Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Daniel Gomis PT1

Daniel Gomis the freshmen at OSU this year will be blocking every shot that comes his way, Daniel Gomis was an elite defender and rebounder who surprised everyone when he committed to Oregon State, considering some were comparing him to a Kevin Garnett type player. Daniel Gomis has also been said to not be a Kevin Garnett type player, In my mind he is determined enough to be a star at any level. Daniel is very quick for someone 6'10'' and 220 lbs, he is the type of player that can run, jump, rebound, block, face up, post up, and do anything else you want him too... Plus he has a defensive intensity and commitment like a Gary Payton or Kevin Garnett, but let's let him speak for himself for a bit and then we'll explain why he's The Next Big Thing again.

1.       Your going into your freshmen season at OSU, are there any big changes you’re waiting for?
ya i'm a freshmen here 

2.       Going into your freshmen season is there anything we can expect from you?
help my team to have a good year

3.       Would you describe your game for us?
i love to play defense block shots dunks

4.       What is your favourite part of basketball?
blocking shots

5.       I’ve heard you being compared to Kevin Garnett is there anyone you compare yourself too?
i love KG's game and Dirk Nowitzki

Will you tell us about living in Senegal?
growing up in senegal was the best thing of my life, it taught me about life though

Was it hard basketball wise being from Senegal?
it was hard in playing in senegal because everyone wants to play overseas or get a free education the game was so competitive

When did your basketball career start?
12 years ago

What made you want to pick up a ball and hit the court?
my sister was playing ball my friends also encouraged me

Who influenced your game the most?
tracy mcgrady

Back to your favorite part, how did it become part of your game?
i get hyped when i start blocking shots

What are your best skills?
i can dribble and pass im still working on my shots

Who are you looking forward to playing with and against the most?
i wanna play the highest competition as possible

Thanks for taking the time out for the interview Daniel and good luck in the future!

Daniel is very long, his handles are amazing for his size, has good footwork, a great release on his jumper all the way out to twenty feet, amazing basketball IQ (especially for his age), excellent defence (Kevin Garnett like even), not to mention he plays way above the rim! I feel Oregon State got a steal when he has the grit and hustle of a Dennis Rodman while the skill set of a Kevin Garnett, plus he seems to have a love for defense. He grew up in Senegal and plays defense, but the season will show us what this young man can do!


Anonymous said...

this is sick man

Anonymous said...

KG!!! If he's anything like KG he'll be a star and I can't wait to see him!