Monday, October 17, 2011

Terrific Read: Joe Sakic's Day Off

Today I decided to wear my Joe Sakic jersey and Quebec Nordiques Snapback and in honor of Sakic's greatness I decided to post this article I read and bookmarked a couple of years ago. Joe Sakic's Day Off

"9:50AM: Does dishes. Wrist shots raspberry jelly dish through mail slot when it refuses to become clean enough.ferris_bueller_shower.jpg
10:15AM: Takes shower. Makes shampoo mohawk.
10:30AM: Makes prank phone call to coach Joel Quenneville . Quenneville asks Joe to stay on the line so he can get his children’s names and then proceeds to try to sell him a Ford truck.
10:35AM: Hotwires Jose Theodore’s Prius, starts drive to LA.
11:15AM: Picks up hitchhiker.
11:30AM: Hitchhiker reveals that he has a strong dislike for Chinese food.
11:31AM: Joe Sakic kills hitchhiker over differences in cuisine preferences."

From Melt Your Face Off

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