Monday, April 11, 2011

The Future of the NFL: Receivers

Our young receiver's list has only two rules:
-The receiver has completed a maximum of 3 years
-The receiver has a minimum of 40 receptions

Top 8 Young Receivers:

8. Jeremy Maclin: Maclin is a quick reciver who breaks away and has take-it-to-the-house speed, what more can be said about him? The best corner match up for Maclin is a Rashean Mathis type of player, someone who sticks to him like glue and can deflect passe like crazy.

7. Mario Manningham: A Percy Harvin style player with amazing speed and maybe even better hands than Harvin, Manningham can return kicks breakaway and like everyone on this list juke, his jukes are great in fact I would rate Manningham's jukes top of this list. To see Super Mario in full effect just search him on Youtube. The corner that I think would match up with Mario best is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie someone who does everything and will stay with him no matter what he pulls.

6. Dez Bryant: Dez is a beast with tons of potential, He didn't do as good as people thought he would but it's not his fault. Dez showed his potential every time he touched the ball, amazing catches, devastating jukes, and sharp routes.If the Cowboys can help Dez grow and establish a proper receiving team he will become no less than one of the greatest receivers ever, well short of a Chad Jackson style injury he will. The best corner to cover Dez would be Champ Bailey someone who could cover him and possibly completely stop him.

5. Pierre Garçon: Pierre Garçon. With a name like Garçon you expect him to be a little boy, but Garçon has some meat on him, He is the best trucking receiver in the league and he keeps getting better. When I look at Garçon I see Marvin Harrison 3.0, Marvin was 1.0, Reggie Wayne was 2.0 and Garçon is the next in the series (Good receivers that Peyton Manning improves by about 5% more every time, ex. Marvin 5%, Reggie 10% and Pierre 15%), They all excel at running routes have great-excellent hands and juke with the best of them. In a few years I see Pierre evolving into one of the top receivers, if not the best, in the league. The best corner to cover Pierre is a Nnamdi Asomugha type corner who is physical at the line, finishes tackles, and doesn't shy away from him.

4. Percy Harvin: Percy is a freak, his speed is something not many corners can handle, his sharp moves cannot be handled and his returns are sick! Percy can even run the ball once in a while, His jukes and spins his way past defenders and if he is not involved with drugs again will have a legendary career. Hopefully the Vikings pick up either Ryan Mallet or Vince Young so we can see Harvin evolve with his quarterback and maybe even grow some chemistry. The best corner to cover Percy would be an Antonio Cromartie style player, someone who can stick with him and bait him on command, Cromartie has the speed the route running abilities and something he doesn't get the credit for: the ability to tackle.

San Francisco 49ers Michael Crabtree3. Michael Crabtree: Crabtree has amazing hands and runs great routes but is lacking in speed for an elite WR, just kidding he is an above average speed receiver but would make up for lack of speed in every other category, he can leap for a catch, but so can everyone on this list, what sets him apart though? I don't actually know, when asked this question I go speechless, he is better but how? he can get open, but so can everyone on this list he can get some of the hardest grabs but so can many on this list, the thing I decided sets him apart in the end is his ability to create for other teammates. Asante Samuel can cover Crabtree like glue and possibly cover him too the point that he would stop trying.

2. Mike Williams: Mike Williams is going to end up in the Hall of Fame and also end up being one of the greatest surprises in NFL history. When Mike Williams strutted his way out of Syracuse we knew he was good, but how good? I never thought Mike Williams would reach the 4th round, in fact I also didn't think the likes of Dexter McCluster and Arrelious Benn would be picked over him, but they were and it helped the Buc's become the 10-6 team they are now. Mike Williams can catch, and I mean catch, his route running is better than anyone on this list other than possibly Pierre Garçon, leaps to unbelievable heights and the Freeman to Williams call sounds good already. My favorite Mike Williams play is when the Buc's are at the goal line and have Williams as the only receiver, Freeman calls hut Mike stutter steps the defender leaps and while he is in the air turns around, The other team knows it's coming and still can't stop it, that is the definition of excellence. The best corner to cover Mike Williams would be Charles Woodson, playing Woodson Mike Williams might get dominated but even if he did he would learn how to handle every other corner in the league.

1. Hakeem Nicks: Nicks proved himself quickly in the NFL his routes are tight and sharp he breaks away as quick as anyone and has hands that can catch naturally, If Hakeem was more physical you could easily put him up there as a top 3 receiver in the league and maybe even the top receiver in the NFL. 'Keem is sneaky i watched him slip by Green Bay, Seattle, and Houston corners and safeties so many times in weeks 16,9 and 5 that me and my brother found ourselves comparing him to using Marvin Harrison in Madden 2003 on rookie difficulty, Stay away from his sideline speed. The best corner to cover 'Keem in my opinion would be none other than Mr.Revis Island himself Darrelle Revis, Revis shut 'Keem down in their only matchup this year but I have a feeling that after a few times against Revis Nicks would find something wrong with Revis' game, either that or he'd get dominated and never score a touchdown again, either way.

Now let's see what you have to say about this because I know you can find at least one thing you think is wrong with this list!

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