Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Infamous J

J's got talent, he's a 16 year old rapper from south Philly who's got skills with the mic. J's music hits hard, but not too hard, his songs seem like instant classic's in a Look At Me Know style, even when you don't listen to the words his beats provide a sick foundation.

How long have you been rapping for?

- 5 years now

Was becoming a rapper always your dream?

- No, i actually wanted to be a graphic designer or an animator, if this rap shit dont work out that's what
im hitting for!

Where did the name Infamous J come from?

- Infamous means evil reputation, this name was just picked out, sounded cool so i stuck with it.

When did you realize that you can make a career out of rapping?

- In '09 when i was in the 8th grade, I've started taking it more seriously because so many people
told me i have talent and shouldn't stop rapping so i gave it a shot.

Growing up who was your favourite rapper? And why?

- My favortite rapper growing up was Eminem, because how he would use his words, his metaphors,
and his flow was just incredible. He inspired me the most !

Who was your mentor? How did He/she help?

- I was my own mentor, i mean i got alittle few tips here and there from certain people, but of where i am
at now i've got myself here !

Being raised in Philadelphia you must have been a big sports fan?

- yea, but not really.

What was the first song you ever wrote and what was it about?

- In 06, it was a beat that already had a hook called "you know i got it" female doing the vocals. I was 12,
an amatuer but i was talking about guns and killing people, yea it just sounded right at the moment.

Living in “The City of Brotherly love” are you getting the love, is everyone supporting you?

- I can say i do, but i can also say i dont. Some people are scared to show love because they would think it's
"dickeating" therefore it's having them fall back from saying things they wanna say to us(all artist).

Out of all the songs you have rapped which is your favourite?

- So far, my bullshit remix. Youtube it: Infamous J - Bullshittin

Becoming a rapper is difficult, what challenges have you faced up to this point?

- Umm, the competition, criticism is something i take in as adviced to advance myself more as an artist. But
what i mean by competition is that EVERYBODY raps these days, so really you would have to work hard
to get yourself heard.

How would you describe your style?


What’s you next song?

- Otis ft. Kid Deniro, Video Coming Soon.

You have rapped quite a few songs and are we going see an album anytime soon?

-No, a mixtape, Yes.

What’s your thought on the current state of Rap and Hip-Hop

- the whole game is fucked up right now, but i wont speak much on it.

Do you feel that the Hip-Hop world has changed in the last decade?

- yes, in alot of ways but therefore kind of better. But most people dont agree.

Who in your mind are the top three rapper’s of all-time?

- Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne.

Coolin Performance was an instant hit with The Sports Boys where you in the zone when you wrote it?

- Nah, just something i wrote in 10 minutes to have a quick song to perform.

What are your Top 5 songs of 2010-2011?

- Meek Mill - Ima Boss , Lil Wayne - 6 foot 7 foot , Drake - Headlines , Big Sean - I Do It , Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Gang .

Here at The Sports Boys we are huge fans of yours is there any last things that you want to say?

- Keep supporting me, i appreciate this interview and spread the word of my music! THANK YOU !!

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