Friday, October 28, 2011

In My Opinion: Top 5 at Each Position


5. Evgeni Malkin:
   Evgeni Malkin's athletics and handling are eerily reminiscent to a young Alexei Kovalev while his scoring and play making seem to be better, Malkin can find the net when he wants to or find teammates whenever while still being a terror in passing lanes, Malkin has 423 points in 357 games when this post was written and if he stays healthy will remain among the NHL's elite.

4. Steven Stamkos:
   Stamkos is young and bursting with potential, however hes already one of the worlds best players. Stamkos' shooting and scoring are uncanny while still passing with great accuracy and playing great defense. Stamkos passion and physicality are with the best of them too, if it were not for a Stanley Cup win Stamkos might have even beat out Toews on our list. Hopefully Stamkos has a great career, the way it's going now he may even be up there with Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman one day, Here's to a bright future to one of the NHL's elite.

3. Jonathon Toews:
   When Toews first started I thought the number 19 would not be a smart choice for him, however he has proved me wrong over the past while. Toews does everything needed on the ice, make plays, score, and definitely win faceoffs but he also adds values with his great defensive play, His Stanley Cup, leadership and do-it-all-for-my-team skillset catapulted him over players who looked better on paper.

2. Pavel Datsyuk:
   Once again one of the top players in the NHL is Pavel Datsyuk.Datsyuk has amassed nine trophies over the years, four Lady Byngs, three Selkes and two Stanley Cups. Datsyuk is possibly the greatest puck-handler ever (along with Kovalev, Selanne, Sakic, Bure, Fedorov, Crosby, Bossy and Gretzky), to go along with the fact he may be one of the greatest defensive forwards and scorers. Datsyuk's 656 points in 669 games is great considering the fact he's 33 and shows no sign of slowing down.

1. Sidney Crosby:
   Sidney Crosby is one of the greatest players ever, but he's only 24. "Sid the Kid" has been hyped ever since he was a kid, but he has lived up to that hype and possibly overcame it. Crosby's vision and decision making skills are among greats like Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Peter Forsberg and Mario Lemieux, he is a once in a generation talent (somehow this generation got Ovechkin, Stamkos, Crosby and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins). Crosby's dropped 572 points in 412 games, along with being one of the top scorers in hockey history he's also up there in passing.

Left Wing

5. Milan Lucic:
   A bruising big man who can defend better than around 90% of forwards in the league, he snapped the nylon thirty times last season and seems like in a couple of year no one will be able to defend him. Lucic has great speed and amazing speed for his side and his physicality is a weapon that not many players can defend or match.

4. Patrick Marleau:
   Marleau is a great passer and a threat to score 30 goals any and every season, he might be the top reason the Sharks reached the WCF's twice, he had 73 points last year while helping to lead his team on and off the ice.

3. Daniel Sedin:
   Sedin is a marvelous passer and great goal scorer. Daniel's downfalls however may have caused his team the Stanley Cup last year, he is not physical at all, his defense is horrid and he lack of PK time are terrible. If Daniel can become more physical and defensive he could be top two in this category especially when his offense is good enough to place him at number three.

2. Henrik Zetterberg:
   Henrik is superb on both sides of the puck and seems like he may have one of the quickest releases in the game. Henrik could be "THE" guy almost anywhere other than Detroit but continues to take a backseat and help the Wings stay a contender. Henrik is a great role model and possibly one of the best leaders in hockey.

1. Alexander Ovechkin:
   Ovechkin embodies what the NHL should be, an all around beast that tries no matter how his team is playing. Ovie, the slick moved, physical specimen, and top all around player in the 'L', has amazing talent but somehow has not lead  his team to the Stanley Cup Finals, if however Ovie wins the cup by the time our Top 100 Hockey Players list comes out he may boost more than a couple of spots.

Right Wing

5. Phil Kessel:
   Kessel is possibly the best young sniping winger in the league (Stamkos is definitely the best young sniper), his defensive play is getting better every year and it seems like he can hit the 40 goal plateau that he is destined for, in fact he might reach 48 goals in my opinion.

4. Patrick Kane:
   Possibly the fastest skater in the league and also one of its premier goal scorer, he's an offensive threat and will only get better with all the talent surrounding him. His 311 points in 325 games is outstanding. 

3. Jarome Iginla:
   Iginla is one of the most consistent players in the league and doesn't seem to be slowing at age 34. He is possibly the best power forward in the NHL and is definitely one of the best forwards of the past decade. When Jarome Iginla is coming at you on the offensive end or defensive its like looking down the barrel of a nine millimeter, it sucks.

2. Martin St.Louis:
   St.Louis is one of the fastest skaters but his best trait is the fact that he leaves everything he has on the ice every time he leaves. MSL is a gifted scorer and terrific passer, but in someways he's a bizarro KG in the fact that you can't tell how great of a leader or player he would be if there was less talent around him.

1. Corey Perry:
   Although Corey Perry was not my pick for NHL MVP he is a 50 goal talent, great leader and pretty good defender, when Corey Perry is staring goalies down whether it be a breakaway, power play, even strength or shorthanded they're scared and you know it. With a package like that it's no wonder Corey Perry is the top right winger!


5. Drew Doughty:
   2011 may have been a down year but Doughty is already an amazing shutdown defender and big hitter, if I need a young defender to build my team around Drew Doughty would be one of, if not my top pick. Doughty also has better than average offensive abilities when on the ice.

4.  Duncan Keith:
   Duncan Keith is up there with Shea Weber as best man to man shut down defender in the 'L', He is a passionate leader that has not only won a Norris trophy but also a Stanley Cup in his short career. Keith is no slouch offensively either, his blue line shot is excellent and accurate too. Duncan Keith will stop you period.

3. Zdeno Chara:
   Chara has size, he knows how to use it... That's a nightmare for opposing offenses. Chara not only knows how to poke check, hit and intimidate his opponents, he also has the NHL's hardest slapshot. 

2. Nicklas Lidstrom:
   The 42 year old somehow finds a way to be a top D-man in the NHL every year. Lidstrom is second all time in Norris trophies won and has some of the best defensive hands ever. Lidstrom is no slouch when it comes to hitting, and his combo of vision, stick checking and skating make him go down as one of the greats.

1. Shea Weber:  
   The shutdown defense-men is the best all around D-man in the league, a captain and leader that embodies what his team stands for, and not to mention he should win more than a couple Norris trophies in his career. Shea Weber is also one of the most devastating hitters in the 'L'. Weber also owns the title as best man to man shutdown defender with Duncan Keith looming.


5. Ilya Bryzgalov
   Bryzgalov had a .921 save percentage last year and seems like he will improve that and all his other numbers with Philly this year, not to mention Bryzgalov can stone an player that comes at him.

4. Ryan Miller:
   Ryan is one of the best goaltenders and Americans in the NHL, he has been elite for a while and seems like he will bounce back this year, he can be a top guy no matter what his defense. 

3. Henrik Lundqvist:
   One of  the most consistent goalies ever, you always know what your going to get with Lundqvist, he is great all around and led the league in shutouts last year, he's still got some gas in the tank and will continue to be great in the crease.

2. Pekka Rinne:
   The quickest goalie and also one of the biggest, Rinne's glove comes second to none in the current NHL. His unorthodox style is reminiscent of a modern day Dominic Hasek (Obviously not as good though), he may one day be the NHL's best.

1. Tim Thomas:
   May not be the youngest goalie but moves very quickly when in need. The current Stanley Cup defender and one of the greatest goalies ever, not to mention underrated. He needs to be mentioned for having great moves in every aspect, but his biggest asset seems to be his legs, he block anything and almost everything with those babies.
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