Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Next Big Thing: JacQuizz Rodgers P.2

JacQuizz Rodgers,
There aren't many 5'5 196lbs runningbacks doing good in the NFL, in fact there aren't many that fit those description's at all, but this one seems different...
Quizz has the ability to break tackles which it seems the rest are missing, the best agility since Barry Sanders         (I'm not saying as good but the best since) and the strength and toughness it takes to get back up after being hammered by an opposing player, but JacQuizz Rodgers has more on the line than to just prove himself; if JacQuizz Rodgers becomes a feature back or even a good returner and 3rd down back it will prove team wrong about Ken Simonton, Yvenson Bernard and every other back that was considered too short. With so many people proving height wrong on the o-line (Jeff Saturday), d-line (John Randle and Dwight Freeney) and wide receiver (Greg Jennings, Steve Smith, Wes Welker, DeSean Jackson and Laveranues Coles) running backs seem to be next...

With the likes of MJD and Ray Rice becoming top backs in the league teams have drawn closer to little stars more than ever, but JacQuizz a small player with first round talent was left until the 5th round, a chip has been placed on his shoulder that will lead to something special. I don't know whether Quizz being left 'til that fifth was bad or good, he always gave 110% but now it looks like h is going to be giving 200% and with the talent he has that can't be a bad thing.Quizz will prove everyone wrong, just ask NFL starting linebackers Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing, and Rey Maualuga they all know what trying to stop Quizz feels like! The
Falcons got lucky picking this stud up in the fifth! Thomas Dimitroff's draft was genius!

Good Luck to the Falcons and Quizz
JacQuizz Rodgers is The Next Big Thing!

P.S. I already had my Jacquizz Rodgers Falcons Jersey made! First one ever!

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