Tuesday, October 11, 2011

43: Clyde Drexler

Clyde The Glide was a poor man's Dominique in many ways but in other ways did things Nique would never have been able to do, 95 Rockets... Could you ever see Nique backing down and becoming no more than a high scoring role player? Clyde had cons and pros, He made the finals twice as the Blazers only star or player of finals qualities, his dunks sent the crowd into a frenzy, he played great defense, he could float through the air ever so effortlessly, then he was too unselfish for his own good, was usually smart but in the playoffs seemed to make bonehead decisions at worse times and never learned to assert himself. Clyde was a good number one on a playoff contender, but to be a championship contender Clyde should have been the number two guy, which led to when he joined Hakeem to win a ring late in his career.

Clyde was good enough to become the 1992 MVP runner-up, he threw together a 25-7-7 which led people to believe he was as good as Michael Jordan, which led to MJ destroying Clyde and basically killing all of his remaining confidence. Drexler finally won his championship on the Houston Rockets when Jordan left on his "no more love for the game" break, Clyde Drexler was a poor man's Dominique, but he was also one of the greatest scorers ever.

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