Sunday, October 16, 2011

? Vs ?: John Wall Vs Mike Conley

 John Wall     

John Wall, the rookie phenom, the unbelievable player, the future all-star is taking on the the facilitating, hardnosed, pesky Mike Conley Jr.Wall and Conley are great leaders and great passers, the question though is who's better? Wall or Conley, and that is exactly what we intend to find out.

Career Average:
John Wall gives a 16-5-8 every night while shooting 41%, 30% from the arc and 77% from the charity stripe, then he brings in two steals, four turnovers and half a block. Mike on the other hand gives 12-3-5 on 44% FG, 38% from deep and 76% from the line, then you throw in his efficient one steals and two turnovers. For career average John Wall leads by four points, two rebounds, one steal and three assists, and Conley increases percentages by 3 and 8, he even cuts the turnovers in half.

Winner: John Wall

Best Year:
John Walls best year is identical to his career average since he has only played one year, Conley on the other hand just had his best year throwing up a 14-3-7 on 44% FG, 37% 3FG and 73% FT he also had two steals and two turnovers. John Wall again beat Conley in everything except percentages and turnovers, which I think he might if he had another nightly offensive threat to work with.

Winner: John Wall

John Wall ups Mike Conley Jr by 3.1 points, Conley scores at a higher percentage and has better range, but Wall scores more.

Winner: Wall

John Wall beats Conley by 1.8 assists while being surrounded by an inferior supporting cast, his passes are also much more creative and fun to watch.

Winner: John Wall

Both John Wall and Mike Conley rank among the leagues top man to man defenders, but Conley is a pesky thief and great on ball defender, while John Wall is just as good on ball defender, a better defender of the jump shot, and a better post defender who can use his strength and weight to keep opposing players out of the paint.

Winner: John Wall

Overall: John Wall

John Wall won in every aspect, dominated the match-up and is poised to become the best point guard in the league one day, watch out for him to take on tougher competition on TheSportsBoys very soon. 

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