Monday, June 27, 2011

67: Earl Monroe

Earl "The Pearl" "Black Jesus" "Jesus" Malone was an amazing player with the most unorthodox set of crossovers, spins, and behind the backs ever... It was one of the smoothest too... Confusing. Pearl could not be stopped during his Bullets days but was slowed down by knees like mine and shackled by the New York Knicks had "Pearl" kept his knees intact he would probably have jumped into the top thirty of this list, instead he is number sixty seven. Pearl was an amazing talent that slipped through the Knicks when they decided to design plays for him instead of letting "Pearl" do what he did best... Improvise, I understand that New York wanted to assure him scoring points on there behalf but if they had to design plays for him why not just Iso, "Pearl" could have created many points and assists for them on just simple Iso's and I'm pretty sure that "Pearl" and the Iso could have survived and thrived in today's game of basketball. Earl Monroe and the Iso play would have been the equivalent of Derrick Rose' driving, It would have caused points, then forced double teams letting Earl hit the open man for an assist, In today's game Earl teamed with a three point shooter like Kyle Korver, J.J. Redick or Anthony Morrow would have worked magic and been flat out unstoppable. More than anything Earl's uncanny handling will live on, teamed with a 'fro and some muttonchops. Earl Monroe was good, very good indeed.

Earl Monroe will forever live on through this, Bill Simmons' book, and He Got Game.


Vinsanity_15 is still not back!

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