Saturday, December 10, 2011


28: Rick Barry: One of the meanest and most unlikeable guys in the history of the game was also one of the greatest passing forwards ever (second best to be exact), a crafty defender, a granny shot free throw shooter, a world class shooter, an NBA HOFer, NBA Champion, who made everyone on his team better, able too score as well as anyone, before his time shooter, basically if he had been a good guy, we could have seen a top 20 player ever... atleast.

27: John Havlicek: Hondo was an excellent player,who could play three positions, guard almost anyone, he had speed and ran. No, he RAN! Hondo ran like Forrest Gump, no one could ever keep up, I'm too young to see Hondo play other than highlights but in the words of (yet again) Bill Simmons: "...He has the endurance of a Kenyan marothoner. Nobody can keep up. He runs and runs and runs." Hondo was never tired, he hustled to every loose ball, rebound and open shooter. That's the thing about Hondo he hustled, Hondo did everything possible, Hondo scored, was an NBA Finals MVP, passed, defended, rebounded, if there was anything Hondo didn't do let me know! Hondo was a great, and you cannot stress it enough.

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