sedin sisters couldn't defend themselves or stop Seguin if there lifes depended on it!