Friday, September 23, 2011

The Evolution of PG's PT.2

    A you can probably tell I have a point guard obsession; facilitators, scorers, and especially defenders. A point guard can be used in any role, you can have your point guard score, rebound, defend and the biggest expectation of a point guard; make plays, when looking over those four subjects we rated all of our point guards for the list and for young point guards based on this list. Many PG's can score, some can defend well, a few can rebound and only a couple can truly make plays, In "The Evolution of PG's" we'll go over them.

Jrue Holiday:
Jrue Holiday is the perfect example of the old school NBA being brought into the future, Jrue is substance over style, he uses simple dribble moves to break down defenses, he wants to stop you, something PG's seem to stop doing now, Jrue stood up to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James scored some clutch threes and kept his cool in a somewhat lopsided series. Jrue has an excellent spin move, amazing length, his leadership seems to be there and endurance is unbelievable, Jrue brings some 90's into the decage of the 10's and let's see if he evolves into a Y2K PG.

Brandon Jennings:
Brandon Jennings is an almost perfect example of a post Y2K PG, Jennings is style over substance and takes it as far as you can, he uses complicated dribble moves that don't work half the time, play average defense at most and benefits from the rule changes excellently, and he hasn't even reached his peak. Brandon Jennings takes advantage of the rule changes fully, and he's still throwing up bricks and misses like he's Isiah Thomas for three. I love B-Jennings but the man needs substance!

John Wall:
Now John Wall is a nice hybrid, Wall gives it his all on D, takes over on O and rebounds with ease, He's what we need... John Wall is the next legend, one of few true franchise players, you can put him in any system and he will still find a way to contribute, He's got the attitude of a toned down GP, the speed, quickness and agility of an Allen Iverson or Kevin Johnson and the moves to do what he wants with you. John Wall is what a Y2K PG should be; a blast from the past with the nowadays style too, to be flashy doesn't mean you have to be inefficient but it also doesn't mean you can't use regular moves, John Wall needs a J and to cut his turnovers drastically but he like many other Y2K PG's is fun to watch, but unlike the others he doesn't sacrifice his efficiency.

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