Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Tyler Seguin P.II

Tyler Seguin carried his momentum from the 2010-11 Stanley Cup Playoffs, that's not the only thing he carried, he brought his comparison to Joe Sakic. A great comparison but this time I want to show you how. Here it is:

- Both were similar in terms of size: 5'11'' 190lbs (when Sakic broke into the league) and 6'1'' 182lbs
- Both are strong on there skates and can put in work around the net (as seen in the playoffs and later this year)
- Both lay more finesse games but still have power qualities and move, and can play the power game
- Both were excellent skaters and has great speed and agility
- Both have/had great 2-way potential (Sakic added a defensive game around '91-'92, Tyler Seguin already started)
- Both were high IQ players and excellent passers (Seguin has been improving since reaching the 'L and showed his great passing all through his time in the OHL)
- Both could find open spaces using quick bursts and good hands
- Both execute the give and go to perfection

- Both are more north-south stickhandlers as opposed to east-west danglers (Both had/have great hands but used simple moves, such as standard stickhandling and passes more than complicated Datsyuk/Fedorov/Bure/Mogilny moves)
- Both had/have straight forward games and a trick that is unstoppable (think Staal, Carter, Spezza, Recchi style players, and the trick for Sakic was his great puck control, a burst of speed with a nasty wrister on the end, Seguin ditto)
- Both have great clappers but deadly wristers and are more wrister oriented
- If you compared Seguin's second year (AKA first year with similar playing time to Joe Sakic's rookie year) the point production is fairly similar:
Sakic: 0.33 Goals Per Game, 0.56 Assists Per Game, 0.89 Points Per Game
Seguin: 0.36 Goals Per Game, 0.47 Assists Per Game, 0.83 Points Per Game
- Last but not least, the clutch gene, Sakic was one of the most clutch players ever (nicknamed "Cap'n Clutch") and Seguin lit the lamp on 7 game winners in the regular season and one overtime game winner against the Washington Capitals

Stylistically he is almost identical to Joe Sakic and in my opinion the closest we will see while Joe Sakic is still relevant (which I hope is a long time), I doubt he'll reach the level Sakic produced at but he may hit the 100 point plateau more than once in his career. In my opinion Seguin will be around 80-90 points in his prime, 30+ goals and hit 40 around 4 or 5 times and 50 goals once, not to shabby in my opinion. Seguin is extremely speedy (something that people seem to forget about Sakic), quicker than lighting and he can take games over (he almost seems to be doing it enough to reach the 80 point mark in his third season). Tyler Seguin could already be the number 1 center on many teams, becoming the highest scorer on the reigning Stanley Cup Champs and making his way into becoming the focal point of their offense, in fact he is such a good player that certain B's fans are hoping for the B's to make a Phillyesque trade by trading B's #1 center David Krejci for someone like Bobby Ryan and moving Tyler Seguin to the first line and putting Bobby Ryan on his wing (and giving Anaheim an established regular season and playoff scorer as well as clearing room up for Seguin in a Giroux like situation as the #1 center).

Seguin matured a lot this year, and will only continue to grow as he went from not touching the corners and being pushed around in front of the net to heading to the corners more and trying to get the puck and scoring goals like his hustle goal in which he was pushed down in game 7 of the 2012 Bruins Vs Caps series in the first round, Tyler Seguin is becoming a better all-around player and it's very fun to watch. Seguin has put the puck in the net in a variety of ways, and his play and wrist shot is a little underrated by average fans and I'm thinking by the time he ends his career his wrister will be considered top 5 of all time (next to Markus Naslund and Joe Sakic, a very bold statement but I will stand by it until he proves me wrong). The Bruins compared Seguin to Steven Stamkos as soon as they drafted him, (another solid Sakic comparison, but a better one-timer than either, and they are no one time slouches), and it seems like he may one day be on their levels (I see him more on Modano's level points wise, not goals wise). Seguin can go coast to coast going by defenders with the quickest and slightest of moves, and finishing with his signature wrister from the face-off circle, grabbing points and making goalies rethink their strategies. Tyler Seguin is here to stay and has lit his career on fire in terms of being a shooting star in the NHL, here's to a bright future to someone who will hopefully be an NHL great one day, T-Segs this one's for you.

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