Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jordan Smith PT2

Jordan Smith showed out this summer when he averaged a 24-8-13 and four steals in Villanova's summer youth tournament, he's also been puttin' in work this summer, improving his range by about three feet. Jordan Smith is taking a Derrick Rose pre-MVP transition, he's had range for awhile now but this summer he's been becoming consistent from deep, Jordan Smith would fit in a number of college's but here are the top three and why:

3. UCLA: Jordan Smiths offensive game is reminiscent of Malcolm Lee's, but better. Jordan can shoot from outside and can pass much better, while he's lacking the size his quickness helps him deteriorate defensive schemes and manoeuvre in and out of lanes like JacQuizz Rodgers on OSUs turf. Jordan's hard nosed defense would help UCLA immensely in back-court defence.

2. Washington: Jordan Smith is a Washington style point guard, he is athletic, can score, and has quickness that they seem to require in their guards. He can penetrate well and can be a great stopper defensively. There is nothing to say about Jordan and UW other than it would be a perfect match.

1. Villanova: Jordan Smith impressed Villanova faculty when he averaged an almost triple-double during Villanova Camp but more than that Jordan Smith is a Villanova boy, he grew up watching them and would do anything to play and stay there. Jordan Smith playing for Villanova would definitely help him reach his potential, not just unlock it but reach it.

All three colleges have chances with Jordan Smith, but Villanova seems to have the edge!

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