Saturday, December 10, 2011

29: Walt Frazier

Walt "Clyde" Frazier, one of the greatest point guards ever, one of  the most eccentric players ever and one of the coolest players to lace them up. Walt Frazier was a terrific all around player who seemed to get any shot he wanted, whether he backed his opponent wherever he wanted them, crossed them up or just straight blew past them. Walt had a post game that will go down in history, he repeatedly back and opponent from the free throw line to the free throw line, turned and hit the fade-away over them (his signature move that later became the signature move of another excelling defending, superb offensive player and fantastic rebounder... Gary Payton. Hmm...). Walt was one of the most clutch guards ever, one of the greatest defending guards ever (you'll see what number when we release our list). He could steal whenever he felt like it, board as well as any 1 ever and had a work ethic that was almost unmatched in his era. Clyde was in the words of Bill Simmons a "crowd killer", someone you could count on to shut the crowd up regularly. When Clyde played, you knew he had style, you knew how many points he scored (even if you didn't want to) because of the way he scored them. He lived, breathed and ate Manhattan, you could tell when he got out of his Rolls Royce wearing a mink coat that was bushier than his muttonchops. Clydee played in the perfect time for his style, he dropped buckets on unsusecting defenders and created one of the greatest ESPN Classics of all time (1970 NBA Finals, Game 7) and was a basketball ninja.

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