Tuesday, September 6, 2011

48: Paul Pierce

The Modern Celtic and "The Truth" Paul Pierce has been through alot and showed it throughout his career. He's one of the toughest to play the game and what every NBA player should hope to be, but there are two people that should write about Pierce, one is Bill Simmons and one is our own Vinsanity_15.
Take it away bro...

Paul Pierce is one of the all time greats, with his great scoring ability and excellent defense he has been able to perform in late game situations time after time, Paul Pierce is "The Truth", a nickname given too him by Shaquille O'Neal in 2001. Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics have made the finals twice in the last five years winning once in 2008 and losing to the Lakers in 2010, Pierce now in his later years still is an All-Star who is able to deliver clutch performances every time he's on the court.Pierce from the very beginning was a star, he was put into the Boston team team that was failing, and was able too bring the team back to a finals contender,with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett coming to the Celtics in the summer of 2007 the team had climbed back on top, they won the Championship in 2008 cementing there greatness. Pierce is still a major threat, but now with younger and faster stars like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and other teams like the Heat and Knicks making their own big three's. The Celtics look like they are slowly coming down, Paul Pierce at 48 is a great spot, it puts hims right with the very best which he deserves, Paul Pierce is a for sure going into the Hall of Fame and TheSportsBoys would bet money on it.

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