Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Next Big Thing: Manroop Clair PT.1

Imagine taking 1000 shots... No making 1000 shots, well to Manroop Clair that's all in a day's work. Manroop makes shot's from all over the court, crazy angled three's, spin jumpers and windmill lay-ups. Before I rant on how good Manroop is check this out:

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Manroop Clair is not only determined but talented, a good combo, he can hit the J from anywhere but also handle and penetrate. Manroop is a gifted scorer who showed it when averaging a cool 30 PPG in the AAU Vegas tourney this summer, he also is a better than average defender, I mean he's not Jared Cunningham or anything but he is capable of slowing down the other team's top scorer, which is good in a world where defenders just jump passing lanes. Manroop should be a threat no matter where in the world he plays, yet because he was a prospect of Canada he was somewhat unknown before his showing this summer... He's now located at La Jolla Prep in California which should help get his name out for college, that and the fact that he's going to be dripping all over the defence. Manroop is thinking ahead, and ready for the college game, he's ready to play any role and as long as he gets to play he'll be happy. Manroop is raw, his shooting and shooting arsenal are polished but his game is raw, that's why he is at La Jolla... By the time Manroop is on his way out he will be one of the best college prospects in Northern America. The biggest thing about Manroop right now is he is already a great player and his upside is huge! When you can beat people off the dribble, shoot from virtually anywhere and drop delicious dimes you won't have very much trouble on offence, and the "Roopster" definitely doesn't have offensive woes. Manroop is a better man to man defender than people credit him for, although stealing the ball isn't his speciality he can and as many know good defence doesn't make highlight reels, the thing Manroop needs to work on is rebounding, as a combo guard it's not the most important thing but it definitely comes in handy. If Manroop continues to ball and improve the way he has been we will see a great talent and an opportunity for Canadians and Indians all over the world.

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